Elfen Lied

Season 1 Episode 13

No Return - Erleuchtung

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 2004 on
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Yuka informs Mayu of Kouta's past. Meanwhile, Lucy and Mariko find each other and face off in a fight. Now, Nana and Kurama have to find Mariko because Kurama needs to kill her... but can he really do it? And, will Lucy survive the brutal Mariko?

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  • The anime ends as it began, amid sadness and tenderness, and not a few unanswered questions (Unless you read the manga)

    A series of battles takes place, but none of them are truly decisive. Lucy again slaps Bando down, but does not finish him. Mariko owns Lucy in an all-out fight of raw power, but is ready to collapse when the father she's always dreamed of meeting shows up to kill her. His resolve in turn melts when he is taken to task by the little girl he was supposed to take care of. Mariko's collapse is undone by Nana calling Kurama 'Papa' - and Mariko already resented Nana for having friends. A smaller but no less harsh battle is won when Mayu gets Yuka to admit that she is in love with Kouta, which is no surprise to anyone who's watched ten minutes of the series. The hapless scientist Arakawa wins a moral fight by hiding Kouta's picture from the ever-more sinister Chief Kakuzawa, who doesn't care if she does, and seems to be forming new plans with every second. Kurama and Mariko win out over the forces that separated father and daughter--at the cost of their lives. Nana wins simply by making the choice to go back 'home' to her 'family' at Maple House, and actually has Lucy's blessing in doing this. Lucy cannot win Kouta's forgiveness, but nor will he banish her, for the love is as deep as the pain in their case. Lucy faces down one last set of soldiers, and her cause seems lost--but who is that knocking on the door right before the credits roll?

    For something that almost defines the word 'unresolved', Episode 13 seems to win the battle of at least admitting its status and using it to craft one last great story, and though left hanging, we are as happy as little Wanta.moreless
  • A touching episode with a few loose ends, but an overall sad ending to an otherwise great series.

    This episode could have ended differently, in that it had too much information left unresolved. However, the most dramatic part of this episode was when Mariko met Kurama. I loved this episode so much that it makes me cry every time I see the scene where she meets him. The voice acting was great, and Luci Christian was very convincing as the role of Mariko. You also learn how Kurama really feels about the subject and decides to atone for both of them. Overall, I would recommend watching the series just to witness the way the characters change in the episode and how they are involved in the story.moreless
  • What the heck kinda ending was that?

    I'm going to have to read the manga now, cause that ending was completely random. Every character's actions were out of left-field. Yuka knew all along and didn't bother to mention it or take it into account when she got mad about Kohta's actions? Kurama wanted to kill his own daughter? Why? To make up for not doing it in the past? So that they could all be together in death? What the heck does losing a horn do to a Diclonius, or losing both for that matter? What was with the random love confessions? Why did Lucy "allow" herself to "die?" Who the heck was at the gate?

    An extremely unsatisfactory ending for a series so built up in the end. I don't think I've ever been more disappointed in a series conclusion. 6/10.moreless
  • Drama, gore, blood, sadness, and action all rolled into one!

    Elfen Lied is an amazing anime, this final episode was soo sad, it makes you hate that the main character dies, but at the same time feel happy for her, that she doesn't have to endure the suffering any longer, but then again you just keep wanting more..

    I think the ending was just right for the anime, I loved lucy my, favorite character but it just seems the only right way to go..

    I am almost certian Elfen Lied will stay a big thing after even 12 years from now, hopefully it will be even more well known. :] You have to watch this anime and this episode!moreless
  • Mariko (35) is sent to kill Nana, however Lucy has showed up, along with kouta, the conclusion is here, prepare your mind for one of the saddest endings ever created. Elfen Lied is the ultimate human story of revenge, empathy, and forgiveness.moreless

    I came into this show only hearing of how violent it was, i was never told it would be so deep, so sad and yet so happy. As the episodes starts, Nana barely escapes with her life and Kouta is finally remembering what really happened to his sister and father...it was Lucy/Nyuu all along. Lucy beats Bando on the beach, but oddly enough, she shows mercy and lets him live after saying "This will be the last you ever see of me".

