Eli Stone

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 09, 2008 on ABC



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    • Taylor: It's not like you to forget a meeting, Dad.
      Jordan: These days I'm burning my candle at both ends. Between a full day of depositions and financial meetings, I must put in an appearance at the Osterhagen Benefit Luncheon. Could I interest you in a half-baked speech followed by squab?

    • Eli: I'll post the bond myself.
      Judge Nelson: Very sporting of you, Mr. Stone.
      Eli: She's innocent, Judge.
      Judge Nelson: Save it for your closing.

    • Angela: So you do think I'm guilty.
      Keith: I worked ten plus years in the public defender's office. Most of my client's were guilty as charged. But not one of 'em ever got anything less than my "A" game.
      Angela: Well, aren't you a big man?
      Keith: I didn't say I was…
      Angela: I'm not finished. I want you to believe in me, not some principal. And if you can't do that, well, then you can go to hell.

    • Eli: So Angela Scott is the only person in your entire hospital who is stressed and moody? It sounds like Disneyland is in danger of losing its distinction of being "the happiest place on earth."
      ADA Jarrells: Object to the sarcasm.
      Eli: I'm sorry, your Honor, I was going for ridicule.

    • Frank: I'm sorry, Eli, but you're not gonna like or even understand every message you're tasked to deliver.
      Eli: Well, that sucks.

    • Patti: This is not you. This, this isn't you.
      Angela: How would you know, Mom? You don't know anything about me. All you ever saw was what you wanted me to be, needed me to be. God, the pressure you put on me to be perfect! "I'm not raising ordinary kids." Like you're so special. You're a damn secretary.
      Patti: Yes, I'm a secretary who worked my ass off taking crap year after year, weekends, nights, so you could get opportunities I never even dreamed of.

    • Frank: Eli, I can't help but notice, we seem to be spending a lot of time together lately and…
      Eli: Are you breaking up with me?

    • Eli: Hey, if I wanted to spend three hours having a long, uncomfortable conversation full of awkward pauses, I'd go out for a meal with my mother.

    • Jordan: Ah, yes, the sonogram. Are you gonna find out the sex?
      Taylor: It's a little too early to find out whether you can buy it a baseball mitt.
      Jordan: It's never too early for that.

    • Maggie: I mean, what is it about the rich that makes them think that they can buy their way into being good people?
      Matt: Probably the tons of money.

    • Ashley: If there's one thing I've learned, you can't buy love. But you can, at the very least, comp house seats.

    • Taylor: Dad, why don't you come and stay with me tonight?
      Jordan: It should come as no surprise that I'm not the sort of man to "crash" at anyone's pad, but thank you for the offer.

    • Matt: You're the dude.
      Taylor: What?
      Matt: A hot pregnant dude, sure, but in our relationship, you're the dude.
      Taylor: Okay, I don't--I don't know what that's supposed to mean.
      Matt: I'm actually the mature one here, which is another first for me.

    • Eli: I've been angry and--and confused… real angry. But I'm not anymore, 'cause… 'cause I get it now. All the people that I've been asked to help. All those, uh, strangers…. now I get to help someone that I love.

    • Keith: You know, it's hard to compete with the big guy.
      Eli: Yeah. Maybe God could be a little less indirect next time.
      Keith: Actually, I meant John Lennon. I'll tell you, though. What I wouldn't give to see what you see just once.

    • Eli: Actually, I'm just… I'm going on a blind date.
      Jordan: Mmmm.
      Eli: I…
      Jordan: Makes sense. I appear to have run out of daughters and associates for you to romance.

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    • Maggie: She doesn't need you to do the right thing, Spike.
      Referencing the 1989 movie Do The Right Thing, directed by Spike Lee and starring Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, and Ruby Dee. The movie explores racial tension in Bedford-Stuyvesant on one hot summer day.