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  • not funny

    annoying and derivative
  • outstanding series

    Unbelievable that it was canceled. The acting is wonderful. The writing is

    clever and concise even with different writers. The stories are creative and imaginative.

    No one can possibly take the scientific suspension of belief seriously. It's part

    of the fun. Everything is quality. Pure great enjoyable entertainment. I'd love to see it

    come back. It would be interesting to see how that would alter the stories after all that time. With such great talent in this production I'm sure it's possible.
  • Me alcanou aqui no BRASIL

    Eu amava demais essa serie, umas das quais eu curti bastante, sempre com episodios inovadores e criativos, simplesmente demais! E uma pena ter terminado na segunda, espero um dia quem sabe, um retorno. Parabens pelo seriado! Grande beijo do Brasil para voces! :* BRAZIL
  • Season3

    I and a lot of Japanese DVD watchers are looking forward to watching Season3. The Dram is great!
  • I thought this wasn't that great of a show, I really only watched it for that Lost commercial which wasn't really that great.

    I like the fact he did the right thing, but as you can see from the above review there are people who think that all corporations are like that, and that's because that's how networks like ABC portay them. I'm not sticking up for them because lets face it there are alot of bad corporations but not all are like that and I'm not another mindless person who lets Hollywood actors who can't control their lives tell me how to think about mine. Hey that's just me, I respect other opinons that is there opinions. I'm sure some will report this only because they don't agree with me. I also wasn't too happy about having the song "faith" by George Michael stuck in my head either. I will give it another shot but I can't see this being a show I would watch on a regular basis.
  • a uplifting show that features musical numbers, aneurysms, acupuncture, and lots of lawyers.

    the first thing that got me hooked were the musical numbers. they were so vibrant and out of place in a lawyer's world. seeing "jack bristo" (the dad in alias) crooning was a hilarious sight. dr. chen's character was a funny jab at chinese stereotypes. as i watched it more and more i got insanely hooked. the bad part was knowing it was cancelled when i started watching. it was an amazing 26 episodes, and i'm glad they finally aired the last few episodes. the characters really grew over the show's life. one's you hated you end up liking.

    it was also interesting to see how they treated faith & religion. it reminded me of the quote from chris rock's character in dogma. faith is what matters.being a good person is all you need to worry about. this was a nice change from all the lawyer,doctor,cop shows. i am very sad to see it go, too bad they can't cancel all these blasted reality shows.
  • A good show with a good cast and the potential to go that bit further, but feel short of the rating.

    Eli played by Johnny Lee Miller is a very good actor and perform his role very well. There was all kind of expression acting and very clever delivery. He was supported by a gifted cast who could sing and dance.

    Eli's major problem is having a tuma which leads to Eli's gift. Knowing the future through visions and dreams. But in his dream world the graphics you get at times is rather low-par. The stories all link together and are very well written.

    It was rather surprising to see all that singing and George Michael playing himself. It just added to what the show was about.

    But in the heart of the show is religion and the basis for what is god. To me I felt a bit preached too, but this doesn't stop enjoyment.

    There was a lot of fun to be had in watching this show and Julie Gonzalo who plays Maggie I thought was very attractive. Alas it didn't last long and the all-powerful couldn't stop a cancellation.
  • Great sarcastic, dramatic and funny show with a hint of sci-fi. Seeing hallucinations featuring George Michael is considered sci-fi in by my book :)

    I Always looked forward to watching the next Eli Episode, hopefully they will be picked up again.

    I hate it when the networks finally find something good and then after securing a fan base they cancel every thing. Is it a marketing trick? Do they plan to revive Eli later thus hoping for a bigger audience? I don't know what they are planing, I just want my weekly dose of Eli back. Maybe we the fans are in the a bad age group and no advertiser wants to buy ads before or after this show. . . . . .
  • Great show a rare gem the first show I would ever characterize as heart warming. Eli Stone had a unique premise and characters that sucked you in. For once in my tv viewing history I was concerned with every character even the ones I didn't like.

