Eli Stone

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2008 on ABC
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Eli's visions take him back to the day when his father died, while he helps Nathan in court against an angry husband suing because Nathan denied his wife a heart transplant. Eli's vision makes him aware of the fact that his brother is keeping a secret that could be of great help for his case. Also, Eli finds out that his ex-fiancee slept with Matt.moreless

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  • Eli represents his brother Nathan because of a transplant issue. Eli goes back, having Nathan's flashbacks, to the day their father died. Meanwhile, Eli finds out Maggie is now engaged and Taylor slept with Matt.moreless

    I believe I got used to watching musical sequences in the episodes. Although there wasn't any in this episode, I found the plot very well written and acted. Both Eli and Nate were able to pass along the exact amount of emotional background discussing the day their father died. I found the scene when Eli closes his argument in court, presenting the receiver of the heart on the stand, particularly beautiful and seeing Nate's teared up eyes made me cry, as well. I also loved the tension between Eli and Maggie and hope to see their relationship develop in a very near future, though I used to root to Eli and Taylor getting back together.moreless
  • Eli learns more about his father's death while defending his brother in a law suit.

    This show is just one of the best! In this episode, Eli's visions have a new twist. Instead of musical visions, Eli has flashbacks of Nate's life. When he first tells Nate about his flashback, Nate dismisses him until he learns he is being sued and needs Eli's help. The basis of the suit is that Nate bypassed a patient on the organ donor list because he learned she was an alcoholic. Eli learns that Nate had to make the same terrible decision for their father and Nate has been blaming himself for his father's death for the last 10 years. When Nate realizes Eli has learned the truth from his visions, he reconsiders his thinking about Eli's visions. I loved the courtroom scene when Eli puts the organ recipient of the stand. It was completely unrealistic but it brought tears to my eyes. Overall, this was another fantastic episode. The only reason it didn't get a perfect 10 is because I really missed the musical numbers. At least we got a few bars of Father Figure but I'm holding out for the dancing scenes.moreless
  • Eli helps his brother, and a couple fight over who was unfaithful first.

    Loved it. This show -- other than last week -- just keeps getting better and better. I love the main character, Eli, and the way he continues to struggle with his "gift". Now, he's "seeing" things in the past through his brother!

    The tension between the two ladies he's obviously interested in continue to mount, and the interaction between Dowd and the head of the firm with its many hypothetical questions was perfect.

    Nice to see all the main characters back, and Maggie is getting better looking all the time. Two great reasons to watch this show are the leading ladies, and the acting is great.

    I'm fearful -- as usual -- that shows I love will not continue. This one would be a major loss.moreless
  • This episode was a more personal glimpse at the inner-workings and interaction among staff members at Eli's law firm, WPK. We also get a closer glimpse at the family dynamic of the lead character. (some spoilers).moreless

    While the legal wranglings are still one of the featured aspects of this episode, they seem to take a supporting role in what is the most personally revealing installment of this first-year series.

    The texture of the various relationships are seen to be more complex than we have been led to believe. Taylor is less the cold 'legal ice princess' and more circumspect than previously portrayed and we suddenly find that Maggie not only has a boyfriend but is engaged. This is not the direction that was expected.

    Jordan is more of a father and less of the lead partner in this one and the 'hypothetical' exchange between he and Dowd about 'Daughter Inc.' leaving 'ParentCo' to merge with another suitor was well-played by both.

    The main string, though, is Eli and his brother bonding over a lawsuit that hits close to home and brings back memories and visions of their father's death. This viewer has always complimented the writers on their ingenuity, and you have to wonder if they just thought this up or are working off some personal experiences here.

    This episode was a little slower-paced than the previous several, which isn't neccessarily a bad thing. Armed with some of the new information revealed in this one, we can only imagine where this show goes from here.moreless
  • The music stops for Eli, and his visions take on a new twist.

