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  • Too good

    Elfen Lied was so perfect that I can't imagine a possible way to even create a second season. Cos it's just an anime that u can't put into a series. It's already a good end, I don't wanna see any stupid following seasons. They all will be just bad compared to the first one.
  • Best anime ever!

    Really that was surely the best anime I have ever watched! I loved everything about it, especially the drama in it. I was so impressed that I watched it in one day! I just couldn't stop watching more. If you haven't watch it, I think you should. You will love this, believe me!
  • The raw emotions it evoked left me drained...

    This show was so good that by the end I felt bereft and empty. The rollerocaster of fellings is so intense in such amout of time. the show is barley one hour, but pow!! It really packs a punch. I wrote to one of the links asking for season two. Hopefully we'll get one,
  • Elfen Lied one of the best

    I LOVE THIS ANIME! It fills all my favorite categories ans that's rare! I love the plot and the way they twisted they added a character after a character. However, the ending of the anime is a bit annoying because now I am dying to know who is that person on the other side of the door?!!! and to know that i started reading the manga.

    To top it all off it's a sure 10! After all, it's an action, comedy, romantic, drama and psychological anime and who doesn't love this kind of anime!!
  • Elfen great anime

    people who say that this anime is bad should rot in hell, Lucy had a tough time in school,she was abused by Multiple pedestrians and kids in that cruel world,kouta and yuka and mayu helped her by giving a her a place to live and eat. When i saw episode 8 with lucy in school being harassed by the kids and them beating the crap out of that puppy, i was like,WTF?!!!!??,They did a great job making this anime,10/10 and i hope they make season 2.
  • i like it!!

    i love this

  • An anime worth a thousands pictures.

    I love this anime and the song "Lilium", and really do hope that they will make a second season for it. maybe next year, 8 years after "Elfen lied" release date would seem appropriate considering the number 8 has a little story behind it. Gotta have hope right?
  • Only excellent production values save this series from complete mediocrity.

    Much like the series I'm reviewing this review is not for the faint of heart. If by any chance you have a low tolerance for opinions, read no further.

    Elfen Lied attempts so many things and could have succeeded but it feels as though in the end it tries to hard to be profound and instead of real intruige we are treated to scenes for the sake of pure morbid shock value.

    First of all keep in mind that the visuals and sound for Elfen Lied while not breathtaking are great, the animation is very smooth even if the art style is uninspired,and the music fits well along with most of the voices. As anyone who has even heard of Elfen Lied probably knows it's most famous for its immense amounts of macabre slaughter, which is primarily how we begin the story. At least half of the first episode is lead character lucy mangaling guards to escape from a high security secret lab. Gore is fine in itself but here it is employed only to make you squirm and not really add much. Sure you might be horrified at first but in time the never ending violence is all most humorous. Most of the time you'll be caring about backround characters only when they die a grisly, horrible death. Amputated limbs are not actual compensation for non-existant fleshing out of such characters. Along the lines of racy material there is also quite a bit of unclothed women, while I aprove of the opening credits depictions I thought that many of the bathing and other similar scenes were counterintuitive to what the series is supposed to be trying to accomplish, while pretending to be a truly inspiring series it also wants to attract the barely pubescent crowd of boys that just want to get off on cartoon chicks. This along with the addition of added pedophiliac rape cements that the series is doing things to be as blatantly adult as possible.

    The actual story is of course the most important thing in any work of fiction. Heralded as a supposed horror story, I found horror elements in the series lacking, suspense boils down to whetehr Lucy will kill someone or not, while this is sometimes fine you never find Lucy to be all that frightning, the only scary thing about her is her sheer proficiency in killing which means there isn't any more to fear from her then from a guy with a gun. The action falters a bit as well, even if the animation is very fluid, not only are fights few and far between they are generally short and unsatisfying. Oddly the aspect that probably got the most people to care is the romance/tradgedy aspects of the story, throughout the entire cartoon we see countless sob stories of tragic past's and tragic present. Characters are introduced just to convey an extra sad story about how evil the world is and we as the audience are expected to care. The romance portions while still sort of rare aren't to bad but they have definantly been done before and done better.

    Whether or not you can apreciate the show comes down most importantly to whether or not you like the characters, while they can be seen as one dimensional they generally fall under the category of depressing flashbacks leading to present day psychosis, whether you think schizophrenia, memory regression and developmental problems make the series psychological, or so its supposed to be, it feels as if these crazy characters is just a writers excuse to get the characters to behave a certain way. Ultimatley if you're sappy enough to sympathize with these train-reck characters then you've probably already watched this anime, if you don't feel like wading through tremendous gore and endless flashbacks to find anything resembling a plot then stay away.
  • My first thought after watching Elfen Lied was: What the hell were they trying to do here? A dark romantic drama? A splatter movie to rival Hokuto no Ken? Some mindless entertainment for perverts? A mystery thriller? Elfen Lied flip-flops between all of these more often than John Kerry in a Republican TV ad, and to everybody's surprise, it still doesn't suck. At least not entirely.


