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ABC (ended 2009)





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    First of all, the show isn't exactly perfect, and has a few flaws such as the stometimes uninteresting plots. Although this is generally the feeling that you get in the beginning of some episodes, but as you move along, the plot really becomes less relevant, the actors, the cae, the emotion and the whole thing just appeals to all senses and just makes you care. And honestly, that's really worth much more than any number of twists and turns ( which there are in the series ). The series also show so many human aspects of society, and to watch it and appreciate it is to appreciate life in many senses, from family to freinds. Beyond that, the music, and every other element of the series just makes you love it.

    Now a lot of people say that this is a vey old plot about a lawyer that starts over and becomes caring. But this is not true; the plot is very different, it's not about him, it's about everyone in teh series. And he's not this really tough lawyer that was the top of his game and now he's breaking down. He was a good lawyer, and he still is. I can't explain but it's just different. As they say, seeing is beleiving, so you really have to see Miller's performace.