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  • Cutthroat Lawyer gets a wake-up call to do the right thing

    I would have loved to say more in the summary but really you would have to watch to understand Eli Stone. I'm so done with reality shows and boring and thoughtless shows. I have to say I'm glad to see something a little more orignal back on tv these days. This show very funny and heartwarming in its own way. Plus anything with Jonny Lee Miller is bound to entertain me so I gave it a try. The visions he gets amuse the heck out of me especially when you see him dancing afterward or singing or jumping out of the way. I'm glad to say this is one of my favorite shows to watch every thursday.
  • "Eli Stone" is perhaps one of the best shows I've ever watched. Well written script, phenomenal acting, and a top notch cast.

    The script is well written, and each episode keeps me hooked and unwilling to see it coming to an end. The scenes are well composed, and the mix of reality and fiction make a great attention grabber. I must say, I always look for the crazy visions.

    The cast is phenomenal. The acting, specially Johnny Lee Miller and Victor Garber, is wonderful and believable. Miller has a way to make expressions with his face that are right on cue. Loretta Devine, though her acting is more of the same, is fitting in the role. I'd like to see her working, again, for Garber's character. I hope the show sees a few seasons, and I hope it maintains its style.
  • I can easily say Eli Stone is ranked second for my favorite new shows from this year. Right behind Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    I can easily say Eli Stone is ranked second for my favorite new shows from this year. Right behind Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    To tell you the absolute truth, I really wasn't expecting to like this show as much as I do, but the commercials sucked me in. The show is dramatic, yet also funny... and in general the characters are lovable. Eli Stone is a show you can watch if you want to sit down and relax and just enjoy life. It's not a pefect show, but then again no show is. If you want a new show to watch, try giving this one a chance. Watch it Online.
  • Smart, Fun, Dramatic, and Unique

    I don't watch tv shows unless there is some sort of other wordly or supernatural twist to them. This isn't some kind of rule of mine, but this is just how things end up. This being said, I don't always enjoy a show just because it involves Vampires or Robots. Eli Stone was one of those that came out of nowhere. I was wary because it is a lawyer show but the previews showing the George Michael visions convinced me to spare an hour of DVR Space. I really really like this show. I love the actors, I love the song and dance routines, I love the music, and I especially love how brightly everything is shot. This show is very well done and despite the cases he takes on being a bit un-inspired, the show is about the characters and this is why it works.
  • A great balance of humor and sensitivity.

    This show definitely strike a few sensitive cords with the public, but I can't believe a show like this could get protested. Not to point fingers, but South Park definitely treads heavily in sensitive areas. This show uses these touchy topics to add a good color to the storyline. I have to say that Eli's hallucinations are funny in an ironic sense. I was a bit worried that the show was going to become dead serious, but they seem to have decided to keep the humor in. Overall this is my favorite show that began this year and I intend to stay current with it. I definitely hope it sticks around for another season.
  • not perfect but still something good

    it's a good show but it gets boring sometimes half but the episodes still have very good stories eli stone(Jonny Lee Miller) might not be the greatest actor but he still flows with the series... . . i really hope it doesn't get cancelled like all the other good shows because of the f**king strike but if you like lawyer shows and want a little drama watch this is really good you wont be dissapointed x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xxx x x x x x x
  • Eli Stone is quite the new drama with a comedic but sophisticated twist.

    After watching the pilot and the succeeding episodes, I found the show to be quite an original work. With the writers' strike and a lack of new episodes in the can for older shows, I found myself watching more and more pilots. And, I must say, this is the one that has caught my eye. Eli Stone is one of those dramas that doesn't take itself serious - in a high brow manner. No foolish or convoluted plot lines; just attractive and creative story lines with well-placed humor, understandable legal jargon, and cameo appearances of George Michael. Something I don't often mention is also done well, music. The music, I must say, is done well for the show; as does the timing of the music sequences - I found myself laughing at the pilot's beginning sequences of recurring organ music. I see this becoming apart of my weekly, and hopefully seasonly, repertoire. And, on a side note, another notch in Victor Garber's belt for playing the role of a lawyer.
  • A lawyer receives visions and hears songs related cases he should try that will benefit the greater good, leading him to become a prophet.

    I really like this show, it is well written, inspiring, funny, and visually brilliant.

    Johnny Lee Miller is fantastic as Eli Stone, he brings a fresh breath to television, he is perfect for this role.

    The show is interesting, educational, and it is uplifting with a whimsical charm. The characters are quirky without overdoing it, a standout along with Miller is his secretary Patti, played by Loretta Divine.

