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  • Season 1 Episode 14: In the Passing Rain - Reg...

  • The homeless girl who gets shot is named Aiko Takada. In the manga, Aiko's mother left her shortly after birth. Her father is emotionally and physically abusive. Aiko's friendship with Lucy is very short lived, much like with Kouta. But that friendship has a powerful effect on Lucy.

  • Season 1 Episode 13: No Return - Erleuchtung

  • In this episode, Chief Kakuzawa says that even a powerless Mariko could be of use to him. He also tells Arakawa that he has big plans for her. The use for Mariko could refer to the clones that were made of her, while his plans for Arakawa probably indicate her recreating the Diclonius virus to be spread across the Earth. Both these events occurred in the manga, and these hints indicate, that, had a second anime season ever been made, they would have been plot elements in it.

  • Throughout the entire series, Kouta's name is the only one whom Nyu and even Lucy, ever say, until the final episode wherein she tells Nana by name to live the life she can't have.

  • During episode eight (although very briefly), and throughout most of this episode, are the only times in the series that you can see both of Lucy's eyes at once as an adult.

  • Earlier in the series, when Mariko is let out of her cage, a bomb in her right arm is detonated for killing the woman who was thought of as her 'mother'.

    In this episode, however, when Lucy catches her off guard, the artificial arm falls off. When they show it laying on the ground beside Mariko, it is clearly shown to be an artificial LEFT arm instead of a right one.

  • The ending, which has the Kohta's music box ending and the clock beginning to tick, gives a strong hint that Lucy has died but Nyu is still there. The clock being Nyu's favorite thing to fix in the anime series, and the music box being Lucy's favorite object in the series. Also, when everyone is eating lunch, and Kohta goes to to garden, to see what disturbs Wanta there is a shadow, looks like Lucy standing at the other side of the gate, and thats the time, when he recognises, that the old clock is working.

  • When Lucy and Mariko are fighting, and Lucy tells her she'll put her out of her misery, the ribbons on Lucy's horns are gone. But when Mariko begins to attack her, the ribbons are on and fly off while Lucy's being attacked and when one of her horns is torn off

  • In the manga, there is a place deep underground, below the institution. So deep, that you would get a nosebleed from being there. It was a graveyard where all of the "horned people" are buried. It was the site where the first one was found. "After they die they return to the womb that bore them."

  • In the manga, the Diclonius are shown to be more diverse with Lucy/Nyuu having pink hair, Mariko being blond, and Nana having dark purple hair. This is different in the anime as they all have pink hair.

  • The music box that is featured in the anime does not appear anywhere in the manga.

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Quagmire - Taumeln

  • When Nyu and Kouta encounter the Kamakura-side police blockade of Enoshima, the police and soldiers are all knocked out cold. No explanation is given for how or why this happens. Nyu does not become Lucy till after this, Mariko arrives at the opposite end of the bridge, and Nana has never shown the ability to knock people out, though since they are not slaughtered, suspicion falls on her. This appears to be a plot hole.

  • Around the beginning of the episode, Nana pulls all of her prosthetic limbs back into place. When Mariko begins to raise her after this, her left arm is missing. It returns in the following shot where the airborne Nana is in the background.

  • According to the manga, Mariko is five years old. Therefore, Nana must be about 6 years old. (Silpelits mature and grow faster than normal humans.) Lucy/Nyuu was said to have a fifteen year old body, but you cannot be sure of her age.

  • Why didn't Mariko just kill the man with the bomb remote? Well, if the man did not enter a password every half hour, the bombs would have exploded on their own.

  • Up to this episode, the series was almost completely faithful to the manga, but the last two episodes of the series were sped up, mixed together, and some parts even made up to end the sereis. The manga goes on further.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Complications - Vermischung

  • Some characters are seen in greater detail in the manga. Mariko, for instance, is shown in greater detail with her psychological issues and past trauma being more throroughly explained. She also develops a split personality called Myuu. Myuu acts as the antithesis to Mariko just like Nyuu is in contrast to Lucy. Myuu is nonviolent, docile, more childish than Mariko, and, like Nyuu, she only speaks saying the word Myuu. When Mariko becomes Myuu her pressence as a Diclonius disappears and cannot be detected by other Diclonius, just like in Nyuu's case. However, unlike Nyuu, Myuu can and will both consciously and willingly switch back to Mariko, if she feels any potential threat putting in danger the lives of her beloved ones or more specifically her father, Kurama.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Reminiscence - Schoene Er...

  • In the manga, young Kouta gives a stone, that resembles jade, as a present to young Lucy as a memento of their meeting. Later, Lucy places the stone, along with a written message for Kouta, inside a bottle, and buries it at her dog's grave.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Beginning - Beginn

  • In every instance Lucy appears, her eyes are narrow (unlike Nyu's who's are wide). However, in this episode, when Lucy tries to go after Nana and is forced back into bed by Kouta, her eyes are as wide as Nyu's

  • In the manga, Lucy actually laughs at first when her pet dog is beaten to death by Tomo before proceeding to tear apart everyone in the room.

  • Chronologically, Lucy's flashback sequence happens much earlier in the manga.

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