Elfen Lied

Season 1 Episode 4

Meeting - Aufeinandertreffen

Aired Unknown Aug 15, 2004 on
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Meeting - Aufeinandertreffen
After alerting the soldiers and Kurama to Lucy’s whereabouts, Nana confronts her and the two begin to fight in a cemetery. Can Nana hold Lucy off long enough for Kurama and the others to arrive? Meanwhile, hearing loud noises in the cemetery, Mayu stumbles upon the two fighting. What will happen to Mayu when she is caught in the crossfire? And what can possible make Kurama cry?moreless

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  • The writers like to hit the viewers where it counts.

    Isn't that how it always goes? The viewer is introduced to a nice, plain, ordinary character, comes to love them, and then watches them go through a painful ordeal. That's just how it was for Nana, she was created for this episode, to bring out the true emotions and moral drives of different characters. However, this episode left many questions hanging from previous episodes. While this is something that a viewer becomes accustomed to after watching so many shows, it's still nice to receive some form of information--even if that information only serves to raise more questions.

    The fight was epic, but not too much so. 9/10.moreless
  • poor nana

    well things are going way better, yuka is acting a little better. mayu is moving in, im so glad i like her. lucy is... well shes horible still she was killing nana and she wasnt just killing her she had to torture her, it was sad. but on a bright side i do think she is geting nicer, she didnt even try to hurt mayu! and for some odd reason she doesnt attack that director guy, which it turns out he cared for nana, so i feel bad for him too. i thought it was weird that she all the sudden became nyu again did she just decide to? or what. but i feel bad for mayu(yes i feel bad for lots of people!!) cuz she saw lucy being pyhco. wonder what will happen.moreless
  • Nana meets with Lucy to kill her, but Lucy will not give in and they fight in a cemetary. Yuka reaveals her feelings to Kouta. And Yuka and Kouta help the homeless girl, Mayu, who witnessed the fight between Nana and Lucy.moreless

    This episode is a mosr reavealing one. As we learn more and more about each character. But we still do not understand why Lucy became Nyuu, and how she turns back into Lucy. We learn how Kurama feels about Nana. And how Yuka feels towards Kouta.

    I actually felt sick when I saw Mayu go into the cemetary and saw the fight. But it al turned out all right. I loved this episode and I can\'t wait to see the next one.moreless

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