    Great show a rare gem the first show I would ever characterize as heart warming. Eli Stone had a unique premise and characters that sucked you in. For once in my tv viewing history I was concerned with every character even the ones I didn't like. The plot of the show a modern day prophet was done perfectly. Making a sleazy lawyer with an Aneurysm the voice of god added complexity to the story and how the characters would deal with Eli and his visions. The family history of Eli with his father having the same power being revealed slowly over the two seasons was also well played. The silly dance sequences made me uncomfortable at times as Eli goes into another world and embarrasses himself but at the same time. I enjoyed the good feel they added to the show. Guess a dancing prophet show with a lawyer from San Francisco was too much for regular tv and sadly we don't get guaranteed smiles each week.
  • All time Fav Show

    This was an amazing show it is just like tv, to cancel something wonderful. Because of it I have completely stopped watching that network, and have encouraged all my family and friends that loved the show to do the same. This was an amazing show it is just like tv, to cancel something wonderful. Because of it I have completely stopped watching that network, and have encouraged all my family and friends that loved the show to do the same. This was an amazing show it is just like tv, to cancel something wonderful. Because of it I have completely stopped watching that network, and have encouraged all my family and friends that loved the show to do the same.
  • -

    First of all, the show isn't exactly perfect, and has a few flaws such as the stometimes uninteresting plots. Although this is generally the feeling that you get in the beginning of some episodes, but as you move along, the plot really becomes less relevant, the actors, the cae, the emotion and the whole thing just appeals to all senses and just makes you care. And honestly, that's really worth much more than any number of twists and turns ( which there are in the series ). The series also show so many human aspects of society, and to watch it and appreciate it is to appreciate life in many senses, from family to freinds. Beyond that, the music, and every other element of the series just makes you love it.

    Now a lot of people say that this is a vey old plot about a lawyer that starts over and becomes caring. But this is not true; the plot is very different, it's not about him, it's about everyone in teh series. And he's not this really tough lawyer that was the top of his game and now he's breaking down. He was a good lawyer, and he still is. I can't explain but it's just different. As they say, seeing is beleiving, so you really have to see Miller's performace.
  • A quality show that I looked forward to watching...

    Why is it that the networks think they know more than the general public? Are the numbers really that low for this show? I would very much dispute the network programmer on this. This show was funny, sad, thought-provoking, and just a really good show. I think that the numbers are skewed because I for one would DVR the show and watch it later. Just because I did that does NOT mean that I wouldn't have watched the show at whatever time slot it was on. If you could read this, I would love it if you'd reconsider your decision.
  • Finally a positive show on network tv. Oh, it's canceled, and that is why. Only if they had trashy storyline and sex it would make it. If

    I really like Eli Stone for it's fresh feeling. What I mean is no trashy or dark storylines. Hard to find a positive show in the first place, but to find one that has a great cast and production is far and few between. Nice to have a show you can end the night on the couch w/ a teenager and not worry about what he is taking from the story. I believed this show was actually showing my son that tv does not have to be about murder or drugs all the time. It can just be about people trying to do the right thing. The cast is vibrant and fresh. The guy who plays Eli Stone is witty and very good theatrical actor. We really enjoyed watching the cast grow as human beings. In shows today they don't grow as characters but rather just go onto sleeping w/ another cast member. Don't get me wrong I love shows like House, Criminal Minds and Sopranos. BUT it was just nice to have something different. Maybe a cable channel will pick up the show or maybe (lots of maybes) another positive show will be a part of the fall schedule.

    NOTE: Sorry for venting and not proofreading. I don't blame the networks for people not watching shows like Eli Stone.
  • Great show!

    I have started watching Eli Stone just few days ago because a friend of mine told me it was a very nice show, and since then all I have done has been watch episode by episode no stop. All this just to say that Eli Stone is a great show. The fact that a very serious medical condition can be used with such interesting prospective is the point of strenght of the program. A weird lawyer with visions sent by God and all the great characters around him create every time a wonderful case and incredible stories. Funny moments and life problems together with faith and trust issues are well mixed for a great result.
  • Makes me cry like a baby, nearly every single episode. Despite it's failings, Eli Stone was beautiful, it was funny, it was a modern masterpeice.

