Elfen Lied

Season 1 Episode 11

Complications - Vermischung

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2004 on
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Complications - Vermischung
Number 35, Mariko, is released and immediately kills the soldiers around her. The professors, who were prepared for this, set off one of the explosives inside her, destroying her arm. Later, they fly her to where Nyuu and Nana are.

Meanwhile, Nana is enjoying living in the inn but Kouta tells her she needs to work as well. Things seem to be going as epacful as it can get... but how long with the peace last?moreless

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  • I don't see how this leads to a conclusion just yet, but we're sure as heck getting there.

    This episode was well planned, staying with the storyline introduced in the previous one and taking it to the point of its first climax. Had they postponed this, it would not have worked and fans likely would have rioted. For all number 35 is said to be, she doesn't amuse me. The almost mystery around her is depressing (is she or isn't she Kurama's daughter). The only thing I look forward to is how she's dealt with. I'm sure that in the end, Lucy will come along and kill her, but that's so easy to predict I'm hoping for something else.

    This episode was wonderful, though. 9.5/10.moreless
  • ahh!! a person more pyhco than lucy!!!

    Oh my, I had thought that lucy was the worst but now seeing mariko im not so sure, shes freaking wack! She killed the person who she thought was her mother! Im just glad that the lady tried to blow her up before she died! And it turns out that kurama was mariko’s father! Oh all the twists! Poor nana! She is totally out of her league!! And nyu cut her hair! She looks so cute now! Also there is no doubt that lucy killed kouta’s sister. Poor kouta I’ll feel so sad when he finds out! And yuka now knows that kouta is not for her, well hopfully. And poor mayu she knows every thing, she must be so stressing! Ahh I am so freaking over this! Its all coming to a head and I just don’t know what to think!!moreless
Toshihiko Kojima

Toshihiko Kojima

Detective A (Jap.)

Guest Star

Hideo Watanabe

Hideo Watanabe

Detective B (Jap.)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Some characters are seen in greater detail in the manga. Mariko, for instance, is shown in greater detail with her psychological issues and past trauma being more throroughly explained. She also develops a split personality called Myuu. Myuu acts as the antithesis to Mariko just like Nyuu is in contrast to Lucy. Myuu is nonviolent, docile, more childish than Mariko, and, like Nyuu, she only speaks saying the word Myuu. When Mariko becomes Myuu her pressence as a Diclonius disappears and cannot be detected by other Diclonius, just like in Nyuu's case. However, unlike Nyuu, Myuu can and will both consciously and willingly switch back to Mariko, if she feels any potential threat putting in danger the lives of her beloved ones or more specifically her father, Kurama.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Next Episode Preview)
      Narrator: The boy started the ritual to dissolve the seal on his past that he himself had once closed. The agonizing cries of people wounded by a lethal weapon play the music of an infernal ball. The characters in the ball are revenge, damnation, sadness and those dancers who keep their love to themselves. Next time on Elfen Lied, episode 12: Quagmire.

    • Arakawa: Can't they at least let me take a shower? It's been ages since I last changed my underwear. Oh man, I'm starting to get itchy down there too.

    • Kouta: (sees Nyuu fixing clock) Oh, no! You're at it again! Well, I guess you can't break it more than it already is.

    • Nyuu: No! No! Don't cry Kouta!
      Kouta: Huh?...
      Nyuu: Please don't cry, Kouta!
      Kouta: But... Nyuu, I'm not crying...

    • Nana: Nana will give you food. Make sure you eat well.
      Mayu: Ah, that much is okay.
      Nana: This creature is a wanta, right?
      Mayu: Well, at least the name is Wanta.

    • Nana: This bath... I'm supposed to get into this hot water?
      Mayu: Y-yes...
      Nana: No way! This water feels so good! Until now, if i'd gotten dirty the only bath I got was a spray from a water house.

    • Kouta: Nyu?
      Nyu: Not Nyu!... Kanae forgives! Forgives Kouta! Forgives!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Bomb:
      The doctors tell Mariko that if she does not obey them, then they will blow her up, because there are bombs planted in her body. This is a very common sci-fi "trademark". For example, it is shown in Escape from New York and the Star Wars series.