Eli Stone

Season 2 Episode 6

Happy Birthday Nate

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 02, 2008 on ABC
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Eli envisions himself within his father's body. Taylor has news to tell Matt about her pregnancy. Keith presumes the worst of Patti's daughter.

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  • Eli has a second crack with messing around with Jim and somehow it involves Nate. Keith thinks he is on to something and then gets burnt and then was right all along. Taylor and Matt have 9 months to work out their issue.moreless

    I like this show. I really do. And I am so sorry that it is leaving us. I guess I like shows that never hang around. Case in point - I liked 'Journeyman' too. People jumping around reality and making things right.

    I want to be a better person when I watch this show. I want to leave my mark before the anurism of death knocks on my skull. Eli Stone does that to me. Quit my job. Serve my planet somewhere needy.

    Was this an outstanding episode about Father/son issues or trust issues with Keith or honesty issues with Taylor? In everyway I discovered that Father's will do the dumbest things to show love. Having a cover story for habits really means you have a problem. And sometimes the truth does set you free.moreless
Marshall Allman

Marshall Allman

Jim "J.J." Cooper Jr.

Guest Star

Bruce French

Bruce French

Trevor Snyder

Guest Star

Amy Hill

Amy Hill

Judge Uchimura

Guest Star

Thomas Cavanagh

Thomas Cavanagh

Jeremy Stone

Recurring Role

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    • Nate: So getting me fired, this is… what, this is your idea of a birthday present?
      Eli: I would never ruin your birthday or birthday golf.
      Nate: Can we please not call it "birthday golf." Because, you know, it makes me feel six.

    • Jordan: Are you insane? Because you're not going to represent Jim Cooper's son. I forbid it.
      Eli: Are we still doing that? I mean, we're partners now. Do we get to forbid? You look like your aneurysm's about to burst.

    • Maggie: You know what's going on out there? Everyone's whispering behind closed doors.
      Matt: You're doing it without the door.

    • Jordan: You haven't told Mr. Dowd yet, I'm guessing.
      Taylor: Matt thinks my morning sickness is food poisoning. He keeps threatening restaurants with lawsuits.
      Jordan: If only there were an alternative to lying to the father of your unborn child.

    • Matt: Well, we knew it would happen eventually. It was just a matter of time before we went up against our ex-coworkers.
      Maggie: Matt..
      Matt: Granted, it's Taylor and Eli, but we know them intimately. Well, half intimately. Did you and Stone…
      Maggie: I have to tell you. I plugged the leak.
      Matt: Is that a euphemism?

    • Patti: I'm really not one to interfere in my daughter's personal life…
      Keith: Guess that depends on whether you consider threatening to shank me with a butter knife "interfering."

    • Taylor: I specifically asked you not to say anything to Matt.
      Jordan: There was a chocolate bear!

    • Jordan: I think what Eli's trying to say…
      Cooper: I don't care. You work for me.
      Jordan: Do I, now?
      Cooper: I can make sure the rest of your career is spent taking court-appointed cases at $75 a pop.
      Jordan: I'm sure you don't mean…
      Cooper: I've got it within my power to end your little venture here before it even gets off the ground. And if you want to prevent that from happening, you will not only remove Mr. Stone from my sight, you will remove him from the firm. Any questions?
      Jordan: Just one. Do you remember your way back to the elevator?

    • Patti: Before I forget, Dr. Melvoy called.
      Eli: Is he ready to testify tomorrow?
      Patti: From St. Thomas? He's on vacation for a month.
      Eli: He's like the third expert to fly the coop.
      Patti: More like the Coop-er. You mess with the bull, Eli, you get the horns.

    • J.J.: You ever stop being scared?
      Eli: No. But I don't stop living , either. That's what life is. You just… you gotta keep moving forward, even when you know that there's some bad stuff waiting for you years or weeks, maybe days, down the road. You keep moving forward. 'Cause even when you think you know what's gonna happen, it doesn't always. That's what hope is made of.

    • Frank: Thought you might be by.
      Nathan: And I thought that Eli burned my Dad's journal?
      Frank: Yeah, he did. It's ash, dude.
      Nathan: So how did you know that I was supposed to be in court? What, did you use some mystic eastern power to reanimate it?
      Frank: Yeah, it's called… (Chinese accent) Kinko's.

    • Nathan: This is a little bigger than your standard severance check.
      Eli: Mm-hmm. I know the hospital signed it, but… I kind of feel like it's from Dad. I think that that's what the vision was about… why you were involved in this whole thing. Maybe it's supposed to make up for… everything.
      Nathan: The check's not that big, Eli. (chuckles)

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    • International Air Date:
      Norway: November 10, 2009 on TV2
      Czech Republic: November 28, 2009 on AXN

    • Music: Burning Down the House (Talking Heads), Every Breath You Take (The Police), When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (Sam & Dave), Where and When (Hayden)