    The main reason for that is that the series still has quite a few redeeming values, the first being the opening. The theme song "Lilium" is absolutely beautiful: a slow, almost pastoral piece of music with mysterious lyrics in Latin, which instantly conveys a gloomy mood. The visuals during the opening are a blend of perfect animation and high artistic quality, combined with a symbolism that can only be described as "haunting". The initial impression of Elfen Lied is so much of a mystery drama that you're basically expecting this to become an intricate, confusing story.

    Of course, the very next minute, the series surprises you with a multitude of ultra-violent action sequences. People are literally torn apart, blood sprays everywhere, characters are introduced as cute and cuddly only to die horribly mutilated during the next scene. In Elfen Lied, those deaths can happen during the most peaceful and tranquil moments. Everyone can die, true evildoer and innocent bystander alike, and you're almost grateful if people die quickly for a change and not enduring horrible pain up to their final breath. And these are just the violent moments–in the flashback episodes, things are becoming even more disturbing as the series slowly reveals the common past of Lucy and Kouta. To some extent, I was reminded of Narutaru, only with the difference that this time, there is a hands-on motivation for all that bloodshed.

    All of this is conveyed nicely by the seiyuu, most prominently the voice of Lucy/Nyuu, Kobayashi Sanae. You wouldn't believe that both personalities are spoken by the same person; she does a splendid job of portraying both aspects of the murderous woman. The other voice actors don't slack off, either, and both Kouta's seiyuu Suzuki Chihiro (best known as Arima Souichiro in Kare Kano) and Yuka's seiyuu Noto Mamiko (known as Elsa in Gunslinger Girl) carry the strong emotions of their characters almost to perfection.

    Unfortunately, the good things end here (yes, the overwhelming violence is one of the good things). Whenever a female character has more than three lines in a single episode, chances are you're going to see her naked. Full frontal nudity is a common thing in Elfen Lied. This wouldn't really hurt the series if it were explained or at least appropriate. Unfortunately, it is not–women are naked whenever the script thinks they should be, especially when they are mutilated or killed. Yes, it's that bad. First you get to see their boobs, then you get to see them die. Snuff movie, anybody? Maybe the series tried to take a page out of Quentin Tarantino's book; unfortunately, they didn't choose a good one.

    The weirdness doesn't stop at the mixing of nudity and gore–Elfen Lied even manages to crack a few jokes on the ever-present violence. Someone gets her legs torn off? Hey, let's make a joke about legs that fall off later in the series! We have someone with a serious psychological trauma? Let's give her a few weird dreams and hallucinations everybody can laugh about even if the dreams are terrifying as hell to her. That's just tasteless in my book. And then there are some weird reactions from people to show how cold and uncaring the world is, which are so far from realistic human behavior ("Oh, thank you a thousand times for saving my little dog. Now bug off, you stink!") that it hurts to watch them.

    All of this would be forgivable considering Elfen Lied does a great job as a mood setter if only the initial mystery–where does Lucy come from–had any relevance to the plot. Unfortunately, it doesn't. Essentially, the series is a love story between two characters separated by sins of the past, and everything else just isn't important. Even the ending which tries to offer a last moment of shock and surprise doesn't work any longer as soon as the relationship part is over. Maybe the creators decided to do it this way to clear the field for a possible sequel, but it's still a weak conclusion.

    All in all, Elfen Lied is only worth watching if you like nudity, extreme violence and/or a combination of both. This anime is not for the squeamish, and it's definitely not for children. Watch at your own risk.

  • This is truly a fine example of a 'Marmite' anime - you'll either love it or hate it. Personally, I quite enjoyed it.

    This is a rewrite of an old review I did, because let's face it, I though it wasn't very good.

    Elfen Lied is one of the more interesting anime I've come across. The story is about a mutant race called the Diclonius, who have been discriminated by humans, and have been locked up in a secret government facility. The Diclonius have 'vectors'; telekinetic arms that have the power to cut anything in their path. Their deadly DNA, however, has been known to cause the Diclonius to kill humans and infect human males with a virus that makes their children Diclonius themselves. One of the test subjects at the facility, a girl known by the staff as 'Lucy', escapes, and goes on a murderous rampage, but is cut short when a bullet injures her in the head, knocking her unconscious into the sea...

