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Elfen Lied

Season 1 Episode 12

Quagmire - Taumeln

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 2004 on
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Episode Summary

Quagmire - Taumeln
Mariko is torturing and playing with Nana like an insect while Kouta runs to her to protect her. Mariko temporally looses her vectors, thanks to Nana, and has to be sent back. Nyuu follows Kouta, but when the soldiers start to shoot at her she turns into Lucy. Seeing the bloodthirsty Lucy, Kouta recalls everything about his past...moreless

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  • We learn at last the whys and wherefores of Lucy and Kouta, and brutally learn why they can never be...

    Little things as well as big keep me on this episode. Nana and Kouta, who only recently were trading glares, are now risking their lives to aid the other and begging for their well-being. There isn't enough time for her to think it, but this must show poor Nana that she really has a home and family at the Kaede-Sou.

    Back at the Sou (Or Maple Inn), the despondent Yuka gets a boost from Mayu--a girl with every reason in the world to be bitter--who calls her and Kouta her parents, and the Inn the first real home she's ever known.

    But we also see once and for all the end of all hope that the love Kouta and Lucy/Nyu share can overcome all obstacles. For it was the young Lucy who ended Kouta's childhood in the most gruesome way imaginable, all for a lie he told as a kindness. The scene of Kanae's death had me hoping that she died instantly and did not linger even for a second. Early on, I thought perhaps Lucy was Kanae, taken away and experimented on, but it became clear even before this where it would take us. The heart of Elfen Lied is always a conflicted one, but we keep right on coming back to it.moreless
  • Hidden Scar

    This epsode is one of the most emotionally gutwrenching twists ever, it's almost similar to that shocking twist at the end of the film "Angel Heart".

    Kota remembers the last moments of his childhood that were hidden just released in the turn of events as well as his hiddenly dual identity fully. We see that Lucy's feelings for Kota are deeper go beyond friendhip and wants to express them but unfortunately doesn't get the chance when she goes in a state of jelocey and rage when Kota doesn't intentionally keep the promise he made to her which caused some misunderstanding when Lucy sees Kota going with his step cossin to the carnaval because he promised her first and was too late to cancel now or visa versa. That's understandable we all have more than one friend and when we make a promise to one we don't want to let that person down.

    Anyway we see Lucy reacts badly to this discovery thinking that Kota has betrayed her. Bad things happen when she at the carnival but of course it all comes down to a confornation in the train. Kota sees his best friend Lucy and of course is coming to talk to her but then his little sister then just block the way, due to what she heard and witness of Lucy's activities she is trying to protect Kota from Lucy, from telling him the truth of what she witness as well as reacting by pushing Lucy away. But we see Kota doesn't believe his sister, thinks she's just being rude to Lucy defends her and want his sister to applogize. In a way I though that should of told Lucy that Kota really was a true friend to her may'be even extent of his feelings for her but sadly Lucy doesn't pick up the message. But of course the sister being stuburn as she and loving toward her brother she continues to protect him. This unfortunately adds fuel to the fire and then of course we see Lucy kill his sister and father with her psi powers.

    I'll admit after that I had a sad and sick feeling deep inside me at that point. I was just heartbroken for both Kota and Lucy and in the end just made me wonder not just if forgiveness is possible but if both of them had a future together.moreless
  • Oh my god! Progression of the storyline! What a novel concept!

    Took him long enough; Kohta finally remembers what happened, and we got to see it. Something like that is enough to scar any person's mind. No wonder he repressed the memories.

    This episode didn't really progress us through time, but it brought all of the involved parties up to speed. I have one remaining question for the final episode: what does Lucy want to talk to Kohta about when they meet?

    I've heard of actors not being able to portray the characters' artistically shown emotions, but the art not being able to meet the standards of the voice actors' emotions? That's one darned fine voice actor right there. After Kohta remembers and asks why (in the Japanese), his words are more passionate than his appearance. It was a nice change. 9.3/10.moreless
  • kouta remembers!!!

