Eli Stone

Season 1 Episode 7

Heal the Pain

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on ABC
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Eli's new position at the law firm means that he does not have an office, a secretary or the power to take cases. Eli takes the case of a 15-year-old boy whose mother was killed due to a medical malpractice by Dr. Agon. Dr. Agon worked at the hospital where Nathan works, Eli will have to sue the hospital. Jordan, in the meanwhile, assigns Maggie to be Eli's head and so Eli has no choice but to take instructions from her. Taylor, however, organizes a live performance by George Michael in an attempt to square things up with Eli.moreless

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  • Dodging dragons is hard enough, so when a 15-year-old approaches Eli with a case, he nearly dismisses it; until he notices that the case is a lawsuit, and the man the boy wants to persecute is a man called Dr. Agon.moreless

    This episode capitalizes on Eli's reason for being a lawyer; to help people, not just to get the money. After being assaulted by a dragon, Eli is approached by a 15-year-old who wants to sue a one Dr. Agon for malpractice and killing his mother. This episode was ripe with humor, drama, and the kind of suspense that only a witty lawyer with a brain aneurysm could procure. Also, Eli rescues his secretary, Patti, from work feeling like work as he wins her back from Taylor's grasp. (Not that Taylor really wanted her anyway.) This show has a lot going for it and I can't wait to finish this review so I can catch up on more Eli Stone on ABC.com!!moreless
  • This show just continues to churn out excellent episodes.

    So the episode starts out with Eli smelling something burning, only to discover a firebreathing dragon in his closet. And it only gets better. He may have no office and no power within the firm, but Patty won't abandon him and clients are still seeking him out. He ends up suing his brother's hospital and Maggie gets to be the lead attorney. I thought Maggies' courtroom scenes were awkward and dopey. Eli's courtroom antics are much more entertaining. Eli seems to have embraced his visions and tries to follow where they lead him. He is nearly trampled by a knight chasing the dragon and realizes the knight is his brother. He seeks his brother out and persists in getting the truth. Ultimately, he not only wins the case for his client but he's back on the "big" case in the office with Taylor. And best of all, he gets Patty back!moreless
  • Eli sees dragons, and sues his brother's hospital. Taylor and Patti struggle in their professional relationship. Matt and Keith work to ensure Jason does not go to jail, but conflict in the how. To Jordan's dismay a big client wants Eli as his lawyer.moreless

    This episode was great, m favorite part of this show is the opening, where Eli's visions get the best of him, in this episode he smelled something burning and as it turned out there was a dragon in his closet.

    The case was all about a negligent doctor who may or may not have killed a boy's mom, the worst part of this case that Eli and Maggie ended up suing Matt's hospital. It was entertaining to watch Maggie first chair, while Eli sat and gave signals. It turned out that the doctor was negligent, and they won an eight million dollar settlement.

    The more interesting case of the episode was Matt and Keith's murder trial with client Jason Turk, it is a pretty interesting story, the guy hit a foul ball at his third base coach, who happened to be sleeping with his wife. After seeing the video it seems like he is guilty.

    I love Patti, well more importantly Loretta Divine, she was so funny playing off Taylor. In the ned I am glad she is back to keep Eli in check. In the end Jordan's over distain for Eli was slightly lifted when he found out his biggest client wants Eli and Taylor as his lawyers.

    Props to George Michael for guest starring.

    I really hope this show continues.moreless
  • It's a little early in the game to call an episode a 'Series C!assic' - but this show is becoming such a pleasure to watch - and this is easily my favorite offering thus far, so... gonna step out on a limb with this one.moreless

    The two cases handled here are in such contrast - the young, altruistic boy looking for justice vs. the jaded ball player trying to dodge it - that it's like getting two, two shows in one.

    The courtroom and back-office legal wranglings are as authentic as any other law show around (they are ALL woefully inept as regards rulings and procedures), and this in what is a rather whimsical show at that. Except for allowing some closed-hearing, privileged transcripts into evidence, all of the other courtroom action was believable, even when compared to the hallowed Law & Order.

    We are becoming vested not only in the characters, but the actors/actresses playing them. Eli and Maggie (Jonny Lee Miller and Julie Gonzalo) look like a couple waiting to happen - on and off screen. Victor Garber is perfect in this role (missed Tom Amandes as Martin Posner in this one, but maybe this ep was better left Posner-less) and I can't imagine this show without Patti (Loretta Devine) - she is as de-vine as Berta (Conchatta Ferrell) is in 2.5 Men.

