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  • You've watched it already

    Event though it came first, this show got redone into Fringe: http://www.tv.com/fringe/show/75146/summary.html
  • This was THE MOST AWESOME New Show I'd seen in a long time.


    I wish they'd bring it back. I miss it alot. I couldn't believe they cancelled it. They bring on stupid crap like DEXTER, and The Mentalist which I do not think was near as good as this show...And crap like HOUSE a drugged out so called genius of a Doctor. Maybe 1 day they will read our comments & think about bringing it back. I will say my prayers 4 it 2 happen..Joy

  • 10
    Here I am waiting for Eleventh Hour to return this fall and come to find out that it will not be returning this fall. Why? Why? Why? I do hope there will be a public out-cry for it's return and that the producers of the show will have second thoughts before scrapping it altogether. Not too many shows these days capture my attention but this was one of my favorites. I found the actors to be perfect for the show. Mixing a little mystery with some si-fi was a twist and enjoyable to watch. The time slot was a little tireing but thanks to dvr we were able to copy the show and watch it at a more convenient time. Sad to hear that I will not have the pleasure of watching a great show.
  • Fantastic chemistry between the two main characters in the show. I was so looking forward to seeing them in the spring.

    Please bring back The Eleventh Hour it was one of the best shows on TV. With all the other junkie shows out now this show should win hands down. It had so much depth, held my interest, leaving me sitting on the edge of my seat and hating it when a commercial came on. If it was up against another very popular show then you should bring it back and try a different day and time. This show was different, intriging, sexy and inviting. I don't understand how you people do your ratings but maybe you should find a different way. Bring back, bring back, oh bring back this show for me.
  • Great new show which sadly only got one season despite mostly engaging stories and a great cast. Superb character in Jacob Hood.

    Great new show which sadly only got one season despite mostly engaging stories and a great cast. Superb character in Jacob Hood. A handsomer version of Gill Grissome Hood used his intellect to solve scientific crimes while fighting off the ladies all along the way. His guard Rachel was equally interesting her devotion to protect Hood at all cost and juggle her personal life was fun to watch. Toward the shows end we even had new characters being added to give comic relief to the two-some. The show had a ton of potential and once again I find myself asking. How does show that's purported by CBS to be the most watched show end up being canceled. Well that question may never be answered but hopefully the one and only season will be released on dvd and we'll have a keepsake of this wonderful show.
  • When I first read the write up I thought, do we need yet another FBI with help series? Then I watched the first episode and I was convinced. This is a brilliant show, one worth watching.

    A brilliant television show. We've seen similar on our screens and at first glance it looks like a X-Files & Fringe combination, but get past that and you see a terrific show. Rufus Sewell does well. I've always enjoyed him as a darker actor, we see in this series how much of an intelligent actor he is, I found within the first episode my expectations of him had completely changed, no longer was I looking for a darkness, but, I was looking for the creativity & intelligence within him.

    Would I choose this over Fringe? No. They are different enough to get you interested in both without getting confused. The story lines are different with the science not as on the "fringe" as fringe is. It's a great show to be able sit back and relax as you're taken through the answers, not left wanting it explained to you.
  • A science drama called Eleventh Hour, about a Dr. Jacob Hood who works for the FBI and Agent Rachel Young, his handler.

    I really believe that CBS, or even another channel, I'm not picky, should bring back this amazing series. To me this was a very well thought-out series and hosted a fine array of great actors and actresses. It brought new interesting and scientific episodes for fans to engage themselves in, who might have started to get tired of the CSI's. While the CSI franchises are very interesting, Eleventh Hour took another approach to the genre of Scientific Drama, and did so very, very well. I believe that the characters' Dr. Jacob Hood and Agent Rachel Young deserve to stay on the air.
  • I understand why it was cancelled.

    I just started watching the show and i think that the episodes could be much better, the ideas behind them and the stories are interesting but the way the episodes are written makes them slow and kinda boring. I get bored after watching 20/30 minutes, sometimes i don't even care how it will end. I also don't care much for the characters, i think they are arrogant and full of themselves. They are not very sympathetic. I think that this must be the worst show from Jerry Bruckheimer, I had great expectations for Eleventh Hour but it was quite disappointing.
  • Good show. Nice Stories, nice characters... However....

