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  • This show has elements that are far reaching to many people. It is a positive breath of fresh air that lends itself to many possibilities. What you probably don't know if you haven't talked to many aneurysm survivors as how close you are on some things.

    Positive, uninhibited, enjoyable with subtle realities for some and hope for others. Each character has a uniqueness that attributes nicely to where and how we as people deal with differences, illnesses and each other in a much more positive light though it is in a controlled written setting. Keep it going because there is the need for it and an ever growing sense that we are far from the finished product. A good show at face value and one with some definite subliminal feeds intended or not. There is not enough positives shown on television and even if a case is lost with Eli if kept at its most positive point a lesson can always be learned and others benefit as well.
  • Great show! Refreshing story line!

    This show is very refreshing! This is the age of reality shows, and spin offs from former successful shows. I'm glad to see a show that is both unique and inspiring! Tonight's show is the first that I've seen from start to finish, and I really enjoyed it!

    Besides having a very good story line, I enjoyed the morals of the story! I look forward to viewing this show on a regular basis. I have become hooked on "Dancing with the Stars." Your new time slot following "Dancing with the Stars" couldn't be better! Keep up the good work! I have become a fan!
  • Best Show on TV - Eli Stone

    The first season of Eli Stone was intriguing as weekly I would clear my calendar for the next episode, sitting intently in my chair with kleenex at hand. It always touches my heart in every show, with such great messages about faith though not religion and about the possibility of a planned destiny for each of us. About learning to trust and about how we are who we are including our family members and about understanding that everyone makes the best decisions they can.

    Though, set in a very influential lawyer setting, this man believes in good, does good things for people and has a hard time sometimes believing it himself.

    EXCELLENT show - give it a watch. You will fall in love with it.
  • The show is great, for me... There is a great story line, there is humor, and a great great crew... This show is worth watching it ! 10/10

    When i started to watch this show, well.. i don't know.. i watched it because it was a pretty funny and interesting comedy, with an interesting, very interesting story line...
    After i watched 9 episode.. My opinion about this show started to change.. This is not a usual comedy.. this one is a drama, great drama by the way!
    So, as you can see, I'm from Latvia, and, it's easy to udnerstand, that in such a little country, no TV channel shows such great tv series.. 1 episode of Eli Stone, was translated for weeks... And after seeing 8-9 episodes, i just couldn't wait anymore.. This show is just fantastic !!!
    So... To sum up:

    story line - 10
    crew - 10
    + it's pretty funny (8/10)
    my total score for this show is 10.

    For those who didn't watch it yet - it's worth it!!!

    I want to say sorry, for my language.. If there are any mistakes, sorry:)
    I don't if my review is usefull, cuz there's not much info about the show... What this show is about, and so on.. Sorry, I just don't want to spoil, because if i start - there will be no chance someone can stop me! :D

    So.. have a great day, Eli fans !
  • The whimsical journey of a modern day prophet as he walks on his father's shoes to his rightful destiny.

    In the long tradition of Wonderfalls & Joan of Aracadia here comes the story of a San Francisco lawyer that discovers an aneurysm on his brain and an larger-than-life calling inherited by his late father; as he makes peace with his memory, Eli Stone discovers a world that he simply was too busy to see and this discovery inspires both hismelf and the people around him to find the best within themselves. With George Michael's songs as the soundtrack of his inner journey each episode reveals a new clue that guides Eli to his destiny for as long as the aneurysm allows him to live.
  • Never saw it coming

    I first watched Eli Stone on a whim and was hooked form the start. It is sort of the ultimate feel good show as a high ranking lawyer from a major law firm is forced to deal with his own mortality and faith as well as the direction that his life has been going as he suffers from hallucination brought on by an annuerism deep with his brain.

    The show is great because while dealing with such major questions such as what would you do with your life if you knew that you could drop dead at any moment, what is the true nature of faith, and can miracles still exist in the age of science, it still manages to find the right mix of humor and drama to keep you intrigued without overwhelming you.

