Eli Stone

Season 1 Episode 5

One More Try

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2008 on ABC
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Eli gets a second attempt to make a case right which he previously won for a SUV company by using questionable tactics. Meanwhile, Jordan introduces a couple of new associates to W.P.K.: named Taylor and Keith Bennett. Now Eli will have to deal with his ex-fiancee in his office along with visions of him being in Hawaii. These impact his case negatively due to his weird behavior in the court.moreless

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  • In this episode, we find Eli re-defending a case from 5 years ago, but his new attitude and outlook on life puts quite a different spin on the law suit. His ex-fiance joins the firm and his visions put his practice of law in danger.moreless

    I admit it. I was prepared to shrug of Eli Stone as another formulaic, episode of the week type program. So you can imagine my surprise when this episode aired and I found substance, emotional involvement, and secretly cheered when good won over evil.

    It is intriguing to see Eli's slow, yet steady, evolvement into a man of substance and morals. While perhaps hesitant to follow this new path, Eli ultimately does the right thing when he finds that a partner in the law firm bribed a witness not to appear in court 5 years ago for a lawsuit against a corporate car company.

    Slowly we are seeing the "little guy" win against the big, heavily defended bad guy (even if representation is from his own firm).

    I enjoy the hesitant twist of the visions being some sort of religious activity. The reticent prophet is a perfect foil to a disbelieving Eli.

    This episode had all the makings of a great show, and I do hope the series continues with the humor, joy, views of the seedy underbellies of corporate law firms and the voice of morality winning out.moreless
  • Is it too late to jump back on to the Eli Stone bandwagon. I was one of the people who thought this could be a good show, but then couldn't get past the first episode. I took one more peek last night (just to be sure) and found redemption...moreless

    This series' orginal premise sounded good, so a lot of people gave this show a look. Like a lot of good shows through the years (that we all know and love), the pilot wasn't so hot. I jumped ship (on the same night I abandoned Lipstick Jungle, by the way). But this last episode may have changed all that.

    From the opening scene in the conference room, through all of the fairly clever plot lines (custody battle between former lesbian lovers; a personal injury suit revisited by the 'new' Eli), to the let's scrap it all and go to Hawaii theme, this show was very well-written, acted and produced. I wish I could write with more authority about individual characters, but I don't know them well enough (yet). Eli (Jonny Lee Miller) seems perfect for this role, and I have loved Natasha Henstridge since the first time I saw her naked.

    Many others of the regulars seemed right-on as well, but I particularly liked (actually disliked - as is meant to be) Tom Amandes as Posner. He brings the perfect smarmy, know-it-all sarcasm (that every lawyer series needs) to the conference table. I will watch the next episode - a ringing endorsement in these days prior to the return of the post-strike, 'regular' season.moreless
  • Great, revealing episode.

    This is really a great show. I think it's one of the best new shows out there right now. This episode shed more light on the characters. First - Eli. We got to see parts of the old Eli. Though personally, I thought he was great in the courtroom and didn't really see his examination of the injured guy as "evil Eli." I thought he did an excellent job getting the whole truth to the jury. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if the case didn't settle and the jury delivered a verdict. The former relationship bwtween Posner and Eli's secretary was a shocker. I thought he was going in to fire her! Maggie is still pretty one-dimensional and I'm not sure what we were supposed to infer by her reason for working at the "evil firm." Free muffins on Wednesday?? However, I like her quirky personality so I'm hoping we will learn more about her in coming episodes. Finally, Matt (didn't even know his name before this) was featured during this episode. I thought the lesbian/egg donor/custody story was interesting. Matt and Taylor made a great team but I have no interest in them developing a romantic relationship, which I'm afraid may be where the writers are going with them. Let's hope not!moreless
  • Eli had to revisit a case he tried 5 years ago, and his visions led him to discover a colleague deliberately hid a witness, and be issued a grievance to be disbarred. Matt and Taylor tried a parental dispute between a lesbian couple.moreless

    I am liking this show more and more as it goes on. I have heard a lot of comparison's to Ally McBeal, now I never really watched that show, but I really like this show.

    This was an interesting case for Stone, it revealed a lot about the firm, and old Eli. So Eli was a smart, heartless lawyer before, and now he has a soul.

    The visions were cool, when he met the new lawyer in the bathroom after being on the beach, and seeing surfers running in the lobby.

