Elfen Lied

Season 1 Episode 2

Cleaning Up - Vernichtung

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 2004 on

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  • What else can one do when a killing machine is set loose? That's right, retrieve it!

    It's obvious from this episode that most of the rest of the series is going to be the chase and either success or failure of the scientists to recapture or kill Lucy. Since she is such a deadly weapon (half the time), it is nearly impossible for anyone to get near her, causing a paradox that, if not tweaked by the writers, will soon bore the viewers despite the blood and gore and nudity.

    The contents of this episode were evenly balanced between deadly and sweet, which is such a stark contrast on its own that it's captivating. Though most of the scenes were dark, the message they sent were of hope. 9/10 overall.
  • split personality

    hmmm wow this was a great episode! it was sweet how kouta wouldnt tell that he knew her, though i would have fallen for the missing person thing. i liked the part where he was wondering if he should lock the door, i found it funny that he was thinking some thing so normal. poor lucy(i cant spell her nice name) she was being pushed around, i was glad when she started killing him, though it was really grusome how she poked out his eyes. i felt bad for the other soilder though. she sounded freakin scary when she talked though. the end was halarous though, when kouta was trying to change her clothes, it was pretty darn funny! im kinda curious about number 7 though.
  • In this episode, we now learn that Lucy mentally changes from Nyuu to Lucy depending on what's happening to/around her, and Mayu, a homeless girl who is eventually taken into Kouta's care is introduced.

    Episode 2 picks up right where the first episode left off, with Nyuu searching frantically on the beach in the pouring rain for a sea shell, attempting to replace Kouta's old one which she broke. As she's doing so, the SAT is already beginning its search for her starting with the beach. Bando and Sato are the ones who locate Lucy on the beach and quickly move in to accomplish their mission. Luckily for Lucy, Kouta manages to get there just in time to get in the way of Bando and Sato (after being questioned by some police helping the SAT), but that doesn't last too long. Bando doesn't even hesitate to knock Kouta around with his submachine gun and threatening to kill him if he doesn't stop getting in the way. As Kouta looks up at Bando, who's pointing a gun at him, he attempts to save Lucy by knocking away the gun, grabbing Lucy, and making a run for it. They don't get too far before Bando fires off a few warning shots, forcing them to stop, only to advance on them again. He knocks Kouta down once more, and abducts Lucy, leaving Kouta behind to be discovered by Yuka only minutes later. Yuka was down at the police station attempting to ask help in locating Lucy, but she backed off when she learned that the police were actively looking for Lucy, making her out to be some type of criminal.

    Bando and Sato take Lucy to a type of harbor, and Sato begins to have second thoughts about killing Lucy. Naturally Bando slaps him around and chews him out over this. After harassing and beating up Lucy, trying to "have some fun" Bando gets bored and tells Sato to shoot her. He hesitates before following orders, and moves over to Lucy to finish her off, but before he can, Lucy turns back to her old self and kills Sato in a rather gruesome manner. A shocked and confused Bando readies his weapon and prepares to fight, seeing the effects of Lucy's vectors all around him. He begins to run away, remembering parts of his briefing and how Lucy can't reach past 2 meters. After waiting in Ambush, Bando moves in to kill Lucy, only to see that she's picked up Sato's weapon. Bando, after complaining how that isn't fair, gets shot in the chest, his Kevlar protecting him from being killed by the volley of bullets. Lucy moves over to him, severing his right forearm as he goes to shoot her, and breaking his left when he reaches up at her. Lucy's torturing of Bando doesn't end there though, she even decides to jab him in the eyes with her vectors, blinding him (only for a few days though). As Bando flails around screaming and saying he'll kill Lucy for this, she looks at the sea shell she collected for Kouta and turns back into Nyuu. Nyuu, frightened by Bando, runs back to the Maple Inn, passing Mayu along the way. Mayu finds the downed Bando and tries to help him, performing some quick first aid then calling an ambulance.

    We now learn that Yuka took Kouta to the hospital after finding him beaten up on the beach. The police interview him and Kouta tells them of the two soldiers after Lucy. Trying to keep their cover, the police tell him it was probably just some punk kids with model guns. Kouta has his doubts and no longer trusts the police, deciding that he won't let them get to Lucy, or Nyuu as he knows her. He even lies to them about the "strange girl" he saw, saying it was a chubby girl rather than a pink haired horned girl. Once released from the hospital, Kouta returns home to find Nyuu sitting outside in the rain, waiting for him. She holds out the sea shell to him, hoping she is forgiven. Kouta, forgiving her, crouches down to where she's sitting and hugs her, taking her inside afterwards to get cleaned up. Back at the facility where Lucy escaped, Director Kurama decides to send another diclonius, which is what Lucy is, out to locate their escapee. He sends out the pink haired, chained Nana. Nana thinks of the director as her father, and will do as she is told. This is the end of episode 02. (Chaos)
  • Nyuu runs away after breaking Kouta's seashell, which was given to him by his late sister. Meanwhile, Bando decides to go after the killer on his own. Who will win the fight? How will Nyuu defend herself in her current state?

    I really liked it. This episode brings out Lucy's personality for the second time, except this time without the mask. This episode also brings out Bando's personality a little more as well. On the good side, it shows how caring and loving Nyuu really is.
    The episode explains without explaining what is going on with Nyuu/Lucy, what makes her change, and you get to see her 'weapons' for the first time. It is an episode of learning.