    Probably the most heartfelt, meaningful, touching story that TV was ever gifted.

    The problem with Eli Stone was that it tried to appeal to two very opposed camps of belief. On one hand it promoted ideas of spirituality; a higher power, prophets and concepts of a paladin, chosen by God himself. On the other hand it tried to push forward with ideals which, often, are contrary to the beliefs which most Christians hold to. At times, Eli Stone tackles moral issues that are very clear, and you can believe that - were there a God - he would very likely fight against these issues himself. But at other times, the show gets it's feet crossed and has a little stumble when it tries to delve into the 'grey areas' of Christian morality. I wouldn't want to give any examples, but they are plain to see to any Eli fan. In this way, I feel the show shoots itself in the foot, alianating many Christian and Aethist audiences alike. While this is quite brave of the little show, it's certainly not a clever thing to do if you want to keep the ratings up.

    But, that asside, it's hard to find a single failing with Eli Stone. The music fuels the emotional and engaging content, which deals with both personal and epic levels of human behavoir, and the acting is at times nothing short of brilliant (particularly from Jonny Lee Millar, and the actor who plays Eli's Dad).

    Had it survived for just one more season, I'm certain we would have seen the story progress to levels of contexual speculative fiction rarely ventures. We saw some of it, in Eli's future flashes where he takes the stage as some kind of champion of the people, where he's married to Maggie and he has a kid, but we wanted to see more.

    It's a rare thing for any medium of art to have the stones (if you'll forgive the pun) to say 'hey, you know what, the world doesn't have to be like this. THIS is how easy it would be to change everything.' It's a powerful message which might seem idealistic or overly-sentimental to some. But then idealists and sentimental fools have always been the only ones who believed enough to stand up for justice and goodness, even in the face of dictators and greedy corperations.

    Eli Stone was a modern fairytale. Eli was the flawed but noble knight; greed and corruption was the dragon. But for the love of everything holy, wouldn't it have been nice to see him finally slay the dragon?
  • Awesome show, one of my favorites among dozens of shows I watch/have watched. Canceling a show this original and charming is a bad idea.

    When I first learned about this show I was reluctant to watch it. There are plenty of shows out there with lead characters that posses supernatural powers or have a direct line to higher powers. Lots of shows I like use that tag line. But when I started to watch Eli Stone I was hooked from episode one, and it just kept getting better and better. This show is phenomenal, a true gem among many good shows and sadly even more horrid ones.

    I very rarely encourage friends to watch any movie or to show and when I do, it's usually only because I love every bit of it. I have told everyone I know about this show, don't miss it, watch it and be entertained.
  • Awesome show

    An insightful and heart warming show about a lawyer with a brain tumor who sees musical visions from God. Eli Stone uses an interesting premise in a smart script with talented people across the board. The stories had complex messages that made one consider the subject matter. The actors delivered thought provoking performances with varying points of view. The series had so much potential to go for a few more seasons. Its difficult to understand why this classy show could not be saved based on its popularity. It would be great if ABC listened to the fans brought back Eli Stone.
  • An amazing and wonderful show, love it from the first day!

    This is a show I truly love and watching it only makes me happier and happier. It's quite a beautiful and hopeful show that makes you wanna see more and more of Eli's magnificent trip through life. Every case is new and exciting and you always get hooked up by the new and more exciting events that take place, from one character to the next all of the characters are incredible and you just fall in love with all of them. And its very refreshing to find a show in which sex intercourse between all characters is not a central issue, or overexagerated situations are overused. Plus, having those musical visions is always a nice and very happy momment. Never get tired of seeing those George Michael visions!! Shows you that good stuff can come from simple and joyful things!! End point is, you cant stop but love Eli Stone and all of his friends. Amazing!!!
  • The story of a perceptive Lawyer, Eli Stone, who has visions of the future all the while defending underdogs in the court room.

    I must admit, at first the show seemed a littled too much like other leagal shows around, more specifically it looked like Boston Legal played straight. But as I kept tuning in week after week I realized that I was hooked on the show's interesting spin on legal drama and more specifically the character Eli Stone.