    The best thing I thought about the anime was its soundtrack. I'll admit it right now, if I didn't hear it's opening theme, 'Lilium', I probably wouldn't have gotten interested in Elfen Lied in the first place. It's a lovely mix of happy J-Pop and sad, sombre orchestral pieces. Then again, I don't really think the J-Pop ending fits the overall tone of the show. (But if you read the lyrics...).

    The characters do act pretty... well, stupid sometimes. Yes Kouta, take the naked, horned girl home and not call the police! Also, you may be divided on whether Lucy was really justified in killing many people. You'd think that Lucy would have a bigger reason than just the fact that she had a crap childhood filled with torments from bullies. Then again, that's pretty terrible in itself.

    The art style is (in my opinion), bland moe, but the backgrounds are beautiful. The animation also flows decently.

    The worst aspect of Elfen Lied has to be the pointless fanservice. Seriously, I want to learn more about the characters, not see Nyuu run around naked! Also, since the anime started before the original manga it was based off finished, many characters and plot elements were cut from the anime (especially towards the ending) and thus, it can get confusing.

    Overall, it's still a marmite anime - you'll either love it or hate it. Be warned though, the series is infamous for its graphic violence and nudity, so if you're sqeamish, give this a miss. If you think you can handle it, give this a go! It's only 14 episodes long, including a OVA.
  • We don't have horns, but we sometimes feel like we do. That is Elfen Lied. You will see carnage, tenderness or humor all in one spot. It's all in us, good and bad. In re-watching/re-reading,I find something new each time, and see how we treat each other.

    I will say flatly that this show knocked me off my feet the first time I saw it. Even warnings, by now almost internet memes, cannot prepare you for the first ten minutes. I watched my expectations fall along with each soldier Lucy tears apart. Will the clumsy girl become an awkward sidekick to the escaping woman? No! How will the cute homeless girl and her sweet puppy die? They don't. Is it possible that Lucy/Nyu is Kouta's supposedly dead sister? Not even close. My usual way of figuring out shows and plots failed me utterly when it came to Elfen Lied.

    The ep that hit me the hardest--even more than the savaging of poor sweet Nana--was the tale of Mayu's past. When her mother utterly rejects this poor kid in the harshest way possible, I felt it in my gut. But it is that same girl who saves the brutal Bando, befriends the lonely Nana, and who praises Yuka in her darkest moment. Elfen Lied is like that. It is easy to see Lucy as a crazed killer, but she didn't get that way by accident or choice, and her only desire is to make things right with the one she loves for a wrong that it is unforgivable. It is easy to dismiss Yuka as yet another tsundere variant on Naru/Akane/Misty/etc., but she has stood by the memory of a boy she loved and lost, and is determined to have back, and is the mother of the house at 19. It is easy to dismiss Nana as a source of outsider humor and grim slapstick, but if you aren't lit up by her determination, you don't have a soul. And if you dismiss Kouta as another unlucky everydude surrounded by hot girls, then you aren't watching this series.

    So why a 9 instead of a 10? To some extent, this is inevitable when dealing with an anime adaptation of an existing--and completed--manga. In the manga, all the questions about the Kakuzawa Family's heritage and agenda are answered, more characters appear, some are more fleshed out and all is brought to a mostly-satisfying real conclusion. Animes are often unable to do that, having to adapt as many as ten twenty-page chapters into one half hour of voice and movement. This one only got thirteen episodes plus an OVA to tell its story, and much of it ends up completely different. That aside, it is a visual feast, from the gentle sleepy landscape of seaside Kamakura, Japan to the grisly touches used when Lucy executes Kurama's secretary in the first episode. We soon know these characters, love them and hate them, wish better for them and occasionally curse them. Warning : There are no uncomplicated characters here. Good people do petty things, small monsters help create large ones, and two people with much blood on their hands share the most tender moment imaginable as they cement their bond in the shadow of imminent death.

    Watch it. You may be among those who simply don't like it, but you will not easily forget it.
  • Alas, the only astounding thing about this show is the remarkable lack of intelligent plot.

    Alright, I'm not even going to complain about the fact that any vague resemblance of a storyline in Elfen Lied is a poor facade for mindless, overexaggerated gore and naked, perverted scenes of women for the sole purpose of allowing 12 year old boys to get off, because we all know that already. What I'm here to have a go about it this:

    When a character does something bad, you expect justification - of course, a character without justification for his/her negative actions is a failure. So, if a character kills someone, you expect a reason why. Similarly, if a character kills a lot of people, you expect a very good reason why. Moreover, if a character goes on a rampage and takes out a full army's-worth of people, you expect an extremely good reason - especially if the character brutally murdered them in sick and sadistic ways, and nigh half of the victims were totally blameless in regards to anything. Well, for starters, there IS no justification for committing a deed like that, but y'know, you'd assume there'd be an attempt at one. But what do we get? 'She had a bad childhood'.

