Eli Stone - Season 1

ABC (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Soul Free
    Episode 13
    Eli goes in for an operation on his aneurysm, but it doesn't go as planned and Nathan is left with a difficult decision.
  • 4/13/08
    Eli has a vision of traveling in a car when all of a sudden an earthquake hits the Golden Gate Bridge. Eli tries to warn people but nobody believes him until he meets Daniel Foote, a scientist that predicts the earthquake. Eli and Daniel try everything they can to shut down the Golden Gate Bridge by suing San Francisco only for Marci Klein to oppose them.moreless
  • Patience
    Episode 11
    Eli takes up the case of a prisoner who is coincidently Keith's ex-client. Meanwhile, the law firm is visited by one of its partners, Marci Klein, who wants to investigate as to why the law firm was losing its Fortune 500 clients. This investigation by Marci could threaten Jordan's reign.
  • Heartbeat
    Episode 10
    Eli's visions take him back to the day when his father died, while he helps Nathan in court against an angry husband suing because Nathan denied his wife a heart transplant. Eli's vision makes him aware of the fact that his brother is keeping a secret that could be of great help for his case. Also, Eli finds out that his ex-fiancee slept with Matt.moreless
  • I Want Your Sex
    Episode 9
    A teenage girl is expelled from school after playing George Michael's "I Want Your Sex" during an assembly. Jordan alongside Eli takes charge of the case, in the course of the case it is revealed that Jordan is a huge fan of George Michael. Eli is motivated to go on a date with Beth Keller, the girl with whom he had sex for the first time and on his date he finds out something about his brother. In the meantime, Taylor and Matt are working together on a case in which they are representing a judge suffering from cancer. They decide to sue the judge's son when he refuses to donate the bone marrow for his father.moreless
  • Praying for Time
    Episode 8
    Eli has a vision of an earthquake in San Francisco. Dr.Chen helps Eli realise that the quake is in the region where his client is planning on building a shopping mall by evicting the residents from their home. Eli understands that the only way to protect the people is by his client evicting the people by any means necessary even bribing the judge.moreless
  • Heal the Pain
    Episode 7
    Eli's new position at the law firm means that he does not have an office, a secretary or the power to take cases. Eli takes the case of a 15-year-old boy whose mother was killed due to a medical malpractice by Dr. Agon. Dr. Agon worked at the hospital where Nathan works, Eli will have to sue the hospital. Jordan, in the meanwhile, assigns Maggie to be Eli's head and so Eli has no choice but to take instructions from her. Taylor, however, organizes a live performance by George Michael in an attempt to square things up with Eli.moreless
  • Something to Save
    Episode 6
    After performing a song in the courtroom, Eli's capacity to practice law have come under scrutiny and he appears before the State Bar of California for a hearing to determine whether he's fit to practice law. However, it's Taylor who pleads to her dad, Jordan, to defend Eli's law license. Jordan agrees to represent Eli but another situation develops, and Nathan has to decide whether he should protect his brother or tell the truth.moreless
  • One More Try
    Episode 5
    Eli gets a second attempt to make a case right which he previously won for a SUV company by using questionable tactics. Meanwhile, Jordan introduces a couple of new associates to W.P.K.: named Taylor and Keith Bennett. Now Eli will have to deal with his ex-fiancee in his office along with visions of him being in Hawaii. These impact his case negatively due to his weird behavior in the court.moreless
  • 2/21/08
    Eli's latest revelation is of a man who appears in his TV set asking for help. The man Eli visualized turned out to be one of Nathan's patients who woke up from coma after five years and finds out that his wife has taken over his business and has re-married. The patient asks Eli for a favor to determine a way which would enable him to return to his old life. According to Eli, the only way to do this would be to sue the church by challenging his wife's new marriage.moreless
  • Father Figure
    Episode 3
    Eli's latest vision is about a National Guard Specialist serving in Iraq who sues her ex-husband over custody of their son. Eli's fiancée Taylor represents the opposition. Jordan questions Eli's sanity and demands medical proof to deem him fit to work at the firm, as a result, Eli turns to his brother Nathan for false medical testimony.moreless
  • Freedom
    Episode 2

    Eli comes back to work reinvigorated after scattering his father's ashes in the Himalayas, andtakes a case which involves a married couple seeking compensation from a produce manufacturer for causing infertility.

  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Eli Stone has premonitions that make him question his role in life. Eli seeks help from his brother Nathan about the visions who then uncovers something wrong with Eli. Eli then turns to Dr. Chen for alternative solutions to his problems.