Eli Stone

Season 1 Episode 3

Father Figure

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Feb 14, 2008 on ABC

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  • An otherwise good episode with a twist that just made me sick.

    This episode actually had me pretty pissed off. Eli has been having visions of a WWII battle that leads to a woman who joined the national guard who wants sole custody of her twelve year old son, because she claims that her father is an unfit parent because the boy keeps running away and getting into trouble. The catch is that she's being sent to Iraq. I could tell right away that I wasn't going to like where this would go. It involves the war and it's made in Hollywood. One-sided crap to follow. It's inevitable.

    As the case progresses, it reaches a point where it's revealed the boy called 911, and then hung up and ran away. Turns out he has a big bruise on his side where his father hit him. Open and shut, right? The father is abusing his son, he should go with the mother. Case closed.

    Not quite. After a number of visions, as well as flashbacks to an incident when his father was having visions (his father had the same aneurism), the truth comes out: the bruises were from a skateboarding accident. The whole thing is a setup, dreamed up by the father so that the mother will get sole custody and thus be discharged because she can't go to Iraq. And her reason for not wanting to go is not that she object to the war, it's that she might get killed, and every day she's over there, the odds of that happening increase.

    Alright, so let me get this straight: this woman signs up for military service. A job where the standard uniform comes with a fully automatic assault rifle, and the standard training includes how to use it to kill people. She then accepts money that people have paid out of their pay checks for working one weekend a month. She does this for six straight years,* getting benefits, possibly college tuition assistance, the whole nine yards, and the entire time, and then, after six years, she's called on to actually fulfill the duty of a soldier, the reason the job even EXISTS: to FIGHT. And suddenly, she wants out. She wants out, and she's willing to let her husband go to PRISON for child abuse, all so that she doesn't have to the job she signed up and drained the country's resources for.

    Bull crap. That is a royal slap in the face of everyone who serves. You're afraid of fighting? Of getting killed? Fine. That's understandable. So afraid you can't go? Again, that's understandable. Some people just aren't meant to be warriors. But you know what? If anything about war is unacceptable to you, you have no business being a soldier, and you [u]damn[/u] sure have no business doing it for six years.

    And in case you're wondering how I know she'd been doing it for six years, admittedly, I don't. But I'm giving her the benefit of a doubt. The alternative is that this woman signed up for military service after the war in Iraq had already started. She signed up for the military during a time of war, and then had her husband sent to jail for child abuse so that she didn't have to fight in said war. I don't really see that as better.

    The fact that Eli still plead her case and won kind of paints her in a sympathetic light. The whole thing just made me sick.