Eleventh Hour

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2009 on CBS

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  • i redo of an uk original. i expect more than rehashing of the same show in a different country

    i think this show is really good. to use the same material with little change from the original show is unacceptable. for all of you who dont know this way originally a show in the uk staring Patrick Stewart as Hood. their were 4 episode all of which have been used in the first season already. i am not knocking on this episode it is as good as the ones in the uk but to do a remake of a tv show episode is wrong. they do this for movies which is bad enough but to do it in a tv production is despicable. i am glad they have used all of the 4 uk episodes so we can get on with more original stories.
  • What exactly is a miracle?

    I don't know why many people are cured from horrible diseases, but can miracles have a scientific explanation? Hood faces the cause of his wife's death. I liked it that he didn't want to make it personal, as Rachel mentioned, but he was really worried, as a scientist, to find out what was causing people to get sick. Rachel was nice for not letting Hood go alone. I don't know if she thought she might regret it or if she went with him because it was her responsability. The looks she gave him when they're talking to the doctor and she confronting him about not making it personal tells me that she's beginning to take care of him at a emotional level as well.
    Good work.
  • Nice episode looking at the science of 'miracles'.

    This was a good episode with lots of science employed to explain the miracle water. The lead characters worked well together and the introduction of Dr. Matthew Kaplan meant there was a bit more fun in this episode than is usual for this show. The boy, Nicky, was also played very well. I particularly enjoyed the scene with the hydrologist going on and on with huge amounts of technical jargon, only to be put down by Rachel saying 'You would, would you'. The show down with the dirty bomb makers was tense and gripping. The episode ended well with hood asking Rachel to define miracle.
  • The Series challenges you, and this episode pulls out all the stops in science over "fantasy" and "religion" as explanations for life.

    What a great episode. This series brings the viewer along for the ride and challenges you to think. The Miracle episode was a masterful display of the scientific mind at work, and was a showcase of the acting skills of several of the actors in the cast. The Miracle episode has a feature film quality. The two lead characters compliment each other, yet are safely distant emotionally from any personal relationship. The professional relationship is enough. I would have liked Dodd to have brought the Detective more into the story to allow him to participate in solving the mystery of the miracle water. However, overall, the writing was excellent and the direction right on the money. An awesome addition to this Series.
  • Define Miracle.

    Hood begins an unofficial probe into a unexplained case of a young boy suffering from cancer that's miraclously cured because he drank from a spring. Within weeks people flock to this natural spring hoping for their own miracle. However, once Hood and Young arrive, two people end up murdered, both linked to the spring. One is the land owner and the other is the doctor treating the ill. As always Hood digs and finds a scientific answer, it's called "heavy water". Which is known for shrinking cancer tumors, however, it's extremely toxic. It's primary use, nuclear weapons. It's ultimately linked to the hospitals "so called" maintenance workers who are actually looking to make their own dirty bomb.