    This episode presented a slightly different feel to Eli's visions. Rather than merely observe the action in his visions, Eli was cast in the role of Nate in order to learn what he didn't know about his father's death ten years prior. These visions provided Eli with much greater understanding of how large his gift really, while Nate had to admit that Eli's visions were more than the result of a physiological anomaly. Eli is coming closer and closer to learning that the universe is communicating with him on more than just a legal level and that helping himself is the first step in helping others. Oddly enough, the universe did not provide Eli or the viewing audience with a catchy musical vision. Meanwhile, Taylor also hears the universe talking as she takes on a divorce case in which the wife arranged to meet her online love match, only to learn that she was already married to the man behind the screen-name. While there are moral implications for a married person trolling the internet to find a soul mate, Taylor recognizes that the universe means from these two people to be together.

    Even Matt Dowd, for all his sliminess, has a finger on the pulse of the universe when he argues that Taylor is far more interested in him than she is willing to admit. However, he is a lawyer and spin is one of the weapons in his arsenal.moreless
Pamela Reed

Pamela Reed

Mrs. Stone

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David Marshall Grant

David Marshall Grant

Martin Ostrow

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David Barry Gray

David Barry Gray

Danny Asbury

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Thomas Cavanagh

Thomas Cavanagh

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    • Eli: It's a welcome-back gift from your personal week. How was it?
      Patti: Personal.

    • Maggie: I just want to thank you for asking me to join you on this case. I've mostly worked under men at the firm, Like Eli. But I've always thought that I'd really benefit from the experience of working besides an older woman. Not "older" as in "old," I meant older as in "seasoned."
      Taylor: I'm beginning to understand why you eat lunch at your desk alone.

    • Eli: Patti, do you notice something strange about Maggie?
      Patti: I don't notice anything other than strange about that girl.

    • Maggie: Did you ask me to work on this case with you so you wouldn't have to work on it with Matt?
      Taylor: If I answer "no," would that prevent you from ever uttering a word of this to Eli?

    • Nate: (to Eli) Don't say it. You even start to say "I told you so" and I am violating my Hippocratic Oath on your jaw.

    • Eli: Nate, there's not a lot in our life that doesn't have to do with Dad.

    • Eli: Matt Dowd?
      Jordan: How did you know?
      Eli: I saw them (Dowd and Taylor) singing I Got You, Babe at the karaoke bar in my head... long story. Sir, if you'll excuse me, I have to go yell at somebody and then go... kill someone else.

    • Matt: (speaking hypothetically about Taylor) How would ParentCo look upon this (corporate) suitor, pursuing a merger with Daughter Inc.
      Jordan: Let there be no misunderstanding, Mr. Dowd. ParentCo would do everything within its considerable power to protect Daughter Inc. so soon after her recent 'failed merger'. In short, ParentCo would not hesitate to crush any suitor who sought to 'merge' with Daughter Inc. at this juncture... 'hypothetically'.

    • Eli: I was you. I looked in the mirror and I saw your face.
      Nathan: Well, maybe you should put a little sign up: Objects in the mirror are handsomer than they appear.

    • Eli's Father: (To Eli in Eli's Nate-flashback) I'm sorry, Eli.

    • Eli: Now would be a good time to tell you I stole your Boba Fett figure when I was 11.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: July 19, 2008 on Kanal 4
      Czech Republic: July 27, 2008 on AXN
      Sweden: September 3, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Germany: October 1, 2008 on Pro7
      Australia: January 6, 2009, on Seven
      Norway: January 14, 2009, on Tv2
      The Netherlands: January 26, 2009 on Net 5

    • Featured Music:

      "Father Figure" by George Michael
      "Can't Come Down" by Curt Perkins
      "Star People 97" by George Michael
      "The Gospel Song" by Magnet
      "Sly Girl" by The Spies


    • Maggie: Are you suggesting that I've returned from my trip, somehow different. Eli: Only if you had a layover in Stepford on your way back. This is a reference to a 1972 novel, The Stepford Wives, written by Ira Levin. In the book, once high-achieving, independent women become mindless, docile and robot-like after moving to Stepford, Connecticut with their husbands.

    • Patti: Right. Because God told you to. Did he look like Morgan Freeman or George Burns?
      This is an allusion to George Burns' role in the Oh, God films and Morgan Freeman's role in Bruce Almighty.