    However, it looks like a CSI more than a SciFi... Well... (CSI is a lot better) some of the episodes are a bit boring but most of them are interesting.... err.. at least for the first 20 to 30 minutes...

    On the cast side, i think both lead characters: Rufus Sewell and Marley Shelton are acting well for Jacob and Rachel but seems that the chemistry between them can be better... Anyway. I love watching this show even i think there are a lot of spaces which can be improved... , hope that CBS will not cancel this show and I really looking forward to the season 2.
  • Eleventh Hour is a fine show and we need to have more of them just like this.

    This is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. It is interesting, very informative, clean, not much sex and a great Jacob Hood. Since CBS cancelled it I just hope that another station picks it up and it just is sensational for them on their station. No matter where it is I will not ever miss a show. Too bad for you CBS you are the foolish one that didn't know what you had when you had it. I am looking for reruns to be shown here soon now that CBS has cancelled it. At least I will have 18 shows to tape for a later time when someone else realizes what they have in it. I give it a rating of 10 all the way.
  • Very good remake. Bring on the second series!

    The original English series starred Patrick Stewart and even though it was enjoyable it didn't last more than 4 episodes. A few years on and then this remake comes along which i personally think has done an excellent job.
    Like all tv shows you will have the odd weak episode but for me Eleventh hour has been one of the few shows that has delivered thought provoking material and topics without needing to fill the screen with CGI and over the top special effects.
    Everyone responsible for this shows creation deserves plenty of praise for producing good stories consisting of good scripts and all performed by good actors.
    All that's left to say is, more please.....
  • Eleventh hour is like a new blood to CSI viewers. The stories are good and always getting better in every episode.

    I love Eleventh hour and watched it every week, it became my favourite show. I also love CSI seres but sometimes all 3 of them make me tired and I bored. I think CBS should keep the show. The ratings are great and there are lots of fans out there. So the CBS has no reason to end the show.
    We start getting to know the chrachters of the show better. Also the chemistry between Rachel and hood is developing. I hope in the second season we will be given more clues about their past and also will see their evolving relationships.
  • CBS - please keep this show!!!

    CBS - Please keep thi show - It is great!!! There are so many stupid shows out there and then they get a great one and someone decides to cancel it . I also loved Moonlight but now it is gone so who knows what people are thinking when they cancel these great shows that the older baby boom generation like to enjoy on their TV time. Please keep 11th hour & bring back Moonlight... Eleventh Hour is a show that is very much liked. Everything that they have covered can be be done without the public's notice. It kind of makes my hair stand on end thinking that these situations that are covered on this show are going on. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised.Thank you
  • Fan of the Eleventh Hour, could not wait for it to start in October of last year after seeing the promos.

    Truly enjoy watching these three very strong and interesting characters convey these stories about new science. Several elements of the story theme, are quite often in the news a week or so later. Not weird science anymore. Enjoy how the underline story is one that most can relate to, not the usually blown up family story line. Dr. Hoods speaking of his wife's passing was very touching. It's always amazing when such well know big starts appear in a weekly series, and bring their great talent to the show.
    Was an old Law and Order fan then moved on to CSI shows, CSI Miami and NCIS my favorite after Eleventh Hour.
  • I realize this show doesn't're-write' any of the vast shows that focus on crime; however, it is a personal favorite of mine, because of the 3 main characters.

    Yes, so sometimes the episodes become a bit monotonous. Hood gets called to some random place in the United States and has to (much like House) diagnose some sort of 'out-of-bounds' disease. But what I enjoy so much about the show is Rachel and Hood's (semi-obvious) physical attraction to one another, and especially some of the harder to diagnose cases. I find some episodes absolutely riveting, while others I could dismiss extremely quickly. The bottom line is - people who watch this show know that with the dozen "CSI" shows out there along with the dozen "Law & Order" shows out there, this one does stand out, at least in my very in-significant opinion.
  • Scientist gets hired by FBI to check out weird science; has a agent assisting him who can run down bad guys while wearing high heels.

