Eli Stone

Season 1 Episode 9

I Want Your Sex

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Mar 27, 2008 on ABC
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A teenage girl is expelled from school after playing George Michael's "I Want Your Sex" during an assembly. Jordan alongside Eli takes charge of the case, in the course of the case it is revealed that Jordan is a huge fan of George Michael. Eli is motivated to go on a date with Beth Keller, the girl with whom he had sex for the first time and on his date he finds out something about his brother. In the meantime, Taylor and Matt are working together on a case in which they are representing a judge suffering from cancer. They decide to sue the judge's son when he refuses to donate the bone marrow for his father.moreless

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  • This show is starting to sink into a disturbing trend of having a great over-arching story (Eli and his visions) and enfuriating self-contained stories (namely, the cort cases)...

    This show is starting to sink into a disturbing trend of having a great over-arching story (Eli and his visions) and enfuriating self-contained stories (namely, the cort cases). After the episode about the soldier of five years who milked the country for money until they asked her to do her job AS a soldier, and she sued for release (see my review here: ), I didn't think this show could piss me off more.

    Then they do this show. As soon as they said the girl was in trouble for interrupting a school assembly on abstinence, I knew there was going to be problems. First of all, the girl knew damn well that what she was doing was against the rules. She knew she would get in trouble. She did it anyway. Then she decided to moan about the punishment. That's crap already.

    Then they get to court, and the start rambling off these heavy-handed leftist "facts" that are total lies. She starts by talking about how the abstinence assemblies are about "never having sex." Not true. They're about waiting. They're about discouraging teens, who are not only not legally allowed to have sex, but are unready and ill-prepared for the possible consequences, from having sex. Waiting until you're ready is not "never." And I'm sick and tired of people acting like it's impossible to wait, it's impossible to EXPECT anyone to wait, and that's it's just some completely inevitable thing that kids are going to have sex, so you might as well just throw your hands up, toss some rubbers at them and tell them to have a good time. When the hell did people stop having any faith in their kids?

    Then they get into the court claims that the seminars teach that contraception doesn't work. Not true. They teach that abstinence is the only contraception that works 100% of the time. That even if you use a condom, it is still possible to get pregnant or catch a STD. And that's true. Then she states that that kids who are in abstinence programs are less likely to use contraception. Bull crap. Totally made up. Then they ask her how she's been affected by the seminars, and she lists here friends who have gotten pregnant, or got STD's. Here's the thing: there were four pregnancies in my graduation class, NONE of whom had ever attended an abstinence course. There were at least three with STD's. Again, no abstinence course. Alright, so her friend got pregnant, and the other one got the clap. That doesn't mean those thing wouldn't have happened had the abstinence assembly not been held.

    Then Michaels takes the stand and reiterates what she said. I sometimes wonder if the people writing this crap have ever actually ATTENDED one of the assemblies they so viciously rally against. The point isn't that "condoms don't work." The point is that "condoms can fail" and "abstinence is the ONLY thing that always works." And it's true. Condoms can rip. They can tear. They can leak. It is not only POSSIBLE that they fail, they DO fail. It happens every day. Yes, they are very effective. Yes, the VAST majority of the time, they do their job. But I'm sick of hearing "how can I be pregnant? I don't understand, I used a condom!" or worse, "I should be able to have an abortion because I was responsible and used protection." The problem (and this part is key, so please, pay attention), is that when condoms are the main focus of sex ed, the signal that is sent is "go ahead, have sex, it's fine, don't give it a second thought, just wear a condom, and you'll be fine!" No addressing how much it can change a young person's life. No mention of the drama it tends to bring, but worst of all, it takes away the very real need to consider the very real consequences that are possible every time you have sex, protection or not. Consequences that no one is ready to face in high school.

    And that's what it all comes down to: consequences. The girl did something she wasn't supposed to, and when the consequences rolled away, she insisted that she shouldn't have to face them.

    And that attitude is exactly why it's so important to teach both abstinence and that condoms can fail.moreless
  • I absolutely love this show! Nothing like it on tv right now! Feelgood factor is the best. Such a brilliant cast, great writing. The storyline is cute. Eli is very loveable and Garber should get an Emmy. Music is Fantastic, George Michael is brilliant.moreless

    I love this SHOW!!! more each week! So want my DVD!