    After how Season 1 ended I have high hopes for Season 2 and I can't wit to see were this show takes us.
  • This is a really great show with an amazing cast and an original plot.

    I love Eli Stone because I think the plot is really fresh, I know there are plenty of TV shows about people with similar abilities but at least for me this show is something completely different. I really love the cast, I personally think that Natasha Henstridge is an amazing actress whom I love since I saw her in the "Species" movies; I also love Loretta Devine's acting, I think she is an amazing actress as well and I am really glad that she is on a new TV show; I also love Jonny Lee Miller's acting. I think that the George Michael thing is a bit weird but at the same time it's appealing.
  • Eli Stone is one of the best new shows that has been introduced to us in the last number of years.

    Eli Stone is a show we enjoy watching as a family. It's not one of those shows that one or two really enjoy & the others just find 'ok'.

    It has everything, comedy, things that make you think, strong story lines and lots of promise for the future. Lets face it, even though he had the surgery - we all know he's still going to have his ever so entertaining visions. I for one can't wait to see his reaction when after a 'full recovery' bang! It happens again.

    We've seen not only Eli develop a concious about the cases he takes and how he handles them, but now the same thing has started happening to those around him. I really look forward to watching this show grow.

    I really hope to see this show have a season 2. With all those reality shows they keep flooding the air waves with, it's fantastic when they run some actual shows worth watching. And Eli Stone is definitely worth watching!
  • Eli Stone is the new Sam Beckett, playing on our hearts and humor as he helps to stop the misfortune of others.

    When the little guy goes up against a big corporation, you could expect Eli Stone to be there to bring him back down. Eli, the prodigal hot-shot lawyer of a San Francisco-based international law firm, had lost his qualms about representing greed and power in favor of his partner-track career, fancy car, and engagement to the boss's daughter. No qualms, that is, until he starts seeing visions of George Michael and various colleagues breaking into fully-orchestrated musical numbers before his eyes. His brother Nate (Matt Letscher) attributes this to a hereditary aneurysm buried deep in his cerebrum. His philosophy-major acupuncturist, Dr. Chen (James Saito), points out that some religions think that there is a prophet in every generation. With his visions and the awareness that the aneurysm could burst at any minute in tow, Eli follows his visions to people in need of legal help in surprising places, all the while confronting the reactions to his prognosis by family and friends, the ire of a firm whose Fortune-500 clients he now finds himself fighting against, and eventually his own atheism, as visions of unknown past and future events are proven true, rendering them less-likely medical and all the more divine.

    Star Johnny Lee Miller is winning as the conflicted but genuinely good titular character (despite his unfortunate tendency to remind me of Dr. George O'Malley), and exceptional performances by Loretta Divine, Victor Garber, and newcomer Julie Gonzalo tend to wash out the one-dimensional drafting of other characters and an unmoving and lackluster performance by headliner Natasha Henstridge.

    Some have complained that the cases fought by Eli Stone are so lopsided in his favor as to render the show unbelievable, but I'm not sure that's fair. The show hearkens back to Quantum Leap, where another well-educated guy was sent from underdog to underdog, "driven by an unknown force to change things for the better." While Eli's driving force is 80s musical numbers and action sequences rather than a malfunctioning time machine, he similarly is driven to redirect his life for the forces of goodness, and in seeing this semi-divine journey take place within the confines of his own visceral life, we see an effective display of the challenges one might encounter on an epic moral journey. It certainly makes for thought-provoking television.

    Eli stone is not without it's problems. The lack of emotional versatility written for some of it's supporting characters is one. The tendency to ruin deeply emotional moments with a loud thud and commercial break is another. But with a little work and continued support though, Eli Stone could be the show to balance a sense of redemption and humor in the face of intense dramatic conflict, the way such greats as The West Wing have before.
  • A great new series.