    As an avid X-Files fan, I was looking for another show to fill the void when X-Files ended; though there will never be another show like that, I think "Eleventh Hour" is the closest anyone has come. "Fringe" was expected to fill that void; and though we knew the things that happened in the X-Files were unrealistic, the writers managed to create, as they say in all freshman English courses, "the suspension of disbelief." For the hour you watched, you, as Mulder so often wished to do, believed. Fringe did not do that for me, in fact, so much of it was downright laughable that I had to stop watching (luckily, my husband and I found "The Mentalist" on CBS at the same time--good work, CBS). Eleventh Hour allows me to suspend disbelief again. Rufus Sewell is a talented actor whom I hope will move on to (or actually return to) bigger and better things; ever since I saw him in "Dark City" I knew he was wonderful, but for the time being, he's great as Dr. Jacob Hood--low-key, cautious, like a good scientist should be. He is a good character. The girl FBI agent, not so much. Perhaps she needs more time to grow as an actress. It took Gillian Anderson awhile, but it was worth it. I hope the same for Marley Shelton. I happen to adore the new character, Agent Lee. He reminds me of Forrest Whittaker. I think the major problem is the writing, and all new shows need time for the writers to really know their characters and what they want them to do. So Eleventh Hour deserves a chance, & I would like my fellow X-Files to give Eleventh Hour a chance if they can. I think it will be worth it.
  • Ms. Rachel Young is a new F.B.I. special agent assigned to Dr. Jacob Hood for his protection. He is very intelligent; And, is working with the F.B.I. because his best friend is the head of the F.B..I. The show has minimal story-arc...

    Ms. Rachel Young is a new F.B.I. special agent assigned to Dr. Jacob Hood for his protection. He is very intelligent; And, is working with the F.B.I. because his best friend is the head of the F.B..I. The show has minimal story-arc, and character development.

    Marley Shelton is an actress that plays Ms. Rachel Young. Rufus Sewell is an actor that plays Dr. Jacob Hood. Both, Ms. Young, and Dr. Hood are the solid center of the show. I have yet to be able to find the F.B.I. Special Agent strait out of the academy that joined them in the 14th episode of the 1 season. Felix begged the Director of the F.B.I. to be assigned to Dr. Hood with Ms. Young.

    There seems to be a little more chemistry between Dr. Hood, and Ms. Young. Yet, sometimes I feel that the Writers/Directors for the show should be fired, Donald Trump style. I want them fired because they continue to promote false science to the public. I know that 'Eleventh Hour' is fictional; Yet, I think that most people are unaware of how what they choose to watch effects everything in their life. I have watched all Fifteen episodes and there are only a couple that were almost tolerable, I think that the Writers, Directors, and Producers are purposefully forwarding different false science storylines as the 'premise'. Let's see, Stem Cells, pity the Park Ranger, stripper guy getting electrocuted, pitty the Cancer kid because he is delusional for believing in God, destroy Gepetto's life because she had the audacity to use money to try to make her life better. I feel that I may continue to watch future episodes. I really do not know why but I think it has a lot to do with me seeing Rufus, in my head, as this roll in "A Knight's Tale", and seeing more of Marley Shelton. [she is h4\/\/t]
  • A very addictive show

    Eleventh Hour is a show that is very much like "Fringe" but with a bit more plausibility to their plots. Everything that they have covered can be be done without the public's notice. They even went so much as mentioning DARPA in one episode. It kind of makes my hair stand on end thinking that these situations that are covered on this show are going on. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised.

    They couldn't have picked a better talent than Rufus Sewell to be the lead. His performance is very believable. He reminds me of the anti-Adrian Monk, smart, hurt but not so introverted. The chemistry with his FBI handler is there, but does not overwhelm. This show is a thrilling adventure that is well worth the time to watch.
  • I like the show, and I watch weekly. Another good episode tonight,but I was curious as to which writer came up with the flash-back to "The Mod Squad". I'm sure somebody remembers.Again,another good show. Felix fits. Thanks, Tony

    I just want to know, who brought back "The Mod Squad". Felix is a good addition,I like the humor.I ride a Harley,I like all kinds of music except hip-hop and rap.I'm single, white,and 50 tomorrow. no kids,no ex's,I like to party and ride;( not at the same time),fish, camp,outdoors,fireplace in winter,power outages. To to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to top to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to get my Question ansswered.
  • My new favorite show