    Like I previously mentioned, a lot of the people who were slaughtered in Lucy's vicious massacre(s) had done no wrong, and yet they were torn apart in the most grotesque of manners. They went through severe pain, the ones that didn't have their heads blown off in an instant. All the families that lost loved ones, and the friends who were left with a hole in their lives...'she had a bad childhood' does NOT cover that. It is the weakest, most childish (and most unoriginal) justification I've ever seen. People made fun of her, so she turns into a psycho brat, for lack of a more subtle phrase. Just watch other anime - there are characters whose whole families were wiped out before their eyes. There are characters who were hunted down and were forced to run away their whole lives. None of them committed atrocities like Lucy.

    Then there's the dog incident. Don't even say, 'they deserved it' because that's ridiculous in the highest degree. If someone killed my dog, I'd be tremendously upset. I'd be insanely angry. I'd go over to them and, in a fit of rage, cry and scream and hit them. What wouldn't I do? Kill them. Why? Because since when did an eye for an eye do any good? Furthermore, when was an eye for 3 eyes (triple the amount of killers as the one killed, if my memory serves me correctly) an acceptable resort? The girl needs to grow up and go buy a set of morals.

    Well, I'm done with the laughable justification, so I'd just like to add a small note to my review about the complexity of the plot - or rather, lack thereof. In a nutshell, the story is: special people misunderstood. Special people captured. Special person escapes. Obligatory memory loss. Special person gets teased. Special person goes on demonic rampage in bitter attempt at revenge. Add in some pedophiliac and romance that isn't really very relevant and ta-da! Since when did that qualify as a deep and complex plot? I could've come up with that in 10 minutes, if I were sick and disturbed enough.

    Conclusion: terrible characters and simple, though disgusting, plot-line. Have a fun time watching it, I didn't.
  • You either love it or you hate it.

    I loved it, it had a ton of tense moments and a psycho girl who kills people with hands that kill people by taring them apart. ( I just noticed how strange that sounds)

    There is a lot of nudity and blood (a lot of blood), and that can turn somebody off, not matter to person watching, or intrest someone quickly.

    It only had a 13 episode season and one OVA episode, so it trys to smash a huge manga into 1 season. Unfortunatley that leads to a lot of cliffhangers at the end of the season which I didn't like very much.

    But with that said it was very intresting and very sad anime, and you should give it a look, remember there is only 14 episodes total so it would go by really short.

    And the music is just fantastic!
  • great show overall

    This is a great show in my opinion. It has a lot of crazy action scenes and interesting back stories. Of course the main reason why people may not like this is due to the blood, nudity, and yeah... a lot of creepy people. There is so much blood in this that it looks like someone took a shotgun and shot a 5 gallon punch bowl. The nudity happens a lot, i find it a little disturbing. Its sort of unneeded. Overall though i found the story quite compelling. Really the main characters are sort of the antagonist, you see in the first few minutes a total blood bath. Through out the series you learn why the person is so F*@#&d up. This is a one of a kind story, i recommend this one.
  • We need more episodes :(

    The Diclonius race, mutants who have invisible arms known as "vectors" and horns growing from their heads. Once you learn more about them you actually begin to like and sympathize with these so called freaks. This anime will make you see some of the deepest horrors that exist in this world. Oh and there is also romance along with the cruelty, blood, gore and nudity. All of it really helps the story though and I really don't think the nudity was intended to attract anyone. Good music, important themes, great animation, honestly there isn't much to hate about this series except for some characters. Of course you tend to hate them because they're bad people. The characters in this anime are all really great or at least play their parts out really well. Discrimination, love, hate, cruelty, all mixed up together perfectly to create this masterpiece known as Elfen Lied. I honestly and strongly recommend it to everyone and I hope you see that this anime is about more than just blood and nudity.
  • Its about a diclonius.

    this anime rocks is just amazing a lot of blood violence. The story is awsum!, Never have I seen an anime mix every possible genre together. We have: drama, horror, action, romance, thriller, angst, and even a touch of hentai (if you consider constant nudity Ð most unnecessary - a touch of hentai) all thrown into one small package. This is not a show for the squeamish, from the get go limbs torsos heads blood are sent flying around the military base by a character only wearing a mask. It is obvious she is escaping from confinement and the methods she utilises to escape could give us a major hint as for the reasons for her incarceration.
  • A story about a boy named Kouta and his encounters with a Diclonius named Lucy.