    The show is built around Eli Stone, a hot shot young lawyer who at first represents big business with great success. He has it all a stellar career, lots of money and an attractive lawyer girlfriend but all turns upside down when he begins having halucinations and is later diagnosed with an anurism whch is operable but the odds of survival are not great.

    Instead of going on with his everyday life he decides to take something from his problems and begins to see that he is actually having visions. From this he alos decides to take more pro-bono work and represent down and outers with great success. At the end of the first season he has the anurism removed but early in the following season he continues to have visions.

    At the beginning I said that I felt that this show looked and felt alot like Boston Legal were Boston Legal played straight and to a degree I still feel that way. But what sets this drama apart from most other legal dramas is the greater purpose that it attempts to create within the story. As you learn that Eli is meant for greater things and he is only beginning his journey to better the world.
  • Eli Stone is one of only a few great feel good shows ou there.

    Eli Stone combines comedy, music, drama, great characters,story lines, and so much more. I was hooked on this show right from the beginning. It is a show that is great for everyone young or old. Recently I just found out it is not being picked up for another year. There is a chance to save eli stone though. So if you are like me and you dont want to loose another great show. please every one go to this website I heard about and join us, www.save-elistone.com. We have to fight for it or it may be gone forever and that would be a real shame to loose a show like this.
  • This show is uplifting and full of hope.

    Eli Stone reminds us that we should always put people first. I love a show in which miracles occur. It is so very entertaining. The story lines are creative and "hearing the music" is very refreshing, although it has forced me to buy a couple of CDs :). This is the only show on network TV that we, as a family, can watch and enjoy. The only things it is missing are the sex, violence and foul language, thank God! I guess that is why it has been dropped. At least we had the good sense to purchase the DVD so we will be able to watch it when ever we want.
  • LOVE the uplifting messages in this show!

    This show is so fabulous! Refreshing from the same old sitcoms on each channel. It's entertaining with the singing and dancing. Victor Garber especially is a favorite of mine! He won me over on Alias but this character has so much depth and emotion. I love the positive message in each episode. It's so refreshing to see a network not be afraid of using words like believe, god, prophet etc. It's also so nice to see a show that doesn't revolve around sex, dirty language and nudity! Great show ABC....keep this on the air for years to come.
  • Eli stone is just another cut throat lawyer until he starts hearing music while on the job. Thanks to a brain aneurism he becomes the next prophet directed by god himself. It has a amazing cast that are easy to connect to even though most are lawyers.

    This is one of my personal favorites now, at first i was skeptical. I myself am agnostic scientist so i believe there may be a god and in facts, but i don't follow a religion.I am also vary weary of any show that is about religion some may find this review offensive somehow but whatever. This show looks at god as helping people and not spouting off that you must worship every Sunday. It focuses on many different religious beliefs and doesn't discriminate on many of the things that are wrong with society weather its protecting the rights of gay chimps to fighting the man. Its odd to see a show about the man fighting the man, whether its a pharmaceutical company in the first episode, the government on new resources, even suing his own clients. The only problem with he series is the cancellation. Due to the writers strike the second season became a sort of leap frog int the story as I've said on forums its like the second part in a trilogy not a overall story but a build up. If it does not end up picked up afterward it will end up a cult classic, and a good watch. I highly recommend it, its something nice to watch in a world dominated by depressing stories.
  • Eli Stone is about a lawyer names Eli that suddenly begins to have visions that tell him which cases to take on. Not only that, but Eli's father also had the same ability.

    Eli Stone is a very fresh series. You are constantly at the edge of you seat waiting to see what will happen. You are never dissapointed. Eli is hilarious. He is serious when necessary and funny also when necessary. You are never let down. Most of the cases that Eli takes on turn out to be life altering. He is a savior that has visions from God. His dedication and self sacrifice make you want to be a better person. The show has awesome writers that often leave you with a profound message. It is said that the greatest things are often underappreciated. I believe that this show is one of the greatest things to hit television in years. It's story is truly unique and its meaning always hits home.
  • part 2

    to Jonny Lee Miller, Natasha Henstridge, Loretta Divine, Matt Lescher, Sam Jaeger, James Satio, Victor Garber, Julie Gonzalo and the amazing cast on Eli Stone, Without you guys it woudldn't have been what Eli Stone is and was!!! To bad we won't have the chance to see what it would have been!!! Of eli stone more ahead.!!!! I have no more to say, but to hope that more shows/series this type come along the way threw time, that actually focus in something people can care and give hope in life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no more to write but to keep !
  • Save Eli Stone!