    This was a great episode! George Michael is a FINE actor, who would have guessed it. He is a musical genius, but that was a nice surprise! I am so in love with victor Gerber right now, he should get an Emmy or something!

    Please watch, please don't cancel it is jusr toooo good entertaining!!!

    This needs to be 100 words!

    Love this show, reminds me a littl bit of Ally Mcbeal, Boston Legal, Journyman but more heartfelt! More feel good factor!!! My favorite shows ever are: Friends, West Wing, Sex in the City, Seinfeld, ER, Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal, Ally Mcbeal, Studio 60, 30 Rock, Everwood, Lost, Heroes, Brothers and sisters. There you have it, my taste! Sometimes Survivor!moreless
  • George (You can call me George) Michael finally shows up in real life a we find out what he and the writers of the show think about sex ed in the US.moreless

    I have really enjoyed this show but this episode seemed like the writers joined a strike for a week and Planned Parenthood took over the show. The arguments on both sides of the "sex ed" case were so weak it just felt like propaganda. George Michael should have been standing behind a pulpit on top of a soap box instead of sitting behind the witness stand. If you're going to take on an important issue at least bring intelligence to the argument. The other case's arguments weren't much better and the usually important visions have very little relevance. Overall if you missed this episode you were fortunate (no earthquakes). Hopefully the show gets back on track. Any more of these and I'll be hoping it gets canceled. Maybe we could replace it with a Planned Parenthood/ George Michael Concert Tour Paid Advertising Infomercial. At least we would know the agenda upfront.moreless
  • Wow!!! If you are a series fan you had to be amazed with this episode. If you're not - and you caught it - you now have a healthy understanding of why we fans love this show.moreless

    Cannot tell you how flabbergasted I am at how far this show has come in such a very short time. Last night's show had so many twists and turns, chutes and ladders that you would have thought it was a two-hour special.

    From the George Michael/freedom of speech story - with, surprise-surprise, Jordan (Victor Garber) showing his true colors - to the judge/father, abandoned son/donor thread and then the brother/brother/ex and Eli/Taylor/Matt love triangles, it would have been hard to keep score without my trusty DVR for replays.

    Garber was at his best and WILL be nominated for this role. He continues to show his exceptional, over-looked veteran skills and grow into this demanding part. Taylor (Natasha Henstridge) did a 9.9 over 10, slightly tipsy declaration of love-lost and a Cher impersonation that reminded me that she is not just eye-candy, but a more than solid actress. Matt (Sam Jaeger) is also rounding into form very nicely and gets a lot more screen time as the inter-office romances are heating up here.

    The writing delivered not only exceptional plot lines, but, as always, crisp/snappy dialogue that keeps sending me back to the quote-blurb section one more time.

    Patty, Maggie, Posner and Dr. Chen (four of my many favorites on this show) were missing in action and I still gave it a 9.9. I deducted 'point-one' because George Michael just had to do 'that' song - you know the one - didn't he?moreless
  • It's not a vision, it's really George Michael...this time.

    The more I watch this show, the more I love it. The episode starts with Jordan, brillantly played by Victor Garber, singing "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" in Eli's vision. Eli then sees George Michael standing in front of him and thinks he's part of the hallucination. Hired by George Michael, Eli and Jordan team up to represent a young girl who was expelled from school for playing "I Want Your Sex" over the school loudspeaker. Jordan only steps into the case because he is a secret George Michael fan but he has a small epiphany when he realizes how good it feels to represent the underdog. I loved the bonding between Jordan and Eli at the end.

    As for Eli's love life, he decides to ask his old girlfriend, Beth, out. He thinks it's a date but it turns out she's dating his brother. Eli also forsees Taylor pairing up with Matt in the form of a vision of Matt and Taylor as Sonny and Cher singing "I've Got You Babe." He asks Taylor about it, she denies it. She then thinks Eli is dating Beth so she gets drunk and ends up sleeping with Matt. And, of course, it turns out Matt has a cat named Sonny Bono. I love those visions.