    This show started out slow but it has gotten stronger in the latest episodes. The main characters are improving. Hood is the know-it-all scientist and even when he's dealing with his wife's death, he doesn't make his job at the FBI about personal reasons. Rachel's first appearance was a little off, but her character has evolved and she's soften up a little, showing a different side of her in recent episodes. We've learned more about the characters and that makes us understand them more. Science could be a little bit boring, but the stories make it interesting. I think the show needs a little "polishing" but it's promising.
    One thing I like about this show is the chemistry between the lead characters. No romantic relationship is implied, but the conversations they have are natural and at the same time, they're getting to know each other.
    I hope CBS doesn't cancel this and give it more publicity. The ratings are great and could do a lot better.
  • This show has major weak points, but also a lot of promise. With a little more work it could be a real competitor.

    First of all the weak points. There is some seriously shaky acting going on, primarily with the female lead. There is also some terrible dialog writing which is probably where a great deal of the bad acting is coming from. Even good actors can't pull off some of the awkward lines dished out in these scripts. The story lines could use a little more work as well. It feels like they're just filling time and following unnecessary leads during the middle of some episodes. Ultimately, however, I still find myself watching it. Which brings us to the good points. First and foremost: Rufus Sewell. They were very lucky to snag him. I fell for him when I saw the sleeper "Dark City". He's perfect for the charming eccentric scientist. And I love the idea of pairing him with a strong female partner. They play with a little role reversal here letting her protect him, and the fact that he so willingly accedes to it endears him to us. I just wish they would take her out of those stupid high heels! They have some interesting story ideas but they need to take more risks. Really ride the line between science and science fiction. And if they need help creating a strong yet feminine female character just look to Fringe, the show it has so often been compared to.
  • corny acting, didn't even get the area right, so not worth the time

    Ok, I live in Montana, and the last show was in Lewistown(which they spelled wrong) Come on people can you at least get the surounding area right. And even the hospital, Billings has the larget hospital and Billings doesnt even look like that. I started to watch it due to it being in Montana, was extreamly dissapointed when they couldn't get the area right(who does your research??) Lewistown isn't that big and there are alot more mountains around then what they show. It looked like it was taken in Northern Californa not Montana, but then it was so corney, don't think I will be watching it again.
  • Although the stars of this show are quite appealing, the show itself is AWFUL! I can't believe that Jerry Bruckheimer is putting out such a terrible waste of time!

    I watched last night's episode "Miracle" which was supposed to take place in Montana from my home in Montana. I am so tired of seeing Montanans portrayed as hicks who live in camping trailers (60s models, no less) with refrigerators in their yards. We live just like the rest of the country. We live in houses, we drive vehicles, not horses to work, and we read books. The show was supposed to be in Lewistown, Montana, which one character pronounced correctly but the screen said Lewiston, Montana. Lewistown IS in Montana. Lewiston is in Idaho. We also can read maps here in the old west but apparently the editors of this show cannot.
  • Horrible!!!!

    The Bottom Line: "Bad"

    How can a series go from so GOOD to so BAD in one episode!! Wow! It was so unrealistic when Jacob and her did not do anything to stop the man from driving off...he was acting crazy. The WORST was just on....Jacob is hallucinating and she stands there, doesn't call for help and tried to calm him down. Ridiculous. It just came back on but I don't know if I'll watch the rest. Please writers get realistic!!!!! sigh...need more words...not one hundred yet.......There have been a couple of more episodes...one where the woman agent runs up and touches the INFECTED guys that got hit by a car. She knows he's infected and she touches him. I really liked this show....now.....sigh! :( omg...it got worse....the stupid agent DOESNT call for backup. I turned it off. Let my husband watch the rest. Horrible!!!
  • Awsome!

    This show draws you in so deep that your addicted, I LOVE IT!! The suspense is wonderful and it gets my emotions all worked up. I would have to say this show is better than Fringe by far. The more I watch, Jacob Hood(Rufus Sewell)gets hotter and hotter! Rachael Young(Marley Shelton)is amazing and both work so well together. I'm always on the edge of my couch waiting to see what's gonna happen next or wanting to jump in the tv to be part of the show.I'm not a re-run girl but I can't get enough of this show and want to watch more and more new episodes so bad it drives me crazy. I've been watching and became a huge fan since the first time Eleventh Hour started. Thank you so mcuch for this TV show, I look forward to it every week. Addicted Fan>>tgn23
  • I watched Eleventh Hour for the 1st time on New Year's day. I was startled when I heard an actor say that the language they were hearing was Garifuna, a Mayan dialect of Guatemala.

