Eli Stone

Season 2 Episode 13

Flight Path

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2009 on ABC

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  • Bye bye Eli.

    I can't say I was addicted to Eli Stone but still, it was a nice distraction over the week.

    The cast was great, the plotlines always original and the dialogues never lacked a certain sense of humour.

    Even though, Eli's powers were fictional it was not hard to get carried away by his weird visions. He even almost made me want to believe in God.

    Eli Stone was definitely not the show to be cancelled this season. It was still full of promises, especially with Eli getting closer to Maggie in this final episode. Unfortunately we won't have a chance to see their relationship blossom. Sure, the ratings weren't great but the quality was definitely there.
    The writers should have, at least, had the chance to finish off the season and give the followers some kinf of closure.
  • Ties up loose ends nicely to allow someone else to try again later.

    First off - SPOILER ALERT.
    I agree with the poster who said they seem to be cancelling the shows that really have potential and this certainly was one of them. How it breaks my heart.
    Well, this was a great episode as a closer. So many actors I admire in here.
    Tom Cavanaugh as Eli's dad was just a fabulous piece of casting and that chat at the end - priceless!
    Tom Guinee and Missy Yager as the bereaved parents just made those parts live.
    The surprise for me was Jaime Murray who blew me away with her performance. Didn't really like her in Dexter but this was excellent.
    As to the story. Aspects of history repeating itself as well as the possibility of no more Eli-dramatic to say the least. Everything unfolded at it's usual pace and it would and could have been a brilliant season 2 cliffhanger but alas, not to be!
    It was great to get closure from Eli regarding Maggie. As previously stated, Grace might be the soul-mate but he had loved Maggie. Also, there was that hint about them being together in the episode about the child prodigy scientist-can't remember it now!
    Again, a show with so much potential and I shall miss how uplifted I felt after I watched it! Simple pleasures!
  • Eli fights for a life. A life that believes in no God, which is ironic since he is divinely sent to save them. He also tries to save everyone in his firm's life.

    Well, another great show bites the dust. Sad to say but I sure can pick 'em. 'The Race' and 'Journeyman' to name but a few. 'Dollhouse' beware - I like your show too. It started with George Michaels and "Faith" and ended with a bright light. I'm really sad to see this show end. Another show that made me want to see the good in others. Honestly, it really was a message of "stay the course" and "fight the good fight".

    The musical number was missing and the comedic elements were lacking - but when you know the end is coming, how can you be funny? Overall it wrapped up what it needed to wrap up and left the story wide open to go somewhere. Please some Network save this show!
  • Eli fights to stop a plane crashing fearing someone he loves will die in the crash. Eli represents a client who is waiting for a heart transplant but the donors parents may not allow it because she is an atheist.

    Why? Why? Why? Why do networks insist on canning great television shows? The only reason people are seeing the last episodes is thanks to Sci-Fi Channel UK.

    This episode was great and a great way to finish off the series. For the most part all of our characters had happy endings that rounded of the story lines.

    The episode gave us ups and downs, heart wrenching moments, as well as laughs.

    The only thing I balked at was referring to Grace as his soulmate even though we know Eli is in love with Maggie (which he himself confessed). The other thing was there was no song and dance number (one of my favourite parts of the show!).

    All I can say is watch the episode and have a tearful, sad, goodbye to some of our favourite characters. I'm no Eli but I see an Eli Stone DVD Box set in my future.