    Mariko and Lucy now have their final battle, and Mariko knocks off one of Lucy's horns, rendering her unconcious, but looking dead. However Kurama shows up with Nana. As Mariko moves closer to her now found father, she collapses and pleads with Kurama on why he left her alone and abandoned for so many years. Now Kurama pulls a gun and aims it at Mariko. This scene is so emotionally draining, for myself brought tears to my eyes, as we see a total monster, pleading and begging to be loved by her father, as he also tries to hold back his tears. Mariko begins to hit Nana and asks Kurama "Would you be sad if she died". Kurama drops his gun, walks over to Mariko and picks her up in his arms, and tells her how sorry he was, and how much he and her mother loved her. The background music gets louder as Mariko realizes she's finally loved by someone. Kurama and Mariko walk onto the bridge, after he tells one of the doctors to detonate the bombs in Mariko's body. They embrace and Kurama's tears land on her face, as the bomb explodes we're treated to a quick montage one what could've been a happy normal life, something they never had, because she was different. they're both now dead.

    flash forward.

    Kouta and Lucy meet on the stone steps they stood on all those years ago. Lucy tells Kouta about her purpose to kill all humans. She then tells him, those days she spent with him, were the only happy memories of her entire hellish life, she never forgot. She begs for forgiveness, she apologizes for what she did to him, and the tears follow. The music embraces the depressing and sorrowful mood. As Lucy stands and walks away, Kouta hugs her, and says he can't her kill anymore. "I love that lonely little girl, i met all those years ago as a child" says Kouta, again they hug passionately, followed by a montage of Kouta and Lucy as children, those days she actually had something to smile about.

    Lucy's tears drop and the scene goes black, it's so hard to watch and is guraneteed to arrouse some kind of emotion.

    the scene now goes back to the house as Kouta, Nana, Mayu, Yuka begin to eat. Kouta asks why she left another plate out, to which she responds "I was hoping she would join us". Nana cries at the happiness she now has in life, and says "There are so many good things in the world" to which pictures of Lucy and Mariko appear. The puppy starts barking, as Kouta walks closer to the door, the shadow of a familiar female figure is behind it. The clock rings and begins working again as the music stops. Kouta walks closer to the door...the screen goes black...Das Ende

    the end of an emotional rollercoaster ride, there is nothing quite like elfen lied, and never in a very long time have i even cried. But what i saw in Elfen Lied pushed me, as i saw Lucy's 2nd chance given, despite what terrible things she's done. It demonstrates the compassion in humanity, how love and kindness can bring about happiness.

    i will never forget Elfen Lied. Hands down a 10/10moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • In this episode, Chief Kakuzawa says that even a powerless Mariko could be of use to him. He also tells Arakawa that he has big plans for her. The use for Mariko could refer to the clones that were made of her, while his plans for Arakawa probably indicate her recreating the Diclonius virus to be spread across the Earth. Both these events occurred in the manga, and these hints indicate, that, had a second anime season ever been made, they would have been plot elements in it.

    • Throughout the entire series, Kouta's name is the only one whom Nyu and even Lucy, ever say, until the final episode wherein she tells Nana by name to live the life she can't have.

    • During episode eight (although very briefly), and throughout most of this episode, are the only times in the series that you can see both of Lucy's eyes at once as an adult.

    • Earlier in the series, when Mariko is let out of her cage, a bomb in her right arm is detonated for killing the woman who was thought of as her 'mother'.

      In this episode, however, when Lucy catches her off guard, the artificial arm falls off. When they show it laying on the ground beside Mariko, it is clearly shown to be an artificial LEFT arm instead of a right one.

    • The ending, which has the Kohta's music box ending and the clock beginning to tick, gives a strong hint that Lucy has died but Nyu is still there. The clock being Nyu's favorite thing to fix in the anime series, and the music box being Lucy's favorite object in the series. Also, when everyone is eating lunch, and Kohta goes to to garden, to see what disturbs Wanta there is a shadow, looks like Lucy standing at the other side of the gate, and thats the time, when he recognises, that the old clock is working.

    • When Lucy and Mariko are fighting, and Lucy tells her she'll put her out of her misery, the ribbons on Lucy's horns are gone. But when Mariko begins to attack her, the ribbons are on and fly off while Lucy's being attacked and when one of her horns is torn off

    • In the manga, there is a place deep underground, below the institution. So deep, that you would get a nosebleed from being there. It was a graveyard where all of the "horned people" are buried. It was the site where the first one was found. "After they die they return to the womb that bore them."

    • In the manga, the Diclonius are shown to be more diverse with Lucy/Nyuu having pink hair, Mariko being blond, and Nana having dark purple hair. This is different in the anime as they all have pink hair.

