Eli Stone

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2008 on ABC
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Eli takes up the case of a prisoner who is coincidently Keith's ex-client. Meanwhile, the law firm is visited by one of its partners, Marci Klein, who wants to investigate as to why the law firm was losing its Fortune 500 clients. This investigation by Marci could threaten Jordan's reign.moreless

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  • Eli takes on a Warden!

    Eli has a vision of a man who is in prison. The prisoner and others are being mistreated by the warden so Eli takes the case and forces the warden to resign. Meanwhile Taylor and Dowd take another case together and find themselves talking about going on a date. Overall this was another good installment of a great show. I am disappointed in the fact that the show is trying to make Taylor and Dowd a couple. Those 2 together does nothing for me. It seems this episode may have been meant as a filler but turned out to be rather good. I hope this show keeps it coming.moreless
  • Live Brave.

    This, I feel, is where the show "Eli Stone" starts. Before now, Eli's visions have almost always been revealed, pondered, and resolved all in one episode. But the vision at the end of this episode is the beginning of the direction that the show will take for the rest of the season, if not beyond. Eli has envisioned two pivotal events in his life; getting married to Maggie and having a child, and becoming a household name, equivalent with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The final few seconds of the episode show Eli being hailed a moral hero to thousands. This is probably my favorite episode yet. I cannot wait to see the direction this "Live Brave" theme will take us.moreless
  • Don't want to be a party-pooper, but...

    Most regulars here at the Eli Stone page know that I love this series. I thought this episode took two moderately interesting court cases and intertwined them (as usual), but they weren't my personal cup of tea.

    The homo sapien angle is interesting and gave us a chance to see the new, nicer Taylor softening her image (for the most part). She still taunted Eli about her affair with Dowd, but, hey, a woman-scorned, etc.

    Prison reform is an important topic, but it's been done so many times (we should still be reminded of it) that I don't think the average Eli viewer is moved that much by it any more. It is a series standard to take two (or sometimes, three) legal strings and go back and forth between them, while adding office politics and romance into the mix (along with Eli's continuing medical condition). I was thinking that they kind of threw two off-the-wall legal plots together on this one.

    More importantly is the introduction of Marci Klein (the K in WPK played, by Katey Sagal of Married With Children and Futurama - what a switch), who will have a bigger role this Sunday in what I think will be the 'breakthrough' episode for this show - with maybe 50% more viewers than this one. I'm hoping for 8 or 9 million vs. the 5.9 mil for Thursday's show (edit: it came in at 9.19 million viewers on Sunday) that went up against new ER and 'Trace' eps as it gets a brand new Desperate Housewives as a lead-in.

    I'm hoping maybe it's best to get this episode out of the way and save the SF Earthquake installment for Sunday. Smart programming by ABC, which really seems determined to give Eli its best chance to come back next year. That's the most important consideration right now - isn't it?

    Almost put this down as 'filler episode', but there's a little too much character development going on in this one for that. We are getting more and more background and a sense of where these characters are going and that sets up well for a series that we hope has a nice, long run.

    I really like this series, its characters and actors... but you can't hit a home run everytime at bat.moreless
  • A vision of the future moves Eli to defend a prisoner who has been denied parole, and act odd towards Maggie's impending nuptials. While Taylor and Matt grow closer defending two gay chimps who have been separated.moreless

    So it is 2018 and Eli is running for something in Times Square, what is a mystery, but we come to see that he has Maggie and Keith and Maggie is holding a kid, and the crowd is cheering and donning banners reading "Live Brave", so what exactly is this all about?

    Ten years earlier Eli takes on the case of a prisoner denied his civil rights which he is still entitled to, leading Eli and Keith to take on a class action law suit against the prison on behalf of the prisoners, while their case is successful in getting their client a parole hearing he is unsuccessful in being granted parole.

    A partner in WPK returns from the London office, K herself Klein, played by Katey Sagal, who returns to question the firms changes towards the high and mighty, away from the fortune 500 companies that have been the firms bread and butter, towards more pro bono work and suing their own clients on behalf of the little man.

    Then there was Taylor and Matt suing to reunite two gay chimps who were separated because of a right wing agenda, I liked this case it was very light hearted and funny, and touching.

    So is this the new direction for the show, for Eli, will he one day run for office on the coattails of another man's mantra? It seems that he and Maggie will end up together and that Keith will be by his side whenever he makes this historic and monumental speech. The questions is will he need his visions for this?moreless
  • Well-written story lines and endearing characters.

