Eleventh Hour

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2008 on CBS
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Dr. Jacob Hood must figure out why severely autistic teenagers are disappearing across the country and reappearing a month later exhibiting symptoms of savant syndrome.

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    Autism is a terrible brain disorder and it must be very desperating for any parent to have a child who suffers this disorder. The doctor's reason to conduct the experiment was valid, but the fact. He was so desperate to save his own son that he didn't care about anybody else. I can't imagine the disappointment in Teresa's mother when her daughter wasn't the same after removing the implants. It was necessary, there wasn't an option.

    It was very thoughtful from Hood to try to get Mr. Butler to adopt the little child. I was very surprised. It was nice to see a different side of him. Rachel and Hood's dynamic needs to be polished but it's improving. Let's see what happens in the new episodes.moreless
Keith Szarabajka

Keith Szarabajka

Agent Whittier

Guest Star

Sahara Garey

Sahara Garey

Teresa Kimsey

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Stephen Bogardus

Stephen Bogardus

Dr. Edward Fisher

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    • Dr. Fisher: You don't understand.
      Hood: I understand you can't conduct deadly experiments on other people's kids to save your own.
      Dr. Fisher: Noah deserves a normal life. I have to finish now.
      Rachel: Get any closer to that boy's head and I'll put a bullet in yours.

    • Hood: Just because someone's mind works atypically it doesn't mean they can't experience happiness or thrive on their own terms.

    • Hood: (Hood gets out of car after building explodes) Rachel? Rachel? Are you ok?
      Rachel: I'm ok, but Miss Bonatelli isn't.

    • Rachel: Law is like biology, Hood. You can't just decide something's true. You gotta dig up some dirt, find a few nasty microorganisms to prove your point.
      Hood: Good use of a scientific analogy, Rachel.

    • Bonatelli: The research has to continue.
      Hood: What happened to Scott Butler isn't research. It's murder.

    • Rachel: You ok back there Hood? You're awfully quiet. It's nice, but I'm starting to worry.
      Hood: There's probably only 50 or 60 doctors in the Midwest capable of this kind of surgery. Maybe we should just visit them all and see if Theresa recognizes anybody.
      Rachel: You can't just go around confronting upstanding members of the medical community without probable cause.
      Hood: Why not?

    • (Hood unpacks Rachel's suitcase in the parking garage and uses it to explain what makes someone a Savant)
      Hood: The question is how does a severely autistic otherwise ordinary person become a Savant inside of a month? What happened to these children and why?
      Rachel: We'll start with Theresa Kinsey. She's our first victim with the thickest case file. And next time, use your own luggage.

    • Elizabeth: So what do you do?
      Hood: I'm a special science advisor to the FBI.
      Elizabeth: How intriguing. Job description would be...?
      Hood: Well, scientific advancements have greatly benefited humanity, but if those advancements are abused, it could be very dangerous. My job is to make sure that never happens.
      Elizabeth: And what kind of science crimes do you like to handle, Jacob?
      Hood: It's kind of classified.
      Elizabeth: What about your phone number? Is that classified too?
      (Rachel interrupts and Hood leaves)

    • (Hood and woman order champagne)
      Elizabeth: You do know it's free? Nobody tell you this was a charity concert?
      Hood: Well, it can't be that charitable if they force you to sit through the damn thing.
      Elizabeth: (laughing) Cheers to that.
      Hood: Cheers.

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