    • The music box that is featured in the anime does not appear anywhere in the manga.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Kouta: Are you hurt?
      Lucy: It's nothing serious.

    • Kouta: That girl I used to know, the girl I played with when I was a child, and the girl called Nyu, they're both you, aren't they?
      Lucy: You have to understand. I was born to put an end to human life.
      Kouta: Huh?
      Lucy: In 5 years, in just 5 years, I can say to it that there are more of us born than there are human infants. But if I succeed in remaking the world, you're going to have to die. Kouta, you were a happy dream and a life that's been nothing but a hellish nightmare. Those days I spent with you, they were the only good days... I've ever known. I cherished them. All this time, I lived in hope with telling how sorry I am. I fought armies just to have this chance, but now, there's nothing I can say that is good enough.

    • Kouta: Don't go!
      Lucy: But, Kouta, I killed your family!
      Kouta: I can't explain it! There's no way I can forgive what you did to Kanae or my dad! I'll never get them back! But I can't... I can't let you go knowing that you'll hurt people! There's already too much in my life that I'll regret. I want to put a stop to the bloodshed. Besides, I love that lone little girl I met so long ago, and I love Nyu. She's like nobody I ever met.
      Lucy: Kouta...

    • Lucy: I wanted to forget everything so nothing can come between us.
      Kouta: Nyu...
      Lucy: Kouta, I'm so sorry for all this sadness I caused you. I'm so sorry.
      Kouta: I'm so sorry, too. I know your life's been hard. You deserved that sadness. I wish I could have done something.

    • (Music box stops; Clock starts up)
      Kouta: Huh? It's working...

    • Nana: There are so many wonderful things...so many...

    • Yuka: Oh, is this the first time you ate soumen?
      Nana: Yeah, I didn't get the chance to try it earlier.

    • Kouta: Yuka? There's one bowl too much.
      Yuka: She would have wanted to eat too.

    • Nana: I have to get home...
      I have to get home...
      I have to get home...
      I have to get home...
      Back to where everyone is...

    • Lucy: Please forget about everything. I just wanted to be by your side.
      Kouta: Nyuu...
      Lucy: I'm sorry about all the sad memories I've caused you...
      Kouta: You too. You too...Didn't you make a lot of sad memories too?

    • Kouta: That sad girl from when we were kids and Nyuu too...I love them.

    • Kouta: Don't go!
      Lucy: Why? I caused you're family's--
      Kouta: I don't understand!
      Kanae...you killed Kanae and my father so I won't forgive you. But..but...if you hurt someone again I would surely again... always regret it.

    • Lucy: The day I would get to meet you...I...Always, always...wanted to apologize to you. I only...endured because of that. Kept on living.

    • Lucy: You suddenly appeared in front of me in this hell. It's a fleeting dream.

    • Lucy: Go live in that house with Kouta and your friends. I want you to do...what I cannot.

    • Lucy: As I thought humans are...fools.

    • Kurama: Mariko...I have to tell you. I just wanted to say that...your mother...loved you till the end. We really...loved you.

    • Kurama: We'll always be together from now on.
      Mariko: Really?
      Kurama: I'm sure of it.

    • Kurama: Warmth and love; I wasn't able to provide you anything. Mariko...I...never stopped thinking about you, even for an instant.

    • Nana: Look out. Papa, we should run!
      Mariko: "Papa"? Why? Why is that girl calling you Papa? Even though you let me be alone all that time? Why?
      Tell me, Father...Would you be sad if I killed her? If you don't answer I guess I'll just have to try and see.

    • Kurama: I have...caused the deaths of so many people because of my daughter; because i let you live. I am the only one to blame here.
      Mariko: Then why have I endured all of these horrible things in my life so far?

    • Mariko: You know, I...always looked forward to...in that dark room...Always, always...when my mother and father would really come and get me. Come and get me from that room. Then we would live together, the three of us...That's why...that's why...Finally I got to see you, father! Father! Father!

    • Lucy: Now I will relieve you of your misery.
      Mariko: *laughs*
      Kill me? I know you're the queen and all... but no one can kill me! Nobody!

    • Mariko:Do you really want to kill me that much?

    • Mayu: Yuka-san, you're..you're really in love with Kouta, aren't you?

    • Bando: You're...my prey. I will surely...hunt you down!
      Lucy: That's impossible.
      Bando: What?
      Lucy: You won't be seeing me anymore.
      *Lucy leaves*

  • NOTES (2)