    What a refreshing breath of fresh air to television. I don't remember the last time a television show has made me laugh, cry, smile, and feel morally better about myself by the time that it is over. My wife and I have caught this great series from the beginning and it has the right mix of things to make it work. A sympathic main character, unusual circumstances, a great secondary cast, and a moral theme. With all the CSI clones that you see over and over again it is so nice to see something new and refreshing on television. Please bring back this excellent show back for many many more seasons.

    Ok so I pretty much love everything about this show. The cast is awesome - Johnny Lee Miller you are a role model to me as an actor! Victor Garber is great as well; I'm a big fan of Loretta Devine from Grey's Anatomy, and it's a pleasure to see her in a more demanding and series regular role. The story is phenomenal and unlike any show that I have ever seen. If this series isn't picked up after such a cliffhanger of a season finale, I may cry. Like, flat out, bursting into tears, cry. So don't make me cry. :)
  • Es la mejor serie que he visto en mucho tiempo. Quiero a Jonny Lee. Quiero a George Michael. Quiero a Loretta, Natasha, Julia, Victor, Sam, Matt y James. Especialmente me gustan los personajes de Eli y Patti, sus conversaciones son muy divertidas.

    Es la mejor serie que he visto en mucho tiempo. Quiero a Jonny Lee. Quiero a George Michael. Quiero a Loretta, Natasha, Julia, Victor, Sam, Matt y James. Especialmente me gustan los personajes de Eli y Patti, sus conversaciones son muy divertidas. Además me encanta la ciudad de San Francisco, espero que haya una segunda sesión, una tercera, una cuarta..... y tambien espero que la serie muestre mas partes de la ciudad de San Francisco. TAmbién me gustan mucho los temas de los que trata la serie y me encanta que salga GEorge Michael hablando con Eli. Me gustan mucho los actores y los cantantes británicos, y Jonny Lee es especial, he visto todas sus películas, creo que debe de seguir, la serie no sería lo mismo con otro actor. Tambien me gustaría que continuara George Michael aunque fuera un poquito solo.
  • I just love this show.

    Best show. It is the best ever. I look forward to it every time. I hope it does not get cancelled. The characters are fun and realistic and the show makes the viewer feel good and think about life and our relationships. The episodes can make you cry and at the same time make you feel like looking a life in a positive way and to count every day as special, because you never know when you won't be bere. It kind of reminds me of the movie Its a Wonderful Life and the movie CRASH, and how our lives connect with each other and how we are here for a reason. I love this show. Please keep it.
  • The BEST NEW SHOW of this Season! I loved from start to finish. It is almost Capra-esque, it makes me feel good.

    The Best New Show of this Season! I loved from start to finish. It is almost Capra-esque, it makes me feel good.
    Great cast, well scripted and loveable characters. Plus the musical numbers and the hallocinations add to it. George Michael is Brilliant. Victor Garber deserves an Emmy for Freedom'08 and Johnny Miller a nomination. ABC please bring it back. I am so tired of the murderers and CSI, Law and Order. This is fresh, this is my favorite show.

    I also like Lost, Grey's Anatomy, 30 Rock and I miss Studio 60 and Friends!

    Thank You cast and Crew and the ABC.
  • Its about a prophet who is a lawyer, how better could it get.

    This show is the best new show of the year. I like that its not another lawyer drama, but rather a prophet who is a lawyer. The main story line is that he see and hears messages from a greater power to improve the world; him being a lawyer is the subplot to me. This show has such an interesting cast that works very well on screen together; each serving an actual purpose. The music is very entertaining as well. I'm not a big musical fan, but how it interacts with the story and character the p_short_ musical numbers create a positive atmosphere to the show. Overall this is a very well written, acted, and directed show.
  • This series an example of quality Television.

