Eli Stone

Season 2 Episode 11

Mortal Combat

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2009 on ABC

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  • An enoyable episode in a very sudsy fashion, and also not very 'edge'y

    The court room competition between eli/taylor and matt/maggie/and evil lawyers et al was kind of funny. The inability of Eli to connect with Maggie AGAIN was a little repetitive. Jordan's character has been made just absolutely pathetic unfortunately. I mean, he's so soft and sentimental -I know he went through a big personal transformation but I find the way he's been in season two too far in the opposite direction of his former self. The trajectory of Matt over this episode was kind of interesting. I like Matt - he still is funny but i think he's about to be made into an overly soft and mushy person too. The plot about the news caster was kind of trite (i.e., ': hackneyed or boring from much use : not fresh or original' per merriam webster]. I am sorry to people who love this show, but I do think that it had lost its edge this season.
  • Misandry at its finest. Oh and some other stuff happens too

    Imagine if Eli had been the one to go all "I only slept with you to get over you, and I only pretended to care to win the case". But it's okay because she's a woman, right? Women are allowed to treat men like dirt. I am so sick of misandry being portrait as something good and normal in the media and I can't help but loath Maggy's character after this.
    Who would have thought Matt would have more of a conscience than her? And that Jordan would be more of an idealist than Eli, recommending the client not to settle?

    And where is Keith??
  • Eli and Taylor VS. Maggie and Matt. Taylor helps Eli realize he is in love with Maggie, only to find out Maggie has moved on to another guy. Taylor and her Dad Jordan make amends.

    This episode made me so angry... Angry that this wonderful show got canceled that is!!! Great episode, makes you feel a little sad in the end. I wish some other network would pick this show up. Why do they always cancel the shows I love... Arg! Thank you Sci-Fi UK for airing these final episodes that ABC won't show us here in the US. We need more inspirational and uplifting shows like this, shows that make you feel good and escape from your life for an hour at a time. I hate the fact that we saw so much of Eli's future in past episodes that we'll never get to see played out... Bring Eli Back!
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