    Well, when I first saw the first images, becoming aware of what this show was called, it was actually in the midst of watching an anime music video. Anyways, I decided to start reading it instead, I learned that the anime ending is leagues different than the manga ending, and I haven't read the manga ending, but I get the gist of what is going to happen. For being a series that has some elements that I am not really used to seeing, like blood/gore and nudity, it wasn't all that traumatizing of an experience and I overall like the develop of the manga, because it seems I never get the sense of being able to predict what on earth is going to happen next, I give this show my respect and fan-dom.
  • OK, I'll say it right out. I like anime, but I will admit that 99% of it is trash and 1% of it is pure gold. 'Elfen Lied' falls into the 1% category. It is amazing!

    About: Elfen Lied is about two vastly different girls. One is a sweet, childlike creature who only knows how to say her name "Nyuu" and a few other phrases. The other is a cold and sadistic killing machine named Lucy. The thing is though... they are the same person! Think Chobits, but psychotic and full of extreme violence and nudity. Elfen Lied takes no prisoners. When you watch it, it grabs you with it's 2M vectors, shakes you around like a ragdoll, and never once lets you down or gives you a chance to breathe. Then when it's done, it drops you, as if bored. Like a certain no. 35. As you lay coughing up blood though, you can't help but ask for more.

    Warnings: This is a pretty hardcore, violent series. If you dislike seeing cute girls getting beheaded and dismembered, avoid. If you dislike seeing little girls get raped, avoid. Also, if you hate seeing little baby puppies being beaten to death, avoid as well. There's also nudity but I don't see what the big deal is about, there isn't any real detail except for her boobs and butt. Nothing really sexual, Lucy/Nyuu is just naked a lot.

    Pros: This series is amazing. Of course, all of the angry teenage boys will like this series for the nekkid anime chickies and the tremendous violence. But speaking as a mature female, I can say that although needed, the violence certainly isn't the centerpiece in this amazing show. The nudity is to be expected, it is Japanese afterall. The animation, sound, ect are all beautiful. The opening song is very moving, a great touch from the cheesy jpop junk we usually get in the beginning of anime. The plot is so moving, I haven't been this close to tears since I saw Neon Genesis Evangelion. No spoilers, but I will tell you it was amazing.

    Cons: Some characters lived that I wish had died *COUGH*Yuka*COUGH*. And the ending was open. That's the only reason it's not a perfect score. But otherwise, it was great.
  • two girls Nyu and Lucy. one is cute the other one is evil and hot. If only they didn't share the same body!

    Elfen Lied is beautiful in its brutality. Cute girls with a deadly streak. Gleefully nasty and incredibly stylish. One body with two hot gilr sharing it. In Elfen Lied, innocence and evil collide in some very dark places. As the rooms in Kohta's rented house fills with runaways and killer mutants. whether it's from a renegade soldier or a mutant assassin, one wrong move could mean the differnce between life and death. This is a must see anime if you like drama anime, fighting anime, or just hot girls. You need to see this anime and find out if Kohta finds love with Nyu or Lucy.
  • If you like action/horror anime, Elfen Lied is a must own.

    If you like action/horror anime, Elfen Lied is a must own. Based on the manga by Lynn Okamoto, Elfen Lied (German for "Elf Song") is a 13 episode action/horror/romance anime that stays fairly canonical to the first 6 volumes of the manga for the first 11 episodes and then diverges to tie up loose ends for the final two episodes.

    You know you're in for a wild ride when the first 10 minutes of the anime involve a humanoid agent of death escaping her confines in a government laboratory and wrecking havoc. Lucy is a cold blooded killer who takes down 20+ guards in under 5 minutes in a very gory showdown with human limbs and heads flying everywhere. She's also nude when she makes her escape and dives off the facility's cliff to freedom. No, this isn't for small children or the faint of heart.

    Some background - Lucy is a Diclonius, a genetically altered human with a deadly set of extra hands (or vectors) that can vibrate at high frequencies and cut through just about anything like it was butter. Visually, what sets Diclonius apart from normal humans is a set of horns - that almost look like cat ears - growing atop their head.

    Two college kids - and cousins - Kouta and Yuka, are reminiscing about their childhood on the beach when Lucy walks onto the shore. Instead of continuing her murderous rampage, Lucy becomes Nyu, a childlike girl who can't say any other word but "Nyu" - hence her name. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and has a very innocent curiosity about her - reminding me of an early Chi from Chobits - so the cousins take her home to live with them in the inn they maintain.