    The scenes with him and Maggie were great, she is a hilarious character, and their scenes on the beach and runway were classic.

    So it seems that Eli's secretary played by Loretta Divine, whose musical scene was great, had a thing going on with Posner. I never would have seen that one coming.

    It was interesting seeing Taylor at the firm, she and Matt got rather close, and we learned more about him and his past, and we can see he is not such a bad guy. Not sure if she and Eli are going to get together again or exactly what they are doing.

    So the biggest part came in the last few minutes, Eli has been ordered to be reviewed to be disbarred, we knew this had to be coming though, so next week should be a good episode.moreless
Rob Nagle

Rob Nagle

Jeffrey Powell

Guest Star

Kathleen Rose Perkins

Kathleen Rose Perkins

Donna Milton

Guest Star

Scottie Thompson

Scottie Thompson

Jessica Benson

Guest Star

Tom Amandes

Tom Amandes

Martin Posner

Recurring Role

Jason Winston George

Jason Winston George

Keith Bennett

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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Matt: The only thing worse than losing the love of your life is having her find the love of hers.

    • Eli: I know this is a strange question.
      Patti: Like you ask any other kind.

    • Matt: I need your breasts.

    • Taylor: Your ex-girlfriend's a lesbian?
      Matt: Who isn't these days?

    • Maggie: Okay, so, we know he owns a surf shack, right. Ah so maybe we can narrow down the candidates by posing as surf journalists, then...
      Eli: Town's about a block long Veronica Mars.
      Maggie: If you're so smart you find it.

    • Matt: Look, I'm representing a chick, who's suing a chick who's represented by a chick. And I just found out that the judge is...
      Taylor: A chick?
      Matt: Exactly.

    • Bea Arthur: (in a "Golden Girls" clip played in the courtroom) Oh, and it's wonderful dating in Miami, where all of the single men under 80 are cocaine smugglers.
      Eli: The Golden Girls... it was a great show. You're probably wondering what it has to do with this case. Well, I'll tell you. About as much as much as the footage Mr. Powell just showed you.

    • Taylor: What really happened, Eli?
      Eli: Just normal stuff. I walked in (to the bathroom) and suddenly I was in Hawaii.
      Taylor: It's just like you to go on our honeymoon without me.

    • Matt: You can have another baby with someone who loves you. I'm not saying like a couple or anything. I could just donate some of my boys. Heck, if you want I can even do it the old fashion way. I'm truly selfless like that.
      Jessica: (choked up) Matt, beneath that frat boy exterior, you are actually very sweet.

    • Eli: What is this - multiple choice?
      Dr. Chen: Dude, it's not like I have a copy of Prophesy for Dummies lying around here somewhere.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Air Dates:
      Venezuela: May 20, 2008 on Sony Entertainment Television
      Denmark: June 14, 2008 on Kanal 4
      Czech Republic: June 22, 2008 on AXN
      Sweden: July 30, 2008 on kanal 5
      Germany: August 27, 2008 on Pro7
      Norway: November 26, 2008, on Tv2
      The Netherlands: December 22, 2008 on Net 5

    • Injoke: Eli asks Maggie if she got her law degree by watching Legally Blonde multiple times. The actress playing opposing counsel on Taylor and Matt's maternity case, Alanna Ubach appeared in the film Legally Blonde as Serena.

    • Injoke: Eli jokingly refers to Maggie as "Veronica Mars." Julie Gonzalo, the actress who plays Maggie, starred as Parker on the third season of Veronica Mars. Veronica Mars was a show about a young, blond haired, high school student who worked with her private investigator father as well as on her own solving crimes in a southern California town.

    • Featured Music:
      "One By One" by The Black Seed
      "Stay" Gabriel Rios
      "Walking On My Feet" by Moonbabies
      "Sunlight" by Matt Pond PA
      "You Can Rely On Me" by Kim Taylor
      "One More Try" by George Michael


    • Martin: Miss Dekker, I applaud your willingness to aver what you have no doubt perceived to be An Inconvenient Truth...
      Referencing the award-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth (2006) featuring Al Gore and his effort to spread the word and create awareness about global warming and its effects.

    • Eli: Town's about a block long, Veronica Mars.
      Referring to the TV show Veronica Mars, starring Kristen Bell as a high school student who solves mysteries in the town of Neptune.

    • Episode's Title
      This is a song performed by George Michael, off his album Faith.