Eli Stone

Season 2 Episode 13

Flight Path

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

Eli is reading the paper and listening to George Michael's Faith, and starts dancing then slips and falls on his butt. He gets up in a vision of a field with a beautiful woman dressed in white across the way. While trying to hear what she is saying things start to fall from the sky into the field. As the debris continues to fall, Eli looks up to see that it is a plane crashing. Afterward he goes to Frank to discuss the matter but insists on doing the research himself rather than counting on Frank's interpretation. Jordan gives Taylor a present for the baby: the baby booties she wore when she was a baby. Jordan tells her that her mother wore them before her and her mother before her. Jordan admits that he has been trying to get up the nerve to call Taylor's mother but keeps hanging up. Taylor admits that she and Matt being together is unusual but she insists that she's happy. Maggie is dumping work on her secretary, much to Paul's amusement. He asks her to be second chair on litigation with him but Maggie initially isn't interested in corporate litigation. Finally she says she'll give it some consideration. Matt and Taylor are working with a couple, Cheryl and Steve, who are negotiating a prenup. Taylor gets misty-eyed talking about what marriage should be like and realizes how much she loves Matt and asks him to marry her. Eli goes to the hospital where Nate tells him that the MRI tests show that Eli's okay. Nathan introduces Eli to the woman from his vision, Diane Rundlet. She is waiting for a heart transplant from a girl in a vegetative state. However, the donor's parents have decided not to give her their daughter's heart since Diane doesn't believe in God. Keith and Eli talk to the parents, the Carlisles, who insist they don't want their daughter's heart going to Hell with an atheist. Keith thinks they're practicing discrimination and Eli says they don't know for sure, but they refuse to give in. Matt goes to see Taylor and ask her why she asked him to marry her. Taylor says that after everything they've been through, they should get married and stop wasting time. Matt want to propose on one knee and they agree. As Eli tries to come up with a strategy with Keith, he has a vision of the plane crash and sees a burnt travel case with a WS insignia on it. Jordan announces Taylor and Matt's engagement and gives everyone their belated Christmas presents. Eli realizes that the travel cases Jordan gives everyone is the one from his vision. Eli tries to call the authorities and get them to ground the flights. Patti refuses to go through their travel plans but learns that Jordan is taking a flight to Colorado. Eli tries to stop Jordan from flying to see Taylor's mother. Jordan refuses to be convinced, insisting he doesn't believe in Eli's visions, and goes anyway. Keith and Eli go to Judge Salvaty but the best will she do is take the matter under advisement. Matt and Taylor decide to elope and Matt buys tickets to Hawaii. When they tell Eli he tries to convince them not to go. Taylor tells him not to worry since her father already told her about Eli's vision… after he arrived safely in Colorado. Taylor tells Eli that she and Matt are going to go. Todd Riley, Emma's former girlfriend, comes to see Keith. They broke up a month ago after he learned that she was an atheist. Todd insists that Emma would have wanted Diane to get her heart. Emma's parents didn't know. When Keith point out that Todd's testimony is hearsay, Todd produces e-mails confirming what he said. That night as they pack, Matt convinces Taylor to not fly to Hawaii since by some possible chance that Eli is right he couldn't bear to lose Taylor. He doesn't want to even take a 1% chance that Eli is right and put their child at risk. Eli and Keith show the e-mails to Diane, but she refuses to use them in court. She doesn't want to upset the Carlisles by revealing their daughter didn't share their beliefs. Diane insists that if the Carlisles saw the e-mails, it would destroy their memories of Emma. At the office, Matt gets mad at Eli the next morning since the plane didn't crash. As Eli walks away, he has a vision of news broadcasts of the crash. The broadcasts give the date but don't reveal the flight number. He goes to Frank and Nathan and convinces them to perform the Dark Truth ritual on him again to find out which plane is going to crash. However, during his vision he sees himself dying. In court, the judge prepares to rule in the Carlisles' favor. Eli stops her and asks for permission to call Vivian Carlisle to the stand. She insists that it Emma's decision based on what they understand her beliefs to be. Eli reads the e-mails, against Diane's wishes, and reveals that Emma had lost her faith. When the Carlisles say it's cruel, Eli says that Diane agreed and didn't want them to be hurt, and he insists that shows her Christian spirit. After getting the woman to her surgery, he talks to Patti and confirms that no one from the firm is flying anywhere. Vivian tells him what he did was repugnant and Eli apologizes. However, Vivian has heard that he gets messages from God. She admits she has no such guidance and she and her husband have chosen the e-mails are a message from Emma. They give their consent. At the hospital, Eli visits Diane as she goes into surgery and she blames him for disobeying her instructions. He admits he couldn't live with letting her die. Diane admits that from what she's seen of Eli, she can understand why people believe in the divine. Eli then checks his messages and discovers a message from Maggie, saying that Patti sent her a WS travel bag and she's going to Rome. Eli tries to call her but her cell phone has died. Eli races to the airport and collapses. Eli wakes up in the hospital with Maggie by his side. She tells him that she boarded the plane with Paul but it didn't feel right. Due to all the trouble she caused when she left the plane, they rechecked the systems and found the problem that would have blown up the plane. Maggie tells Eli that when she left the plane she found him and told the paramedics about his aneurysms, one of which ruptured. Due to this info, the paramedics were able to save Eli, who thought he had a heart attack. Eli and Maggie admit to having feelings for one another but they're not sure exactly what. Nathan comes in and tells Eli that Diane didn't survive the transplant. However, he mentions that the heart is still viable. Later, Eli is walking the halls and sees a snowball on a table. He picks it up and has a vision of his father Jeremy on the mountain Eli saw in his very first vision. He talks to his father/God. Eli gets angry about Diane. He is upset that God would allow her to die. His father tells him that it is not up to Eli to determine God's plan. He tells him that the heart was needed elsewhere. Grace, Eli's soulmate, was in San Francisco and collapsed. Emma's heart was used to save her life. Eli says that something needs to change when the people he loves is on the end. Jeremy tells Eli that he caught the fact that Eli said he loves Maggie. Eli wonders if it was a test and Jeremy assures him that he's passed with flying colors, and he couldn't be prouder of him. Later, Eli looks at the photos of his loved ones on his desk, sitting among the snowball. He gets up and goes back out into the office to carry on his work.
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