    Unable to cut their losses, the government soon sends out a special assault unit to retrieve Lucy, and when they fail, Chief Kurama sends out Nana, another Diclonius who looks very similar to Lucy. When we first see Nana, she is naked, covered with blood, and chained to a wall. We learn that she's been tortured and subject to very painful tests - so much so she clings to Chief Kurama as her papa to keep her will to live. Nana cares deeply for her papa, and as the story unfolds, it's clear that he cares deeply for her. He sees her as his surrogate daughter - of the child he lost years ago when his wife died in child birth - and is extremely protective of her.

    Kouta also has a tragic past. Years ago, Kouta's father and little sister, Kanae, were murdered in front of his eyes. Unable to cope, Kouta no longer remembers the horrific details but lives his life as a protector who is willing to help anyone, especially girls in trouble, because they remind him of Kanae. As the story unfolds, we watch as Kouta slowly remembers and comes to terms with his painful past.

    While Kouta plays the savior to young girls in need, Yuka, who is deeply in love with her cousin, becomes fiercely jealous of the other females who come to live with them. Often she'll ask Kouta if he remembers something he said or did from his past, and when he doesn't, she grows angry or breaks down into tears.

    The anime does a fantastic job of balancing the romantic tension between Kouta and his girls with the menacing violence the Diclonius are capable of and engage in. The transition from the loveable Nyu to the chilling Lucy is well done - whenever Lucy emerges, you see a single, glaring eye emerging from behind her hair - and the gore, while explicit, is not overly done.

    Elfen Lied also has a fantastic musical score, starting with "Lilium," which almost sounds like a Church hymm and is sung in Latin. The theme is interspersed throughout the anime at key points, sometimes as an instrumental piece, other times with a Gregorian chorus. Must of the score is instrumental which can be gentle or intense depending on the scene. Finally, the closing theme, "Be Your Girl" is an upbeat, J-pop/punk tune.

    I highly recommend this anime. Though it's a bit of an emotional roller coaster - I was in tears through the final episode, and I rarely cry while watching anime - it has some of the most interesting characters, fantastic artwork, a beautiful score, and a compelling plot.
  • The best, the king of the animes, in my opinion. I know it's short and very, very bloody, but it involves extremely important themes.

    Lucy, the best main character I've ever seen. She's cruel, sadistic and emphatyless towards humans. When you start watching it, you may think she's crazy and the worst person in the world. Well, she isn't "human" as we are. She's a "diclonius", an artificial kind of humans created to destroy humankind in a future.
    As you might think, you'll see a lot of blood here, human blood (mainly). Aren't we, humans, such nasty, cruel and stupid creatures? Aren't we supposed to kill each other without purpose? Aren't we the most inhuman creatures in this world? Yes... we are. Elfen Lied shows that, the worst part of humans, the capacity of creating suffering around us.
    This show involves themes such as discrimination, revenge, love, hate and humanity's value and true purpose. I learned a lot watching it, how to be a better person and not to make this world a worst place, for example.
    Lucy is the receiver of the human cruelty, and she acts as she was told to do.
    Watch it! But beware of the gore and nudity.
  • Blood, hate, drama, violence, horror, and romance. All put into one anime.

    While Elfen Lied can be classified as anyone of the listed above, it truly is a unique cartoon that, I think, is unfortunate it has never reached US shores. For anyone looking an exceptional, unique storyline, then this is the perfect one.

    The show revolves around a mutated human race (the Diclonius) noticeable via two cat-like horns from their head and long, invisible arms called Vectors with invisible strength. It starts out with Lucy, noted as the first of these breaking out of her prison in a government facility, brutally slaughtering many along the way. As she walks out, a bullet is fired at her head (Custom made .50). Unfortunately, the bullet is reflected off a metal helmet originally on her head and knocks out her memory.

    At the same time, Kohta and Yuka, cousins in Japan, greet each other as the two begin to attend a university together. The two make their way to the beach, only to find a naked girl, walking up, naked. Lucy, with no memory, and only able to speak one word ("Nyuu"), comes to stay under the custody of Kohta and Yuka as they try to figure everything out. But, the original place Lucy made it out of still has plans.

    What's the truth behind Nyu and Lucy? The Diclonius? Or even a rather emotion past that each character hides?
  • This recipe for this is cruelty, hate, love and blood, and together it creates a beautiful and definitely unprecedented masterpiece of an anime.

    This recipe for this is cruelty, hate, love and blood, and together it creates a beautiful and definitely unprecedented masterpiece of an anime. It's so violent and cruel that just reading this or any other review may be enough to turn you off, or it may completely turn you on. Whatever impressions you'll get from this review, watch the series! It's definitely worth it!

    This anime focuses on the Diclonius race, a mutant sub-species of humans, who have telekinetic powers (in the form of invisible arms, also known as "vectors") and horns growing from their heads.

