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Eli Stone

Season 1 Episode 8

Praying for Time

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Eli has a vision of an earthquake in San Francisco. Dr.Chen helps Eli realise that the quake is in the region where his client is planning on building a shopping mall by evicting the residents from their home. Eli understands that the only way to protect the people is by his client evicting the people by any means necessary even bribing the judge.moreless

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  • Eli decides to take control of the things that seemingly are trying to lead him to become a better human being and a better lawyer... this was a good idea!

    This epispde reminds us that we need to wait in order to know the reasons behinds the things taht happen to us! this is why I watch Eli Stone. It is a diffirent show and doesnt focus on trashy stuff, like 99.9% of other shows, but instead, in each episode it lifts us up for an hour to a place of hope and faith. i know i sound silly but it's the truth... I am still waiting and hoping to see the consequences of what Eli did in this episode, and Patty was such a talented actress, she had a very significant role in trying to oppose Eli and his visions.. I still dont know whether she was right or not.moreless
  • Relying heavily on his vision of an earthquake in Patti's neighborhood, Eli takes a case to represent a man who wants to destroy the neighborhood to redevelop it, thinking that by forcing everyone out and letting the developer in, he'll be saving lives.moreless

    This episode was one of the most intense I've seen yet. After many of his visions have proven helpful and, more importantly, true, Eli starts to really put some stock by them. When he sees vision of a news report that there will be an earthquake in Patti's neighborhood, he knows that he needs to take the side of a developer who wants to raze the place to build high-rise condos, which would force the residents to leave, thus saving them from the phantom quake. But taking the side of a community-renowned ass has its repercussions, especially when no one understands Eli's unique gift. Patti even turns from Eli, saying that he's reverted to the money-grubbing lawyer he had so recently shed. Taylor doesn't understand his rush to get the trial over with, and starts to distance herself from him. It all goes to hell when the earthquake doesn't come and Patti turns her back on Eli. At the end of the episode, Eli has lost his faith in his gift. I can't wait to see where it goes from here.moreless
  • Drama, comedy, action - this episode has it all. With a major earthquake hanging over the proceedings, it's hard to choose a classification for this one. We can't use the word 'c!assic' in the review, so I chose the above. (See what we did there ! )?moreless

    There is a civil action between a developer and the people he wants to evict as well as the murder trial of a famous baseball player intertwined here. The evictees are, in Eli's dream sequences, in the danger zone for a major earthquake, so Eli is at loggerheads as to whether he should represent his client to the best of his ability or save their lives.

    The murder trial of the baseball player, Jayson 'Chris' Turk (another allusion to 'Scrubs here - Chris Turk is JD's best friend in Scrubs and there were two references to that show in the previous Eli episode) is concluding with numerous twists and turns. The 'mock' trial, whereby Eli's firm tries to simulate what will happen if Turk takes an insanity defense, is real-life law. Large firms often run 'pretend' trials with hired juries to see how different scenarios will play out.

    The earthquake/Carole King-song fantasy scene between Taylor, Maggie and Eli will be a highlight at next year's emmys. Patty gets a lot of air time here and we are beginning to feel as though Maggie, despite the friction, is going to be perfect for Eli and beat out Taylor, who seemingly wants to reconcile. Oh, and the closing scene between Eli and Dr. Chen is gripping in its existential ramifications (did I just write that?)

    The way we are teased with the impending earthquake - never knowing whether it is the 'big one' or we have drifted into another dream sequence is genius. Can't tell you how well written these recent episodes have been. This series is quickly becoming one of my favorite 'dramedies' of all time. The Rockford Files (with flights of fancy) comes to mind for those of you old enough to remember that series.moreless
  • To quake or not to quake....

    So, Eli wakes up in the morning and decides to take charge of his life. He will control his visions, the tumor will not control him! His good intentions immediately go out the window when he runs out of his apartment in his boxer shorts carrying a duck statue to escape an earthquake that only he is experiencing. He soon believes a terrible earthquake is going to strike Patti's old neighborhood and many people will die, including Patti. The neighborhood is fighting an eminent domain ruling, which will result in the demolition of their homes. Eli represents the developer who will get the land. Eli believe he can save everyone if he brokers a settlement and the people move away. However, when Taylor sinks the deal, Eli uses underhanded means to win the case because he believes it's the only way to save everyone. When the quake doesn't come, Eli is angry and frustrated. In a very passionate scene with Dr. Chen, he questions if he has destroyed his life in a mistaken belief that God is guiding him. He has lost faith in himself and decides to remove his tumor even if it kills him. The scene was so powerful I was in tears. This entire episode was well written and well acted. Loretta Devine and Jonny Lee Miller are standouts among an excellent cast.moreless
  • Already well described.

