Eli Stone

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on ABC

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  • There's potential here...

    I definitely see potential in this series. Eli's first vision, of George Michael singing "Faith" was perfect. Because that's what this show reminds me of: faith. Namely, that while there's almost always going to be some POSSIBLE explanation for a vision, or a miracle, or any other supernatural occurrence (in this case, Eli has a Brain aneurysm), while there is almost never a way to 100% prove that such occurrences are, indeed, supernatural, sometimes, as the man said, "you gotta have faith". I'm going to be watching this show with keen interest to see how things develop. I hope it goes well, but hey, I've got faith.
  • The show may have a similar concept to earlier shows but for me it was a fresh take on the concept. The concept of a lawyer that has bizarre visions and uses them to help those

    The show may have a similar concept to earlier shows but for me it was a fresh take on the concept. The concept of a lawyer that has bizarre visions and uses them to help those he encounters. In Eli Stones case these vision make him pick the most needy and deserving client for his legal services. I like the fact that Eli is hinted to having a divine power behind his abilities which is clocked in eastern mythology but sadly the smallest hint of God is too much for some. For me personally after all the promos of George Michael on a table signing. I thought this show was going to be more comedy driven but thankfully it's not. The comedic elements are mixed in with high doses of drama. Good show I think it'll be fun with even Loretta Divine a tv show familiar face adding to the comedy and giving Eli a mother hen to keep him in check.
  • This is a fresh new show.

    Johnny Lee Miller does a fantastic job in this role. His assistant Patti is hilarious with her one-liners and diatribes. I am really enamoured with this show. The characters are fun and quirky. The cases that are brought to Eli are intersting. The cast does a really fantastic job of keeping the pacing quick and the writers are keeping everything witty and funny. I'm really looking forward to seeing how things progress with our headcase Eli. I question though, if he has an inoperable brain aneurysm, how long can the show go on for? I hope it goes on for a while. I think this is one of the best new pilots in the last couple of years. Excellent show!!!
  • A very interesting concept, with an even better explanation. I look forward to more episodes.

    This show has a premise I really like, a guy has visions that help him figure out what he has to do in life. In a way it's like "Touched by an Angel" but with the angel always helping the same person. However, unlike "Pushing Up Daisies" or "Journeyman" we get a very rational, plausible explanation for what's going on. There's no mystery to solve or "it just happened" one day. He has an anyurism that gives him visions. Visions that tell him what to do "have faith", what to do with his father's ashes, who the lady was he helping. And as he follows them, good things happen. The genre is old but the twist is nice.

    I like Eli, he is a likable person. I appreciate the fact that he's not fighting his gift. The "I deny my give" schitck is even more tired and I'm glad they didn't use it. To me that's just bad writing and poor planning. I prefer to see the embrace, even if he screws it up. His secretary is funny and makes for a good partner. We'll have to see what happens with his girlfriend, whether or not she sticks around. His boss, a vet in law shows, is a good choice and should provide some fun moments. However, I think the real gem is "Dr. Chen". When he dropped his accent and explained everything I thought that was very well done. His explanation of the visions was well done as well, basically telling there are 2 levels, the physical and the divine. The physical gave you the ability but it's the divine that's shaping them. And what he does with them is still his choice. I look forward to seeing more.
  • I was enthusiastic. A little disappointed. Not bad. Kinda funny. Most good parts were shown in the commercials.

    I was so very excited about this series. Excited that it seemed to be a somewhat original idea. Excited that Loretta Devine would be in it - and not just guest starring. Not so much excited, as I was intrigued that George Michael would play a small part. Because of the recent over run of Reruns, due to the writers strike, I was hungry - okay starving for something that I haven't seen before. I must say I was a bit disappointed. It seemed that all the good parts were shown in the trailors and the commercials. I knew what was going to happen, not one surprise - except for the fact that I didn't know I would not like Eli's fiance much. But obviously she is there to fill a certain criteria - ie: we aren't supposed to like her much. As far as the storyline goes, predictable but good. It was not all that original or realistic. But I didn't tune in for realism. The controversy surrounding the plot was silly - a television show is not going to influence me in one way or another on getting my children vaccinated. But, with that controversy came more publicity. So I can imagine that didn't hurt the ratings one bit. The things that were put up as "fate" on this episode, seemed just a bit too clumsily coincidental. Especially the whole girl he loses his virginity to - he doesn't recognize her.

    The jokes were funny - but only in a short giggle kinda way. One funny part that I wasn't expecting was when Eli goes to Beth's house after he realized who she was and asks if her son is his. She says "Yes, he is. I was pregnant for 8 years." Priceless! My favorite character for laughs is Dr. Chen, played wonderfully by James Saito. He has been around a long time in this business, and I hope we get to see him in a more regular way now.

    The character of Eli Stone played by Johnny Lee Miller is definetely a likeable one. But could Johnny ever play an unlikeable one? He is so darn cute. However, his crossover from yuppie to prophet was quick and hard to believe. Eli is awkward, and falls down a lot, embarrasses himself - and that is always a crowd pleasing quality for a character. I hope there is a little more depth to this character. The chemisty between Eli and Taylor is basically nonexistent, I hope that is not just because I have an aversion to tall blonde types....

    The flashbacks and dream sequences are entertaining. And Tom Cavanaugh as Eli's deceased father is a huge plus. Too bad he is dead, I love Tom Cavanaugh! It will be good to see more of Matt Letscher too.
  • A great start to a new series.

    I can't wait to watch more. This is a great, innovative series with a great cast of characters. It has drama, comedy, and emotional moments throughout. In this episode, we are introduced to Eli and those in his life; his secretary, brother, mother, boss, clients, and his father. (Now passed.) It is interesting to see how Eli's condition and its revelation changes his life forever. How he suddenly forgives his father after years of blaming him for... well for just about everything. I would recommend this series to everyone and anyone, for its depth of material and its ability to really make you think about your own life. Can't wait to see more next week!!
  • Very interusting new series.

    Eli Stone is a lawyer who finds out that he is prophet. This is was a very interusting episode and a very interusting new series. It was kind of confusing through. I really didn't pick up on the whole "prophet thing" the ending for me was ruined, because my mom told me what happened before I got to finsih the episode, but it was still fairly good. I'm not sure if they will get a whole season, or more than one season from this show. It just does not seem like there will be enough to do, who knows. Maybe in the next couple of episodes they will get some plot that could last a couple of episodes. I guess I will watch it again.
  • Prominent lawyer, Eli Stone has everything he could wish for; career, fiance, stability, and financial comfort. However, audio and visual hallucinations bring him to a divergent path on his journey through life.

    I didn't have high hopes for Eli Stone. I certainly didn't expect to enjoy it. Sure, I watched the 7 minute preview clip and saw that it might be cute or quirky. But as the sibling of someone with a brain injury, I am automatically biased by the way the show portrays a character with similar traits or conditions.
    For Eli Stone, his perfect, ideal life is changed completely when he sees and hears George Michael. He thinks he's going crazy, only to find that he has inherited an inoperable brain aneurism from his alcoholic father. Childhood resentments and blame are resolved as the family comes to terms with the fact that the late Mr. Stone couldn't help his condition, which he tried to drown with alcohol.
    Instead of the news turning Eli morbid and depressed, it gives him the opportunity to take risks he never thought possible. It also grants him an interesting perspective on right and wrong, moral and immoral, and how he can play a part in evening the balance.
    I look forward to the next episode to see if it can live up to the standards set in the premier.