    The first episode starts off with 10 extremely bloody and gory minutes, in which more people get killed than in any other series I've seen. After watching those ten minutes, many people may be frightened to watch more of this, and, well, true, it does contain a lot of violence and blood later on.

    The level cruelty in this anime is something you have to look a long, long way to find elsewhere. From killing a puppy just to make someone cry to child molesting, this anime will make you see the deepest horrors of human imagination.

    There's also some interesting love stories going on; one between two cousins (obviously that's legal in Japan), and the other one is between the male of the aforementioned love and a female of the Diclonius race. Though only one truly happens, both of these relationships are played out nicely, and it's enjoyable watching them.

    There's also a lot of nudity in this series. I didn't see it as the kind of nudity which is intended to be sexy, but it's very effectual, really. I've already told you about the immense amounts of mind-twisting cruelty, blood, gore and the nudity, but it's played out pretty neat.

    Well, the animation and art in this series is unmistakably beautiful, and the art in the OP theme is something you simply cannot miss, take my word on it!

    Well, the music and themes in this series was pretty neat. The OP theme is astonishing, it's utterly and completely marvelous. It's a Latin song called "Lilium", and it was truly a masterstroke by the producers to have it there.

    The characters in this anime are all really great, and I totally love them. From the cousins in love to the DID-suffering Lucy/Nyū, this series have a great Cast.

    The Diclonii have all experienced cruel things in their lives, and their characters act and behave thusly, and they won't hesitate to kill humans. I really like their characters, and I feel compassion towards those poor souls.

    All in all, this was a anime I enjoyed thoroughly, and I'm not hesitant about watching this again. I believe that anyone who tolerate blood, gore and cruelty will fall in love with this anime.
  • By far my most favorite anime.But if only they would make cut and cleaner version of it.But why 14 episodes?

    The story starts as a girl slicing her way through the gaurds as they keep on firing their weapons at her,but no scratch on her at all.After being shot in the head by some guy or something with a sniper rifle,she loses all memory and hatred of humanity that she had before the series started.After losing her memory,the only word she can only say is "Nyu",and has a peaceful and juvenile mind of the human world.Her alter ego is Lucy,a cold,murderous,and hateful personality of her own mind,ever since she was a child she was picked on by her horns that looked like cat ears.But only different,the have a telepathic ability which long,floating ghost hands called vectors,these things can cut through anything like human flesh.Lucy is actually a mutant called diclonious,created by the research lab chief named Kourama.Being found by two teenagers who took her home to a house.This anime is the bomb.But sadly it was cancled due to it's explicit material.This anime can just make you want more to watch.But the episode 14 is only avaible to the DVD version since it serves it self as an OVA.It's really short just 15 to 25 minutes.Yeah that's really desperate.The manga version is a lot longer than the anime since it has a hundred chapters.The drama and the romance is just incredible.It's short but it rocks any anime that I watch.usually it's a horror,psycological,drama,action,and romance genre.But if only these people could make a cleaner version of the anime,opening,and ending so it would make it a little bit more appropriate to watch,like TV-14 instead.As you watch the anime,episodes 1-5 are filled with horror like other things,yeah I now what you're thinking.There's some comedy in but it's meant for the show to be a drama type also.The DVD has absolutely no extras.But that's ok.The anime is worth watching.
  • A new breed of super humans threaten to destroy humanity as we know it, can the military prevent this to happen?

    When i first saw Elfen Lied i was at first doubt full. The first thing i saw was a naked woman who decapitated people. But after the first scene i was in love with this show. I love these types of mature anime. It reminds me about berserk, i would certainly not want my kid to watch this if i was a dad. The story is pure gold and you can't help you're self to feel sorry for Nyuu / Lucy.

    If you like blood and gore, this is you're cup of tea. The dark setting is also lovely. There is also a HAREM tag on this anime. That is due to nudity extra lovely. The only problem is that they stoped at a cliffhanger and you need to read the manga if you want to know the rest, the ending is kinda missleading.

    BUY IT!
  • "Rolling my Eyes" Oscar For Worst Anime Ever Goes To.....

    Elfen Lied.

    I don't get it,why i don't get is beacuse im trying to figure what was the point of elfen lied was it to gross me out or to make me laugh?

    Elfen Lied is beyond Disturbing it is sickening i consider myself to have a tolerance for gore considering it was said about this "anime" was very gory but this sh*t here plain Appalling to the human race. Architects of this show be feed this crap in their retirement home for making. this "anime" every 3 mins or so bodies part are fly all over the place and for what?? for what reason?what is the reason for the pedofilia scenes.I understand lucy past was awfull but it that the only reason the writer can justify her action?.