    ...I really want to rate this way higher than a 10; it was just so good. Ok I’ll start from the beginning. The little b*t*h! Killing nana like that! It was horrible! Just horrible! She was actually having fun! Well no actually she wasn’t, she was bored, I guess torturing people just isn’t that fun! I was so glad when nana disabled her! In her freakin face! They should have just killed that girl!!! Poor nana though, I hope she is ok. That stupid man! If he had just let that lady go talk to her than none of this would have happened! But no he had to tell #35 to kill nana! Then he told them to shot at Nyu! I’m so angry that Lucy didn’t kill him! I feel really bad for that lady though, she had just started to realize that Nyu wasn’t dangerous, to bad Lucy came back and killed her! Then she started killing all those other soldiers and I really didn’t care, they should have listened to that one lady, to bad for them. Who I really feel sorry for is Kouta, he remembered... poor him, he was so much better left in the dark. I’m not suprised he forgot though that was awful! Him yelling that he hates his sister then seeing the person he was defending tare her in half! I know I’d go crazy, then she killed his dad! I’m just glad she didn’t kill him! Though I really wanted to know what was going threw Lucy's head as he was shaking her, maybe she might have regained alittle bit of her old self back? Any way she ended up not killing Yuka, which even though I don’t like Yuka, I wouldn’t have wanted that. She looked pretty cool flying like that, and I found it hilarious when she jumped in front of that one guy and told him to shoot her, I also like the clothes she is wearing. I had hated seeing Kouta’s face as he remembered. When she started to sing was kind of sweet and I’m afraid that if she didn’t Kouta would have gone crazy but he stayed relatively sane, I know I would have gone off my rocker. It seems that Kouta might still feel something for her cuz he had pushed her out of the bullet's path and they both blushed! It was cute! But yea then she kind of ran off, but she told Kouta to meet her and I think he will, he’s just that type of guy. I also hope he can, not forgive her, but over look what she did but I don’t know if he’ll be able to, I know I wouldn’t, she’s kind of evil, but still I can’t wait to see what happens!!!!moreless
Lynn Okamoto

Lynn Okamoto

Special Guest (Jap.)

Guest Star

Hitomi Nabatame

Hitomi Nabatame

Young Kouta (Jap.)

Guest Star

Daisuke Ono

Daisuke Ono

Kouta\'s Father (Jap.)

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Nyu and Kouta encounter the Kamakura-side police blockade of Enoshima, the police and soldiers are all knocked out cold. No explanation is given for how or why this happens. Nyu does not become Lucy till after this, Mariko arrives at the opposite end of the bridge, and Nana has never shown the ability to knock people out, though since they are not slaughtered, suspicion falls on her. This appears to be a plot hole.

    • Around the beginning of the episode, Nana pulls all of her prosthetic limbs back into place. When Mariko begins to raise her after this, her left arm is missing. It returns in the following shot where the airborne Nana is in the background.

    • According to the manga, Mariko is five years old. Therefore, Nana must be about 6 years old. (Silpelits mature and grow faster than normal humans.) Lucy/Nyuu was said to have a fifteen year old body, but you cannot be sure of her age.

    • Why didn't Mariko just kill the man with the bomb remote? Well, if the man did not enter a password every half hour, the bombs would have exploded on their own.

    • Up to this episode, the series was almost completely faithful to the manga, but the last two episodes of the series were sped up, mixed together, and some parts even made up to end the sereis. The manga goes on further.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • (Next Episode Preview)
      Narrator: As prayers are now left unanswered, pentinence has no more meaning. Even with love of mutual affection and compassion, can there only be fear in the darkness? That is the song of warmth and elves, like a fleeting song of sadness. Next time in the final episode of Elfen Lied: No return.

    • Kouta: Why did you do this?! Could it be we're not friends?
      Lucy: What did you say? It's because we're friends that I killed them. Now for the other girl.
      Kouta: Other girl? ...Yuka!

    • Shirakawa: (Just before dying) Director... I'm sorry.

    • Mayu: I feel that Nana and Nyu are my sisters. And mom and dad.. Kouta is Dad. And Yuka is Mom.
      Yuka: What?!

  • NOTES (2)