    There are also some powerful scenes. Matt's examination of Judge Doyle was moving, though it turns out he was a big liar. Also, Eli's scenes at the end with first Jordan and then his brother, Nathan. This was definitely a must-see episode. Though, I must say, I really missed Patti and Dr. Chen. They weren't in this episode and they are two of my favorite characters. It would have been a perfect episode with the two of them in it!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the scene where Eli was arguing with Nathan, the line that goes "If this is your idea of helping me", British-born Jonny Lee Miller clearly says "if this is your 'i-dee-yer' of helping me." Despite the fact Eli is American.

    • It seems odd, given the subject, that the prosecuting attorney would not have at least questioned George Michael about the 1998 incident where he was arrested for soliciting a police officer for sex in a men's room in Beverly Hills. It would have definitely made a case for the principal.

    • Episode Title
      George Michael performs this song on his Faith album and on the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop 2. It was released in 1987.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Eli: (pointing to George Michael) Brad, do you know who this is?
      Brad: Yes, Bono!

    • (George Michael has just explained why he wants to retain Eli's services)
      Eli: What was the song again?
      George Michael: I Want Your Sex.
      Eli: Sorry, you're not my type. (chuckles) It's a joke.

    • Eli: If you don't mind me asking, why me? Why did you come to me?
      George Michael: Well, you might think I'm the odd one now. But (brief pause) the other night I had a dream, and in the dream I was completely lost when someone told me I needed to find a lawyer. (pauses) Named Eli Stone.

    • Eli: Sir, you're unusually quiet. Are you feeling okay? (touches Jordan's sleeve)
      Jordan: I feel fine. Don't ever touch me again.

    • (Molly Foster has just explained why she was expelled from school)
      Jordan: The challenge here will be circumventing the Supreme Court's decision in Morris vs. Frederick, which limits free speech on school grounds.
      Molly Foster: So you're saying I could lose?
      Jordan: Always a possibility in litigation, Miss Foster, but (exhales and casts an admiring look at George Michael) you gotta have faith. Another one of your songs, I think.
      George Michael: Oh, that's right, yeah.

    • (About Dr. Sanjay Rajapaksa, who has agreed to remove Eli's aneurysm)
      Eli: You sure that's the guy?
      Matt: Competent, confident, expert in the latest techniques. Eli, if he were any more qualified, he'd be a fictional TV character.

    • Eli: I was just wondering if it was possible that you were a...fanboy of a certain celebrity client
      Jordan: Mr. Stone, did you just characterize me, Jordan Wethersby II, senior partner of one of this country's most prestigious firms, a fanboy?
      Eli: Of course not, sir, but-
      Jordan: I didn't think so.

    • Judge Doyle: (to Matt and Taylor) I didn't expect this from Jordan Wethersby. I asked him to send me his best lawyers and he sends me a girl.
      Matt: Well, let me introduce you to Mr. Wethersby's daughter, Sir...
      Judge Doyle: (interrupts) I wasn't talking about her, Dowd.

    • Jordan: Judge Doyle has just retained WPK in connection with a personal medical crisis.
      Matt: Is he finally getting the pole removed from his rectum? I hear that can be a very painful procedure.
      Jordan: Not nearly as painful as leukemia, Mr. Dowd... And, now that we have established your sensitivity to the judge's plight, you can assist Taylor.
      Jordan: Sir. Doyle... er, Judge Doyle hates me.
      Jordan: I'm sure you're familiar with my 'I-could-care-less face.

    • George Michael: (As Eli is poking him) Would you mind not poking me, please.
      Eli: I'm sorry, it's just, ya know, you're very solid for a vision.
      George Michael: And you're a very odd man.
      Eli: Well, at least I'm not a hallucination.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Air Dates:
      Venezuela: June 16, 2008 on Sony Entertainment Television
      Denmark: July 12, 2008 on Kanal 4
      Czech Republic: July 20, 2008 on AXN
      Sweden: August 27, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Germany: September 24, 2008 on Pro7
      Australia: January 1, 2009, on Seven
      Norway: January 7, 2009, on Tv2
      The Netherlands: January 19, 2009 on Net 5

    • Featured Music:

      "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" by Elton John
      "I Got You Babe" by Sonny & Cher
      "I Can Taste Love" by Claess & Willumsen
      "Amazing" by George Michael

    • Although Loretta Devine, James Saito and Julie Gonzalo were all credited, none appeared in this episode.