    I understand they were going to gross you out till i guess you laughed with them, but it didn't work from what i watched Elfen Lied is just A+ Peverted
    A+ Revolting A+ Sickening
    A+ Vile and im going to need an A+ Therapist
  • Elfen Lied is about the first diclonious(human mutant) girl named Lucy and her experiences with humans that make her into a vengeful killing and sadistic person.

    This series had me in for a bit of a shock the first time I saw this years ago, because my expectations were not what they were when I finished the series. Since I had not read any of the reviews before seeing this I just thought it was going to be just one of those ultra-cute like shows. I gave it shot since someone recommended it to me and it was that and more, it was deeper than I thought, in fact it was the closest I ever came to a tear in animation. The opening credits was probably one of the best I had seen in a series and I actually watched through the whole thing with each episode unlike many others. The plot in the series was fairly decent, a few things came expected, but it still managed to keep me hooked to know what happens next. The scenery was very nice and the action was there. It had excellent drama that kept me interested throughout he series and a good cast of characters. I kind of liked how the cuteness contrasted so much with the heavy themes like child abuse, psychological trauma, child rape, sadistic killing, and all the ugly things about humans. Besides this it teaches about the importance of human life and sends an important message of identity This show does have a lot of nudity and graphic violence, though this should not keep you from seeing this. This is highly recommended to anyone who likes drama, deep themes, violence, good characters, and a little humor.
  • An amazing show that really plays with your emotions and feelings.

    I, personally, loved every single episode of this show. The first seven minutes of the first episode might make people uneasy about watching the rest, but I urge you to, it's very well animated and has a deep, rich storyline that you wont forget for a very, very long time. The story is a compelling one, and it'll keep you guessing until the very end, and then some. The characters all have very unique personalities and traits, and it feels like you really know them as if they were your friends. There's alot of relationships in the storyline, most involving two core characters, Nyu and Kohta/Kouta, and some can get tiring. I have to warn you, there is a scene of inscest in the anime, though it contains no nudity or adult acts, it may cause you to feel awkward watching it. There is alot of blood and gore in the animation, but it really only adds to the very sickening story, which will really draw you in and play with your feelings. The stories of most of the main characters are sad and deppressing, but this is a good thing, because it makes you feel sad for the characters, something alot of other shows don't manage to do, however sad the plot tries to be. I do warn you, alot of scenes make you want to cry at certain points. Overall, it was a good watch for me storywise, the ending of the anime, however, didn't give me alot of closure, and ends in a cliffhanger people have been trying to figure out for awhile now. The animation is superbly done, even if most of the animation is very bloody. You get a fantastic sense of the characters' emotions by the well-done facial expressions, and this is made even better by the voice acting, even if it's in japanese. The main "song" present in the anime is Lilium, a song sung in biblical latin, which plays an absolutely huge part in the show. You hear the tune being sung by female voices, male voices, and even the characters themselves hum it sometimes. It even plays a part in the story, close to the end of the show. It's certainly beautiful.

    Overall, here's what I think:
    - Good, deep storyline with compelling characters.
    - Amazing animation, especially in the facial expressions.
    - Talented voice acting, even if it's in Japanese, the tones of voice really speak to you.
    - Good music, even if there's only one or two tracks.

    - Some relationships can be tiring.
    - It is overly gory, while not neccessarily a con, you shouldn't watch this if you have a weak stomach.
    - The ending leaves you without much closure.

    10 out of 10.
  • Solid up to the very end.

    I started watching this series because too many of my friends were bothering me about having not seen it. I knew what to expect from it, and from that, I must say that it was a very good story.

    The episodes themselves were rather predictable, the storyline was just a bit below attention-grabbing standard (when the only thing a show has going for it is nudity and gore, it needs some help), and the characters remained flat throughout the entire run.

    I was severely disappointed with the final episode. Though many of the questions raised throughout the series were answered, too many more were raised with the end. None of the characters' actions made sense in finale. I recommend that you read the manga if you want the Elfen Lied experience. The anime's just too dissatisfying.
  • Blood + Gore + Drama + Love = Elfen Lied

    Elfen Lied is a master piece! Every episode, even if there were only 13/14 if you count the OVA, they lead you into the story so well and kept you watching it!

    The characters and the plot really REALLY pull through in the making. I wish they really hand't ended it soo early -- but there's nothing we can do about it, I am certian though Elfen Lied will be a big thing hundreds of years from now. :] Elfen Lied is a great introduction to anime if you have never watched anime ever before in your life and even so it is a GREAT anime for EVERYONE to watch. If you've been itching for a good show, check out Elfen Lied, it's one of the BEST.
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