Elfen Lied

Season 1 Episode 8

Beginning - Beginn

Aired Unknown Sep 12, 2004 on
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Beginning - Beginn
After Lucy is knocked out by Nana Kouta tends to her. She sleeps and relives her childhood in a dream, revealing many things about her. Meanwhile, Nana tells Mayu about Lucy and the diclonius and Arakawa is called in to work for Director Kakuzawa...

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In every instance Lucy appears, her eyes are narrow (unlike Nyu's who's are wide). However, in this episode, when Lucy tries to go after Nana and is forced back into bed by Kouta, her eyes are as wide as Nyu's

    • In the manga, Lucy actually laughs at first when her pet dog is beaten to death by Tomo before proceeding to tear apart everyone in the room.

    • Chronologically, Lucy's flashback sequence happens much earlier in the manga.

    • The tune that plays in Kouta's music box is the song, "Lilium" that plays in the opening credits

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (Lucy staggers out of the room, trying to go after Nana. She makes it as far as the clock and stops)

      Kouta: Hold on! Where are you running off to?

      Lucy: i'm going to teach that stupid girl a lesson.

      --Lucy falls down...

      Kouta: You're the one who's acting stupid. You're not going anywhere but right back to bed.

      Lucy: Kouta...

    • (Next Episode Preview)
      Narrator: The sound of a ceasing rotation. However, eternity puts the gear on track. The light of self-purification that wanted to shine, even though it could not conquer the profundity of her personal darkness. What kind of a meaning did that memory carry for her? Next time on Elfen Lied, episode nine: Reminiscence.

    • Chief Kakuzawa: I should be the one giving my condolences.
      Arakawa: Huh?
      (Kakuzawa pulls out a gun and points it at Arakawa)
      Arakawa: W-what? H-hey, that's dangerous! Put that thing away, okay?

    • (Nana starts to leave and Mayu grabs her arm)
      Nana: Let go of me!
      Mayu: You mustn't!
      Nana: Let go of me right now!
      (Nana's fake arm pops off)
      Mayu: (after seeing the arm, she screams and runs away)

    • Lucy: Everyone in this place is unhappy, and since they're unhappy they probably looking for someone worse than they are...

    • Lucy: The ones who aren't human.. The one who are inhuman... Are you!

  • NOTES (2)