    Every time I watch an episode of this show I get completely sucked in. I may be living in Season 1 fantasy land but I feel like a new bride on her honeymoon. Every episode is exciting and new. At the start of this episode, Eli has a vision from 10 years in the future. He doesn't question his vision, he just starts digging until he figures out what his mission is. In this case, it's representing a prisoner who he saw in his vision as the leader of the Live Brave movement in 2018. Eli also caused a little mischief when he set Matt and Taylor up on a case, representing gay chimps. It was quite funny. I especially liked the sarcastic wit of the opposing attorney played by Alanna Ubach. I hope they use her again because she was funny. The chimp story brought tears to my eyes. I'm not sure how I feel about the sudden appearance of Marci Klein, one of the partners. I really don't think this show needs an internal antagonist but I'm willing to wait and see.moreless
Jennifer Aspen

Jennifer Aspen

Dr. Leila Maxford

Guest Star

Sterling K. Brown

Sterling K. Brown

David Mosley

Guest Star

Carlos Jacott

Carlos Jacott

Willie Matos

Guest Star

Jason Winston George

Jason Winston George

Keith Bennett

Recurring Role

Jodi Long

Jodi Long

Judge Marcia Phelps

Recurring Role

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    • David Mosley: But I don't care! People's got to stand up for what they believe in, Mr. Stone. We've got to... (Eli and Mosley in unison) ...live brave.

    • Matt: I just think you, of all people, just wanted her to be happy.
      Eli: And going out with you, she's that how?
      Matt: Ha! That's funny!

    • Eli: Shouldn't you be busy trying to hit on someone's fiancée?
      Matt: Oh I'm busy with yours, actually.

    • Eli: You have to admit, the whole engagement thing kind of came out of nowhere.
      Maggie: No it didn't, it came out of Ohio.

    • Maggie: We don't know what's going to happen, Eli. That's why they call it the future.

    • Cathy Borilla: So basically chimps are human, just shorter, stupider, and with more hair. You just described my ex-husband.

    • Eli: All right, then we'll help everyone. Class action on behalf of the entire prison population. We'll sue for denial of parole hearings, violation of civil rights, prisoner abuse, all of it.
      (David Mosely chuckles from his hospital bed)
      Keith: Something funny about that?
      David Mosely: Just like the way you boys roll.

    • Eli: Apes, one's her client and the other is her co-counsel.
      Taylor: I can't believe that you are jealous of Matt Dowd.
      Eli: I'm not jealous.
      Taylor: Fine, we'll see if you are. If you need me, I'll be in Matt's office working shoulder-to-shoulder with him late into the night.
      Keith: You live a very interesting life.
      Eli: Don't I, though.

    • Patti: (to Taylor and Matt after both argue over why each took the chimp case) All right, knock it off. I don't care how you got here. But this (turns computer screen to face them) is what this case is about. Now, you put your high-priced law degrees to work. I'll be outside, but no one leaves until you figure out how you're going to save my chimps.

    • Matt: (to Taylor) You know you act like you don't like chimps. But deep down, you kind of like us.

    • David Mosely: And I wouldn't be standing here right now if it weren't for the people whose lives touched mine years ago. People like my very good friend, Eli Stone. (pauses for applause) A man whose words and deeds remind us that (pauses) there is no faith without hope, no justice without compassion, no humanity without fairness. A man who reminds us, every one of us, the least of us is still divine. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the man we've all come here to see tonight, Eli Stone.

    • Chen: Usually the rock stars in your dreams are older, whiter, and more British.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Air Dates:
      Venezuela: July 1, 2008 on Sony Entertainment Television
      Czech Republic: August 3, 2008 on AXN
      Germany: October 8, 2008 on Pro7
      Australia: January 8, 2009 on Seven
      Norway: January 21, 2009, on Tv2
      The Netherlands: February 2, 2009 on Net 5

    • Matt Letscher (Nathan Stone) does not appear in this episode.


    • Cathy Borilla: Steve the chimp is heartbroken. Is that a Pixar movie?
      Referencing Pixar Animation Studios, which develops children's movies such as Toy Story, The Incredibles, Cars and Finding Nemo.

    • Marci Klein: (to Jordan about his artwork) I remember your first original piece, an Elmer Bischoff.
      Elmer Bischoff was a famous American artist from the San Francisco Bay area which is where WPK law firm is located. Bischoff was known as an Abstract Expressionist painter and he created his most famous works in the 1950s and 60s.

    • Episode's Title
      This episode's title alludes to George Michael's 2004 album, titled Patience.