Eleventh Hour

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • Not my favorite script.... but it was okay.

    Okay, I love the show but this was one of the few episodes that I didn't care for. Now the idea for cases of sudden blindness being linked to mercury poisioning was believable but I think when I got disappointed was that the mercury poisioning was caused by a man trying to make a point. I LOVED watching the scenes of Hood and Erica. It left you with an idea of the type of husband he was, a devoted one. I adored the introduction of Felix and the interaction he had with both Jacob and Rachel, you almost saw them loosen up a little and maybe he's exactly what they need, considering what they deal with in their line of work......
  • Finally some humor..

    I enjoyed this episode. Not so much cause of the story.. well, don't get me wrong, it was ok. But mostly because it was introduced a new character, Felix Lee. I hope to seing more of him in the next episodes.
    He's a nice guy who brings sense of humor to the show, which lacks quite a lot. Hood always so serious and Rachel likewise.. even tho she smirks a little bit every now and then..

    Point is, hope with the new guy joining, we have an opportunity to see more personal facts from Hood and Rachel. Live free or die hard dudes! Just saying.. lol
  • This was an ok episode, though hard to believe at times.

    This was an ok episode, though hard to believe at times. The main thing I liked was that they introduced Felix Lee who added a bit of humour to proceedings which is often lacking in this show. The characters of Hood and Rachel are often so serious that there is often too little personal detail in the show. The main plot line was rather far fetched with the mercury dumping in the lake. On the one hand they say the lake is bigger than many countries and on the other, one man is able to dump enough mercury-laden junk in it to poison the entire lake. Maybe it doesn't take that much? Oh well.
  • Fool man

    I can't believe there are people that would try to catch someone attention by murdering people. The worst is when this person is completely aware of what he's doing. Poor wife, part of her life totally destroyed because of it.
    I really enjoyed the addition of Agent Lee in this episode. Funny trainee, it helped Hood and Rachel a lot and it didn't interfere with their dynamic. The actress that played Erica did a very good job. She was so emotional at the beginning asking for her husband to come back that is was very touching. Hood is a very sensitive man. Answering Erica's question was very hard for him and his answer surprised me, because it wasn't
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