    While yes, the series started off slow in the first few episodes, it really grew as it went on and the last few episodes of season 1 were brilliant. I first started watching Eli Stone because it was really one of the only new TV shows being put out at the time. The strike really screwed the TV schedules up, yet here was this show running each week with new episodes. I'll admit that at first, while I liked it, I didn't love it. But after a few episodes, it started to really get interesting. By about the halfway point in the season the episodes were going great and they were all classics. The final two, in my opinion, were fabulously done and great examples of what good writing and good acting can give you in a TV show. I really hope this show gets renewed, because there is still much to tell in the life of Eli Stone. If it is not renewed however, I will be satisfied with what they did with the show, and how it turned out in the end of it all. This really is an example of great Television, in a time dominated by terrible, terrible Reality shows and countless cop dramas.
  • Freaking Favorite show on so late, Past my bedtime but I HAVE to watch it every Week, I REALLY Hope Abc will keep this going and have it back Soon! All of the characters, singing and dancing, hot Ladies on staff, all make my couch warm to sit on! THANKS!!

    Never been so impressed by a show so quickly. An instant hit. Perfect show. It has everything a quality show should have including a great cast and fun guest appearances. The interplay between the characters is amazing and you can really believe the emotion between the characters. When your not laughing your thinking about all the serious issues this show addresses. The only thing missing is ABC doing the right thing and renewing it for another season (and giving it a full 22 episodes while it's at it). Watch this show and you will not be dissapointed. Just "gotta have faith" it will be renewed. Watch the show and you'll get the quote.
  • The perfect show.

    Never been so impressed by a show so quickly. An instant hit. Perfect show. It has everything a quality show should have including a great cast and fun guest appearances. The interplay between the characters is amazing and you can really believe the emotion between the characters. When your not laughing your thinking about all the serious issues this show addresses. The only thing missing is ABC doing the right thing and renewing it for another season (and giving it a full 22 episodes while it's at it). Watch this show and you will not be dissapointed. Just "gotta have faith" it will be renewed. Watch the show and you'll get the quote.
  • Excellent Show.

    The show was a bit of a slow starter for me, but I saw the potential and stuck with it. It has grown on me and is now one of my favorite shows. I wish TV Guide would also start a review blog on it which might help get the word out. The writing is really good. I love the cast, too. The HD video quality is very good - better than many other dramas. The scenes are very bright and clear - more so than other shows which often seem dark.

    This latest episode (April 13, 2008) was amazing. I Hope the show gets renewed for next year.
  • Bring Eli Back Next Season

    I absouletly love Eli Stone!!! It is my favortie show on the air. I like it more than the all the reality tv i watch and more than all the other dramas that are on. I made sure i seen every episode this season!! I am dying to see the finale... i really do hope eli is back next season. If its not i have no idea what ill do. One other thing i'd like to say is all the stories are well written and i think it deals with everything going on in the world today. So please keep ELi Stone around for a long time!!!!! It is the best show on television!!!!!
  • My name is Nidia Nunez and I am ADDICTED to Eli Stone!!

    I started watching since the first episode and I have to say that I've become addicted to it! Great writing, acting, music, the best dance numbers haha! :)... It's absolutely amazing :D Every single episode is great in its own way.

    It makes you feel good and have hope and makes you believe in the greatness that someone can achieve...

    It can make you laugh, cry, get mad and scream at the tv, feel so proud of a character that you have to clap, all in just one episode!!

    I absolutely recommend this show to everyone you won't regret being part of this.

    I honestly almost didn't write any reviews or post anything on any forum but Eli has changed me :) I really hope it stays on for a very very very long time!
  • Feel good show!

    Okay, I'll come right out and say it, I love 'Eli Stone.' Every since CBS canceled 'Joan of Arcadia' I've been looking for a feel good, smart show to fill the void and 'Eli' definite fits the bill. This is smart, witty lawyer show with a great twist. Eli's visions giving him insight and guidance on who to represent give the show heart and put Eli in some precarious situations and in most cases Eli comes out on top with some more insight into the world and into his own personal life. Who knew that lawyers could have a heart?
  • Gut check on what's important in life. Good verses evil. High power lawyer gets a conscience. Addictive.

