Eli Stone

Season 2 Episode 4

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2008 on ABC
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In the aftermath of Jordan's case, the firm deals with the loss of clients. Eli attempts to convince Matt to stay with the firm, and then receives a vision that will prove critical to Maggie's upcoming wedding.

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  • Eli's visions this week were Maggie centric, and not only did he break up her engagement, but he pushed her to finally come to terms with her feelings for him.

    Though I know it's hard to believe, Eli did not finally admit to himself, her, or us that he cares for Maggie. The writers have made it perfectly clear it's the fear of the aneurism that pushes him each week to make both smart and especially dumb decisions. I wish though he would finally fill in the gap of his brain that says don't make good choices for yourself, and save everyone else's life. There comes a time in every season, the moment where you feel the season has so much possibility and yet inevitable one of two things will happen, either the actors will attempt to make themselves into different people or the characters change, or the writer attempt to make the characters different people and the show changes. This happens so often that I lose faith in television. This episode did the exact opposite. This episode reminded me that television has a point of view that characters can change for the better and that shows don't have to lose their emotion simply because they aren't going to be cancelled.moreless
  • Jordan creates a new firm, Posner/Klein take with them all of the old firm's big clients, and Matt and Eli team up for a case. Choices and changes are afoot and Eli is at the center of it all!moreless

    Eli is full partner, Posner/Klein are looking to poach not only Jordan's clients but also his employees, just to hurt him. Matt continues to evolve as he gets involved in a case with Eli, and decides that he can't get as emotionally involved in his cases.

    Eli's visions this week are centered around Maggie, not a case of the week. Why he cares for that little chipmunk is beyond me, but regardless, his visions cause Maggie to leave, maybe all of Eli's visions aren't meant to come true – or it's possible that when he changes something because of his visions, he may alter something else in his own reality. It's implausible to believe that Posner would go to that much trouble to hurt Eli and Jordan (like he cares) to bump up incompetent and fairly new junior associate Maggie. Meanwhile, Taylor tells Jordan that she's pregnant, but she's just not ready to tell Matt.

    Bottom line: I like the changes, it really shakes up the show, and takes it in a different direction, gives Jordan and Eli some rivals in Posner and Klein. Puts both Taylor and Eli's love interests on the opposite side of the courtroom as well. All these changes I think will add a good dynamic to the show, and actually utilize the characters more effectively.

    On the next episode… Matt and Maggie team up?

    More at www.theplurp.commoreless
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James Snyder

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Jonathan Chase

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David Giuntoli

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    • Patti: Can you believe how easily people are bought?
      Eli: The exodus has begun.
      Patti: Only the morally bankrupt and weak-minded. No one liked your wife's banana bread. We only ate it to be polite!

    • Eli: You're the best, Patti.
      Patti: I assume that'll be reflected in my Christmas bonus?

    • Taylor: He just needs a gentle push.
      Eli: Well, he's your boyfriend, Taylor. Did you try the red nightie thing? That certainly convinced me to… uh, that's inappropriate. Noted.

    • Eli: Patti, you know that box you've been keeping for me with all the faxes and letters from potential clients?
      Patti: You mean the wackadoo file?
      Eli: I mean the box with all the fascinating complex legal dilemmas that could one day end up in the Supreme Court.
      Patti: Well what I have is a box full of cases from the nutballs that saw you on the news--the wackadoo file?
      Eli: Could I just have it?

    • Jordan: Eli, I understand you have a special affection for Ms. Dekker.
      Eli: Why does everyone keep saying that?
      Taylor: You're kidding, right?

    • Matt: Listen, Dekker, uh, this, uh, party is yours? Is that more like a gift thing or is a wedding present enough?

    • Patti: Can you justify letting them go?
      Eli: The firm is splitting in two.
      Patti: Which is what I might do to you in a few seconds.

    • Matt: Think I don't know you had Stone set me up? You could have just passed me a note asking if I was staying with boxes for yes or no and "I" dotted with a little heart.

    • Maggie: The other thing about Mojitos is they make you all better, like a tropical beach party in your mouth.

    • Maggie: Well, I don't understand. You were in my bathroom?
      Eli: Well, yeah. I was in your shower first. Uh, it's… it's, uh, very nice. It's a great selection of shampoo. It's a little girly for my taste, but, uh…

    • Matt: Listen, man, I admire what you do. It's just not what I do.
      Eli: What about Taylor?
      Matt: She'll be fine. You should be worried about yourself.
      Eli: Why?
      Matt: Because the next time we're in court together, it'll be my job to shred you.

    • Eli: Just so you know, um, out of all the people here, you're the one I could never lose. I mean that, Patti.
      Patti: Well, I mean, Lord knows you'd be useless without me.

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    • International Air Dates:
      Norway: October 27, 2009 on TV2
      Czech Republic: November 21, 2009 on AXN

    • Featured Music:
      "Don't You Evah" by Spoon
      "House I Built" by Steve Reynolds
      "Be Easy" by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings
      "Without Your Love" by Darrell Black
      "Livin' It" by Mutlu

    • Matt Letscher is credited but doesn't appear. Jason Winston George appears for about three seconds and has no dialogue.


    • Taylor: Okay, Columbo, you got me.
      Referencing the rumpled seemingly absent-minded police lieutenant portrayed most famously by Peter Falk. The character first appeared in The Chevy Mystery Show in 1960 and then featured in a stage play. The character was then incorporated into the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie in 1968 and has since run as a series of TV movies through 1978 and later from 1989 to 2003. The character is best known for his unseen wife, the absence of a first name, his catchphrase "Just one more thing," and the fact that most of the mysteries are "inverted," where the audience knows who the murderer is and the mystery is figuring out how Columbo will catch the killer.

    • Frank: Kind of a Quantum Leaper, huh?
      Referencing the TV series, 1989-93, starring Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett, a quantum physicist who tests his theory of time travel by making himself its first subject. He finds himself transported from body to body in time periods throughout his own lifetime, always seeing the body as it appears in mirrors. As with Eli, Sam has a scientific explanation for his experiences but is believed to be guided by God.

    • Maggie: Posner is like Darth Sidious.
      Referencing Star Wars and the evil Dark Lord of the Sith. As Senator Palpatine, Sidious undermines the Republic and eventually maneuvers himself into becoming Emperor and destroying most of the Jedi Knights. He meets his end at the hands of Darth Vader in the closing serial, Return of the Jedi. Throughout the series he is portrayed by Ian McDiarmid.

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