    What I like most about the show is the visions. The first episode bringing George Michael into Eli's living room, then into his office lobby, all leading him to remember that he lost his virginity to the woman he was opposing in court, then leading him to switch sides and defend her in her lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company. Then in the second he saw bi-planes flying around San Francisco and a boy's choir singing Freedom.

    I think this is a standout of the season and deserves a place in the fall lineup.
  • Just another lawyer show? Think again. Eli is a lawyer who finds out he has prophetic powers and decides to use them for good.

    Just another lawyer show? Think again. Eli is a lawyer who finds out he has prophetic powers and decides to use them for good. So Eli's brother Nate, a doctor tells him that he has a brain aneurysm. It is trigering hulusinations. Could these be messages??? Or is Eli just sick? Eli has decided to use these vishions for good and to help people along with his leagle skills. People like his boss just think that he is going crazy. More peolpe should be watching this show. It is comedic, is filled with drama, and some romance. They answer questions but don't give everthing away in the first week.
  • Might be good

    I think the premise is a little overdone, a rogue lawyer with a heart of gold and unconventional sense of justice-see this stuff practically writes itself. The lead characters are a bit on the nose, but I'm willing to give the show a chance. I do appreciate how the creators are trying to make Eli into a spiritual character. I just hope that the spirituality isn't watered down and that an uplifting message is highlighted. I've got to give this show a chance, because casting it off as retread, would give more room to the ridiculous reality shows that are dominating.
  • It isn't a trendsetter, nor is it anything like Lost. But it is a decent show, something worth watching after watching Lost's newest episode. In my honest opinion it earned a solid 7.

    I only watched this show because of the commercials I saw while watching Lost. I'm not about to say this is the next best thing, the next Lost, Heroes or House, but I will say it's a solid show with a great premise.

    The idea of a lawyer "hearing the music" and beginning to take any hopeless case is a pretty good idea. The only thing you should beware of is getting George Michael stuck in your head, trust me, it happens. That being said, Eli Stone is a lot like a sitcom, it's something you watch when nothing else is on, Eli won't be the show that you've waited all week to catch the new episode of.
  • Ok show. I just don't think it has potential.

    The show is ok but I can see that it will get old very quickly. How many court cases can you watch before it looks the same as the other episodes? Here's how it goes... He sees vision. He doesn't know what they mean. He figures them out and is always tied back to some case he's working on. Onto next week episode. Wash, rinse, and repeat. You can see where I'm going with this.

    I can't see how this show is going to get better. It only looks decent because it's new. ABC will be better off giving other shows this time slot.
  • good show!

    Good show....I need to see a few more episodes to see if I'll stick around....[ahh who am I kidding]... I'll stick around just to watch Victor Garber every week! It has a little bit of everything...it's funny,interesting,dramatic! It has Victor Garber and Johnny Lee Miller They're nice to look at every week. so over all I say this is a good show and hopefully as the show continues it will get better and better and become a great show. I'll keep watching just because of VG being in it. This show has potential lets see how far it gets. I hope a few seasons 3 to 5 hopefully!
  • studios planting false reviews?

    jesus, there must be plenty of studio plants voting up this show because i haven't seen such garbage in a long time. the show was lifeless. it tries to be whimsical with the music and visions but it doesn't work at all, it comes off as trying too hard and false. the corporate bad guy is just wooden and simplistic and a massive cliche, the entire plot was basically unoriginal and on rails, you could see what was going to happen a mile away. i get the feeling its trying for an ally mcbeal vibe but it fails pretty miserably at that. i don't see this lasting for more than a few episodes if the network executives are smart. basically this show insults your intelligence.
  • This is a wonderful show, and with any luck, the writers will continue to keep it that way.

    I think it is GREAT! It was funny and heartwarming.Although the child actor did'nt play autism very convincingly, he is only a child. The fact that Eli was able to find out what was wrong with his father (albeit late) and fix his anger was great. Not many of us get to do that in real life. Kudo's to whoever came up with this story line. We need more insightful, yet funny shows like this. I was hoping his fiance would leave, but maybe later. I also loved his fiery secretary. I hope all who watch it can see the value it has to add to our own lives and maybe even take a look at what it can do to help change it.
  • Finally a show is brave enough to take on one of the most important subjects of our lifetime:vaccines,mercury and autism.

    Excellent subject matter I am already a hard core fan!!!!The bad guy becomes the good guy and defends the weak,helpless and downtrodden from the evil greedy corporations who will stop at nothing to hide the truth.
    The main character is actually recruited by God to stand up to the powerful corporations.
    The cast is great,the subject matter is explosive and the writers will have lots of fun developing the characters.
    The whole premise of a villain becoming a hero is fantastic because it gives the audience the ability to relate to the hero in a very unique and special way.I know where I will be on Thursday evenings.I will be rooting for Eli.
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