    The producers of this show did a good job selecting the cast. The plot can be confusing at times but if you hang in long enough, you get it. I enjoy where it is going. It is very different than most shows that I have seen. I enjoy the cameo performances of some stars of the past. The show keeps me interested in where it is going. I sometimes feel that we are nearing the end and then it takes a turn into a new direction. I hope this show continues as it replaced my favorite show "Big Shots." Fingers crossed.
  • I am absolutely in LOVE with this show! Very rarely do I watch dramas or shows about law, but this is so different. All of the characters are so original, flawed, but lovable. Jonny Lee Miller is fantastic as Eli.

    I can not begin to describe how perfect this show truly is. All of the characters are played to perfection especially Eli, Patti, and Taylor. They are lovable, flawed, and interesting. On a side note, having a son that is functionally autistic, I was hesitant to watch this show from the beginning because I did not want it to be a mockery of autism and the possible link to vaccines. Seeing the similarities between Beth's son and my own were heartbreaking, but also very believable. The scene with the blocks was played so perfect, it felt more like watching my son's life than than watching a fictional program. The details very impressive, down to him playing the Game-Boy during the trail with no realization that he was the topic of conversation. This will hopefully bring to light the connection between autism and vaccines.
  • A slap in the face that changes your life.

    ELi Stone is a show about a San Francesco lawyer who gets diagnosed with an inoperable brain anurism that causes him to have hallucinations. Turns out these hallucinations are a kind of a Godsend signs to guide him (or so he'd like to believe). The cast is great and are all spontaneous actors. Johnny Lee Miller is doing a one hell of a performance here. He's funny, witty, cute and quite great to watch anf follow around while taking case that help other people. The script writing is great, with witty comments and jokes thrown here and there. Events and cases that really touches the heart and make you feel really good afterwards (atleast, thats how I always feel). The actors work well together too. Oh and the visions are cool! Keep it up!
  • I LOVE IT!!

    This show is GREAT!! I love that the writer's think "outside of the box" and that it's something new every week. Besides the fact that I do like comedies, dramas, musicals, it just seems like the characters/actors have so much freedom on the show. I can't wait to see what will happen each week. It's always interesting to see how the "visions" will tie in with the plot for the week and how something is revealed about each character little by little. It always interesting to see "Eli" react to one of his visions and how he will get out of it. GREAT JOB!!
  • Great show - leaves you feeling good every time and that is rare on television these days! Love this show.

    I hope that this show gets the chance to go on for a long time. It is rare these days to find a show that has substance, goodness and morality above the jab of the modern day "care for no one but myself" attitudes that writers feel so inclined to give most lead characters. I actually feel good watching TV when I see stuff like this. I am almost scared to start liking a show these days, however, since about 7 episodes in to a great show, you will usually get hit with the cancellation news of the show. Bravo - great show - love it!
  • An unusual brain anurism causes a callous lawyer to take stock of his career and life.

    Best new show in ages. Funny, touching, always surprising. Lot's of imagination and heart. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it.
  • A shark-like lawyer gets visions and allucinations and become a prophet, this slowly change his life. May sound predictable, but it actually isn't, and it's also fun, very fun.

    Eli Stone is a famous, rich, shark-like lawyer. All of a sudden though he begins to have hallucinations and visions like his father had. A Chinese doctor puts him on the right trail by suggesting he may be God's Prophet. This in time, leads to a total change of life-style since he begins to work pro-bono for people involved in his visions. That's the story. What I like about this show though is that it has the interesting sides of a Legal Drama beautifully scripted ALONG with a very fun and sarcastic sense of humour, I'd classify it as a Legal/Comedy, and it became my new favourite.
  • I had my own little Eli Stone marathon!

    I recorded Eli Stone and had my first chance to watch it yesterday; I watched the first 3 episodes before my 3 year old took control of the TV again. I was bummed because I still had more episodes out there and would have continued watching until I finished all of them! I am thankful for TEVO or my life would be Max and Ruby and Dora The Explorer. I am so glad I didn't delete these shows to make room for my old faith full's. I love it, his reactions to the music are so fresh and his surprise in hearing it is so believable every single time. Quickly and easily one of my new favorites!
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