Eli Stone

Season 2 Episode 8

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 16, 2008 on ABC



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    • (Eli tells Frank that Ashley got scared of his "powers")
      Eli: What I'm after here is some advice on how to make Ashley not think of me as a complete nut job.
      Frank: Then go back in time and don't tell her. And while you're back there, tell me not to go into the smoothie business. Waste of money, that was.

    • Taylor: Look, I'm sorry to have to play this card, but I'm starving, and I'm moody, and my pants are being held together by a rubber band. Now you call Diane and tell her I'm taking over or no baby pictures for you
      Jordan: Okay, calm down.
      Taylor: That's right, Dad, fear the hormones.

    • Eli: What's she being charged with?
      Agent Maine: Alleged terrorist activity.
      Eli: What?
      Genny: Come on.
      Eli: She doesn't exactly look like John Walker Lindh.
      Agent Maine: That didn't stop her from building a nuclear bomb in her backyard.

    • Taylor: On a personal note… I'm ashamed of you.
      Ellen: Until you've walked in my shoes, you have no right to judge me.
      Taylor: Fine. I'll have my father buy me a pair of $600 Chanel flats before our next meeting.

    • (Eli gets a text message and laughs)
      Nathan: Where is my brother, and why has he been replaced by a twelve-year-old girl?

    • Ashley: So you're telling me that you're like… Spider-Man?
      Eli: Um, except I don't catch super-villains. I win trials.
      Ashley: Because the visions tell you what cases to take?
      Eli: See? You get it already. I mean, some people… you have to explain that a couple of times. (Ashley chuckles nervously) But some people, um, think it's a gift.
      Ashley: Jewelry is a gift. You just told me you work for God.

    • Genny: I know exactly where I'd like to stick those nuclear materials.

    • Genny: I'm sorry. Sometimes I forget that when you've got an I.Q. north of 150, people sometimes don't understand what you tell them. So let me put it to you in one-syllable words : I will not go work for the Man.
      Eli: You either go work for the Man or he sends you to prison. Which would you rather do? Would you rather make license plates or history?

    • Genny: You wouldn't understand.
      Eli: Believe me, I do. I understand that you have a gift. But a gift is something that is given. You don't own it. The world does… And the world is asking you to use it. And you don't get to say no. No matter how much you might want to.

    • Eli: You look beautiful today, Patti. That color suits you.
      Patti: Oh! You finally got yourself some. I was wondering if you'd taken a vow of chastity.

    • Eli: Thanks for coming.
      Keith: Hey, no problem. I was just thinking how my day could use a good body cavity search.

    • Genny: Sure. I'll testify... when pigs can fly faster than the speed of light--in effect, slowing time so that when they return to Earth, they'll find out that Hell has frozen over.

    • Nathan: (to Eli) Oh my god, you finally let the little attorney out of his briefs.

    • Taylor: What do you think? This makes me look fat, right?
      Matt: No, I think it's the pregnancy that does that. But the pregnancy also makes you glow.
      Taylor: I look like a boat.
      Matt: A beautiful pregnant boat.

    • Taylor: You know, I hate it when you're right.
      Matt: That's why I rarely am.

    • Maggie: I just... I told her you were special.
      Eli: Ohhh! That's code for weirdo! No wonder she acted strange when I told her about my vision. You had her primed to think that I'm crazy town.
      Maggie: Well , why did you tell her about your vision in the first place? You had three dates.
      Eli: Four.
      Maggie: Oh, right, I forgot--third date, sex, fourth date, tell her you're a prophet.

    • Eli: Think of prophet as a schmancy title like duke, or viscount.
      Ashley: That's an interesting perspective.
      Eli: What is a viscount, anyway?
      Ashley: I don't know. Half a count?

    • Keith: You ready?
      Eli: Keith, I've got mojo, and it's rising. I'm going to kick some serious ass, I can feel it.
      Keith: Okay, you're frightening me now.

    • Beth: Ashley's a very lucky woman, Eli. You're a catch.
      Eli: Oh, yeah? How come you never returned my calls after our night at college?
      Beth: It was your first time. Our "night" was a little more like 30 seconds.
      Eli: Oh yeah.

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