    I sat up immediately. Being a Garifuna, our language is not Mayan it is Arawak mixed with African dialect with some French and English mixed in, from our heritage. And the Garifuna people are of African descent, and for the most part do not look like the actors/extras on the 1/1/09 episode. We are found in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Nicaragua primarily. Though the phrases that I heard speak was indeed Garifuna, the rest of the information surrounding my ethnic group was incorrect. The writers should get their facts correct. A false impression was given of the Garifuna people. You have a very diverse audience, an intelligent audience, anything you put out there that is incorrect will be noticed, so do your homework.
  • This show has intriguing characters, good and witty humor, and knows how to handle a mystery/thriller.

    First of all, I like two main stars, Rufus Sewell and Marley Shelton. They are so fitting together, they are totally different from each other and that makes great chemistry between them. He is smart but weak in other stuff and she is his bodyguard and also very beautiful what would get attention from male public. Very similar relationship like Mulder and Scully had in The X-Files. The story of human cloning is also great because it can be happening or maybe already is happen.The Eleventh Hour may not be the most addictive television show that I've seen this fall but it certainly isn't a bad show by all means. First and foremost, yes, the concept isn't exactly new to the table of television and true there is another show on Fox with a bit a similar concept( Fringe) but I was interested into checking it out anyway. Not only does the concept sound intriguing, especially since science these days is becoming more fringe, and it stars one of the most underrated actors of this decade( Rufus Sewell, finally getting the recognition he deserves as an actor) and co-starring is Marley Shelton, whom I enjoy as an actress is most cases plus it's executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, whose produced some of my all time favorite films and television shows.
  • In the "quirky medical detective show" contest, "Eleventh Hour" easily out-does "Fringe"; it still doesn't equal "House" despite a fine British pedigree. "Eleventh Hour" is still engaging drama.

    "Eleventh Hour" is the American version of a popular British medical detective TV series. In the United States it has much competition, ranging from Fox's "House" and "Bones" to all the franchises of "CSI" (whose producers also create "Eleventh Hour").

    This competition is "quirky medical detective shows." "Eleventh Hour" is mildly quirky, but not as much as "House" or the original "CSI." In general, it comes in a weak second to "House" while nosing "Bones" out of the running with more plausible plots. It's not really a good police procedural show in the CSI tradition, and the lone wolf investigator with female bodyguard stretches willing suspension of disbelief a little.

    But the plots are entertaining and internally consistent, while not asking the viewer to accept the murderous government research-and-cover-up empire at the center of "Fringe" (which seems to be aiming for the "X-Files" audience). But the viewer's attention is occupied by "Eleventh Hour," and there are plenty of plot twists and turns to keep the viewer busy.

    It's a worthwhile show.
  • It might not be original, but I sure like it and want to see more of it.

    What I've seen so far I sure like it. The show reminds me of others, but the science angle is, if not original, at least entertaining and educating in its own way. Marley Shelton and, especially, Rufus Sewell, are very convincing and I like them very much (especially Marley Shelton). The two main characters, however, are not a 'couple', as 'FBI Tv standards' dictate, but they should be, eventually, maybe like Scully and Mulder. Actually, the "romance" part of the show is a bit confusing insofar. The new character, an old friend of the deceased wife of doctor Hood, is too convenient to be true in my opinion.
  • Investigation and suspense with science.

    It's an interesting TV show with criminal investigation and science. The main actors are Dr. Jacob Hood and Agent Rachel Young.
    This episode shows Dr. Jacob Hood and Agent Rachel Young in a investigation that starts with a woman's body discovered on the beach and it was frozen without signs of ice in a hottest day. Another bodies were discovered frozen too and the investigation goes to a Cryogenic Lab that promisses to keep the heads of death people frozen to return them to life when the cure of their deseases will be found. The idea is to make clones for the bodies and put the frozen head on it. People pay a lot of money to this procediment. Someone is killing that Cryogenic Lab's clients.
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