    The allusions to other shows and the real-life drama of the Barry Bonds case (there was a stern disclaimer about this at the end of the show) are ripe and bountiful. Almost forgot to mention our beloved writers (welcome back) who pepper this show with crisp dialogue and great change-of-pace scene-switching. I said it at the top and I'll repeat in closing - this show is just a pleasure to watch.moreless
George Michael

George Michael


Guest Star

Patrick Breen

Patrick Breen

Paul Sweren

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Steve Harris

Steve Harris

Jayson Turk

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Jason Winston George

Jason Winston George

Keith Bennett

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Jodi Long

Jodi Long

Judge Marcia Phelps

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Maggie: You're an object of ridicule, a professional pariah, reduced to barely practicing law.
      Eli: Thank you, I feel better.
      Maggie: You're sucking up to God. There are better ways.
      Eli: Yeah, well, God and I enjoy a pretty complicated relationship. At least now I'm starting to believe in what He wants me to do. (pauses) It's like I see things now, you know. Things that were always there but that I just never noticed before.
      Maggie: Like people who need help?

    • Maggie: My suggestion: go find another peon to pee on.

    • Jordan: Flattery and judicious use of loopholes: clearly you know the way to my heart.

    • Eli: Sir, you have to tell Solinsky that I'm unavailable... tell him anything... tell him I got hit by a bus.
      Jordan: Even if I got to drive it, I couldn't do that...

    • Eli: Nate, the knight was you. An hour ago, you were chasing a dragon down Fossil Street on horseback.
      Nathan: An hour ago I was here, asleep, and my horse hasn't been ridden all night.

    • Maggie: (leaving the courtroom) Was that as big a disaster as I thought it was?
      Eli: No... it could still be going on.

    • Eli: You should meet this kid. He's all alone. It's tragic... really.
      Maggie: It is... to those of us actually interested in helping people.
      Eli: I am interested in helping people.
      Maggie: Only because you're afraid of dying and you're trying to suck up to god.

    • Peter Johnson: Mr. Stone? (introducing himself) ... Peter Johnson.
      Eli: Junior?
      Peter Johnson: Sorry... if I told your assistant I was 15 and wanted you to represent me, I don't think you would have shown up.
      Eli: (sarcastically) Only because I don't practice 'pediatric' law.
      Peter Johnson: I googled you... big settlements, big judgements... your name is all over the law blogs. You're exactly the kind of lawyer I need.
      Eli: So... What's the case? You're suing the school cafeteria to put french fries back on the menu?
      Peter Johnson: My mom died...

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: June 28, 2008 on Kanal 4
      Czech Republic: July 6, 2008 on AXN
      Sweden: August 13, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Germany: September 10, 2008 on Pro7
      Norway: December 10, 2008, on Tv2
      Australia: December 24, 2008, on Seven
      The Netherlands: January 5, 2009 on Net 5

    • Injoke: Jayson Turk's coach is named Coach Quesada and Taylor mentions a call from Chaykin Technologies. These names are probably references to two comic book creators, writer/artist (and current "Marvel" Editor-in-Chief) Joe Quesada and writer Howard Chaykin, especially considering that Marc Guggenheim (co-creator of Eli Stone) is a comic book writer himself.

    • Music:

      "Heal the Pain" by George Michael
      "Good Excuse" by John Butler Trio
      "Waiting On the Light to Change" by Matthew Perryman Jones
      "Fireworks" by Threes And Nines
      "Perfectly" by Five Times August
      "Older" by George Michael
      "Before And After" by Saturn Missles
      "How I Feel" by Chad Doucette
      "Beneath the Silver Moon" by Matthew Perryman Jones


    • The Wizard of Oz
      Taylor accuses Patty of thinking of her as the Wicked Witch of the West. Patty counters by saying Taylor is the Wicked Witch of the East because "they dropped a house on her." This exchange alludes to the scene in the 1939 feature film when Dorothy finds a pair of legs, belonging to the Wicked Witch of the East, sticking out from under her house that had dropped from a tornado.

    • Barry Bonds
      The San Francisco baseball-player defendant, represented by Eli's law firm for killing his third-base coach with a foul ball while being on steroids, is a direct reference (even in the player's appearance) to former SF Giant, Barry Bonds, who is under indictment for lying about steroid use to a Federal Grand Jury.

    • Episode's Title
      This is a song performed by George Michael, off his album Listen Without Prejudice.