    This series just gets better and better. The acting is top-notch, and the stories are well-written. Eli's conflict with his medical condition, and whether God is guiding him is both honest and challenging. Let's see what happens in the next episode that might help him decide what is really going on.

    The relationship with his ex-fiance and his new assistant (or should we say 'boss' in this episode) is becoming more and more interesting. I'm hoping this show continues, but usually the things I like (JERICHO, JOURNEYMAN, AMERICAN DREAMS, BROOKLYN BRIDGE) don't normally last very long. So my extreme fondness of this show is probably its death kneal.

    At least with the writers' strike, we'll probably at least get to see all 13 episodes.moreless
Steve Harris

Steve Harris

Jayson Turk

Guest Star

Patrick Breen

Patrick Breen

Paul Sweren

Guest Star

Meta Golding

Meta Golding

Carly Turk

Guest Star

Jason Winston George

Jason Winston George

Keith Bennett

Recurring Role

Jodi Long

Jodi Long

Judge Marcia Phelps

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • It is revealed in this episode that Patti's last name is Dellacroix. Patti is Eli's executive secretary.

    • During the first earthquake vision while Eli is shaving, he gets some shaving cream on his shirt, but when he gets out to the hallway the shaving cream is gone.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Judge Marcia Phelps: I hate granting mistrials, Mr. Weathersby. (Jordon prepares to object) Almost as much I hate unfair trials.
      Matt: If you declare a mistrial, your honor, Jayson can't be tried again. It's double jeopardy.
      Sweren: It doesn't apply in the case of a mistrial.
      Keith: It does when the mistrial arises out of prosecutorial misconduct. (Gestures toward Sweren) He's been dead-set on winning this any way he can.
      Sweren: Court may grant you qualified immunity against a slander suit but that doesn't mean I won't file one.
      Judge Marcia Phelps: You boys want to take a ruler to the men's room and measure yourselves, fine, but keep it out of my court room. I want to talk to Carly Turk. Then I'll make my decision.

    • (After confronting Jayson Turk about plotting with his wife to have his trial declared a mistrial)
      Keith: Rules are for other people, right?

    • Eli: Is this about Solinsky?
      Patti: It's about your representing that scum-sucking lizard.
      Eli: Well, if it bothers you so much, why didn't you say something?
      Patti: Like what? That you're lower than Dick Cheney's bunion to be his lawyer?

    • Patti: Objection! Condescending.
      Eli: It was not!
      Patti: I have been a legal secretary ever since you were an itch in your daddy's pants. I know an objectionable question when I hear one.

    • Dr. Chen: Lie down.
      Eli: Is it needle time? I love needle time.
      Dr. Chen: You're never allowed to call it needle time again.

    • Eli: (confessing) Patti... sometimes I have visions of the future.
      Patti: Am I being 'punked'... is that cute Ashton Kutcher gonna jump out here? (straightening her clothes and posture) I hear he appreciates the 'mature' woman.

    • Eli: Hey... what's going on?
      Maggie: Umm, let's see. Another 'celebutante' got photographed getting out of her car without her panties on, and I think...
      Eli: (interrupting) No, I mean with you.

    • Eli: C'mon, Patti. An earthquake hits and you only have time to save one thing. What do you pick?
      Patti: A heavy, blunt object to hit you with.

    • Eli: (after Maggie believes him about an upcoming earthquake) I told my brother. I told Patty. Taylor. None of them believed me. You didn't even hesitate. You know, you're pretty amazing.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: July 5, 2008 on Kanal 4
      Czech Republic: July 13, 2008 on AXN
      Sweden: August 20, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Germany: September 17, 2008 on Pro7
      Norway: December 17, 2008, on Tv2
      Australia: December 30, 2008, on Seven
      The Netherlands: January 12, 2009 on Net 5

    • Injoke: The baseball player's full name, Jayson Christopher Turk, is mentioned in court. In the previous episode, there were two allusions to the sitcom, Scrubs, which has, as one of its co-stars, Chris Turk, played by Donald Faison.

    • Injoke: The name of Jayson Turk's wife is another nod to characters in Scrubs as the name of the wife of Donald Faison's character, Chris Turk, is Carla, portrayed by Judy Reyes.

    • Featured Music:

      "How Will You Love Me" by Nina Natasia
      "Life in Faith" by Shawn Hlookoff
      "Cranky" by Winterpills
      "I Feel the Earth Move" by Carole King


    • San Francisco Earthquake
      The earthquake that Eli sees in his visions reference two of the most devastating natural disasters in California and U.S. history - the 'Great' quake of 1906 and the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake that both caused major destruction in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    • Episode's Title: "Praying For Time"
      This is a song performed by George Michael.