Eli Stone

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jul 04, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

Eli comes down to do laundry and runs into a woman, Tessa, doing her laundry. She recently moved in and talks about her new life. Eli hears a rumbling noise from the dryer and discovers himself in a vision of a runway with a jet coming in to land. He yells and flinches, and Tessa makes a quick exit.

At the office, Patti wants to know what Eli is going to do about accountant Jim Norris, who is renting office space as part of Jordan's plan to get money for the firm. She's unhappy that Norris keeps asking her to do stuff for him. Meanwhile, Jordan is at his hotel room on the phone with Taylor and telling her not to buy him a table at the Joel T. Belmont award ceremony since he doesn't think he'll win. The room service waiter, Doug Stemple comes in and serves the wrong food. Jordan snaps at him and Stemple snaps back sarcastically. When Jordan asks for his supervisor's name, Stemple points out Jordan snapped at him and he's just as bad as the rest of "them." Stemple explains that "them" are robber barons sucking the country dry. Jordan admits he used to represent them and Stemple says he did too. He admits he was fired and the company, Everton Financial, laid off 300 employees to give CEO Clayton Wells a severance payment. Jordan suggests that he sue and that he'll represent him for free.

Later, Martin Posner tells Paul Rollins and his team at Posner & Klein to make sure that no one succeeds at suing one of their clients, Chaykin Technologies. When Maggie wonders why Matt is no longer representing Chaykin, Posner explains that Matt left the company for Wethersby & Stone. He then explains that he's been nominated for the Joel T. Belmont award and attendance is mandatory. Posner asks Paul and Maggie to type up his acceptance speech.

At Wethersby & Stone, Jordan introduces Matt to the team. Matt tells them that the H.C. Clements company will come with him. Keith notes they failed to fulfill their contract to build houses in New Orleans and refuses to represent them. Matt warns that they can't afford not to take the company. Jordan agrees with Keith and tells them about Stemple's case. Matt and Eli are both reluctant to take on the case. Jordan insists that they end their quest with grace, and Eli remembers Grace, who went to Kenya. As they talk, Eli has a vision and finds himself on a flight going to Nairobi, Kenya.

Jordan and Stemple go to court against Everton and Jordan claims Stemple was fired on fraudulent grounds. Everton's attorney notes that Wells was fired for incompetence and under California law, Stemple and the other 300 employees have no recourse. Judge Bortz agrees and dismisses the motion.

Frank goes to see Nate and affirms that he's responsible for his father's death. Nate insists that his father died because of heart disease brought on by his drinking. Frank doesn't believe it.

Paul tells Maggie to type up Posner's speech and she's insulted. He mentions his grandfather has diabetes. Matt comes by to get his things and Maggie wonders who she can turn to now. He suggests that she go with him but Maggie insists that she's a respected attorney.

Nate goes to Eli and apologizes for not telling him about the copy of his journal. Eli accepts his apology and Nate suggests that Eli talk to Frank. Nate still insists that Frank wasn't responsible for their father Jeremy's death. Eli says that he needs his father to be alive and Frank took that away from both of them. He jokingly considers suing Frank for guru malpractice and then gets an idea. He suggests they sue Clayton for executive malpractice. Jordan agrees and says he's proud of Eli, and plans to call all 300 employees who lost their job.

Back in Judge Bortz's court, Clayton's lawyer argues that there's no precedent. Eli and Jordan both argue that executives should be just as responsible as anyone else. Bortz accepts their legal claim and certifies the suit for executive malpractice.

Maggie talks to Paul about the fact that Posner's speech doesn't include any of her material. Paul notes that as a partner with veto power, he has the final say. He wonders if she'd rather be writing for Jordan and Maggie insists that she's there to practice law, rather than get kicked around by him.

Clayton testifies that he wasn't at fault and still wants to be CEO at Everton, and his board made a mistake. On cross-exam, Eli shows him e-mails that Clayton never read indicating the company was going to suffer a financial shortfall. Clayton claims he was too busy to read the e-mails but Eli shows him information on the golf web sites he visited.

At the office, Patti asks Eli for money to handle Norris' most recent request for soap. He gives it to her and asks her to check costs on trips to Nairobi. She warns him that they can't afford a trip and suggests he see Frank. Eli says he won't and just wants her to check.

Jordan talks to Taylor, who says he should be proud of himself. He tells Taylor that the opposing counsel on the Everton case is also on the award nomination committee. Stemple arrives and directs their attention to the TV, where a commentator reveals that Everton is planning to rehire Wells. Jordan figures that Everton is trying to bolster their stock decline, and rehiring Wells undermines their case for Wells' incompetence. As Eli sits down, he finds himself back on a vision on the plane. He sees a magazine and realizes he's in the past. One passenger tells her newlywed husband about her maiden name. He sees his father Jeremy getting onto the plane.

Eli talks to Nate, who says their dad hated planes. Nate suggests he go to Frank to get clarification but Eli prefers to use Google. They search for information on the plane based on what Eli saw and discover that it crashed.

Wells' attorney Ms. Miller files a motion for summary judgment. Stemple's wife makes a comment about Bortz's wife having to change her name and Eli gets an idea. He goes over the list of Everton stockholders while Bortz considers the motion. Eli jumps in and informs the judges it's about the employees, the shareholders… and their spouses. He hints that he knows Bortz's wife's maiden name. Bortz denies the motion for summary judgment. Eli explains to Jordan and Stemple that his wife owns shares under her maiden name, and Bortz is worried about his retirement.

At the award ceremony, both firms are present and Posner wins the award. Posner gives Paul's speech… which is actually Maggie's speech. She goes to the bar and Eli talks to her, having recognized her Eli reveals he knows that she's with Paul because of his vision. Maggie doesn't want to talk about it with Eli. As Posner leaves the podium, Jordan congratulates him. The host then calls Taylor Wethersby to the podium for a speech. She reveals that the Bar Association has created a new reward for those lawyers who make the world better. She gives the First Annual Ackerman Humanitarian Award to her father as everyone applauds.

The next day, Paul talks to Maggie and explains that he's playing a character and he tries to cover up for his own bad behavior. He admits that he's realized she's being honest about who she is. Paul doesn't want her to judge him without all the facts.

In court, Miller makes her closing argument and states that malpractice cases can prevent America from competing in the global economy. Jordan responds by noting that Wells lost his employees' job. He ran the company into the ground and got out with his golden parachute. Jordan argues that CEOs should be held to the same standards in a job as everyone else. As he listens, Eli finds himself back in the vision on the plane. He watches as his father turns down a drink and then gets up and addresses all of the passengers over the loudspeaker. Jeremy warns them that the plane is going to crash. He tries to get through to them but the airport police arrive to take him away. Some of the passengers get off… including a young Grace and her mother.

The jury finds in favor of the Stemple and his fellow employees but only award punitive damages in the amount of $220 million. The office greets Jordan and Eli with champagne and applause. Patti kicks Norris out and Eli explains to her that he misinterpreted his vision. Later he goes to see Frank and explains that the Dark Truth ritual that Frank performed let Jeremy save some of the passengers, including Grace. Eli apologizes for blaming Frank and says that Frank was the son that Jeremy needed when Eli and Nate couldn't be there for their father. He thanks Frank for both of them.