    Hello Everyone, A great ABC show, Eli Stone, is on its way to cancellation. Please join me and others in letting ABC know that we need positive feel good programming such as Eli Stone on television. In a time when all that is on television is bad news, our country needs some positve reenforcements. If you have not seen the show check it out on hulu.com, other wise please comment to ABC, go to http://abc.go.com/site/contactus.html.

    This is an amazing show and it suffers because of its poor time slot. Its not often we get a show that is warm and awakening to the human mind. I'm not scared to say that I wish I can be like Eli Stone the character and help others. This may sound crazy but I have never seen a show that has made me want to change and make some kind of differnce.

    Thank you for your time and support,

  • Plot and character development? In MY (usually) formulaic legal drama???

    What I love about this show, specially this new season, is that the plot and the characters are evolving. It's not like Boston Legal where everyone and everything stays the same. The writers simply won't take real risks. Sure, they add and drop secondary characters, but they never invest anything in them. It's just a silly comedy and DEK's soap box.

    Eli Stone is different. It's not only about a San Fransisco attorney getting an aneurysm and seeing musical numbers, but about how this changed him and everyone around him. Only four episodes into this season and I can tell the writers are taking huge risks.

    Jonny Lee Miller's delivery is a bit... deadpan. But that's okay, because it works out just fine for this character.

    While Victor Garber's character might seem cliche in paper (the Corporate Lawyer Who Grows a Conscience) his delivery and gradual change is not only believable, but moving in a way so simple and genuine that I didn't think I'd ever get from prime time television. He is the best actor on this show and I hope we get to see more of him. Also he sings oh so well.

    While this might technically be considered a formulaic legal drama, there's a lot more to it than that. I'm not watching because of the case of the week. I watch because I want to know what's going to happen to the main characters.

    This one's a keeper. I'll break my heart if it doesn't get renewed.
  • A lawyer uses the visions he experiences to help people in need. Sadly, his visions are caused but an aneurysm in his brain.

    I have always held a soft spot in my heart for Jonny Lee Miller since Hackers. I think he is a great actor and not too bad to look at either. The rest of the cast also brings the show to life and makes you care about the characters. I love when the characters break out into song and dance so its not always too serious. Even though I'm not to big on religion I kind of like the whole higher power part of the show especially when god is played by George Michael or Sigourney Weaver. You never know what their going to think of next but one thing is for sure...Eli Stone is a wonderful show with great writing, acting, dancing, singing, and heart.
  • So much better than i thought 2nd season would be!!!

    Wow...i´ve been waiting every day until the 2nd season starts there in the states, so i can download it by the internet to see it here, ´cause i´m a little far away, and on our cable tv, the 1st season hasn´t ended yet.
    Oh it was really everything i waited for, and much, so much more...it´s a great show, keeps you thinking that theres still something exciting,good,nice and heartwarming to see on tv. I´m so anxious to see the following episodes, thanks god there is the internet, if not i wouldnt be able to see the new episodes until next year!!!
  • I have to admit....

    I never watched this series first time round simply because i was engrossed in other shows at it's season 1 showing i did'nt have time to watch, however the UK version of the Sci-Fi channel is showing this wonderful series every week.

    The show is about Eli, a lawyer that suddenly starts at first hearing and seeing George Michael, his songs have a certain theme to each episode, Eli then starts hearing other voices then having visions that brings him to do cases to help people. He saves their lives in a sense by taking their cases. We find out that maybe one reason he hears the voices and having the visions is because he has a brain aneurysm, however his Chinese acupuncturist has another idea, Eli may just be a prophet for our generation.

    The show is funny and refreshing, has a great cast and a feel good factor.
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