Eli Stone

Season 2 Episode 5

The Humanitarian

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

Patti is negotiating with the bagel delivery man and discovering that it's COD and they're not getting the deluxe package any more. Eli and Jordan have their staff meeting with a diminished staff and discover that Posner-Klein are managing to get many of their clients. Eli is confident that they only need one big client, and he thinks that Jim Cooper is the client to get. Posner-Klein are making donations to Cooper's MS foundation and Matt is confident they may get him. Jordan thinks that Posner-Klein thinks like they do because they used to be with them. Eli and Taylor think otherwise, but Eli thinks Taylor might be the leak. She angrily denies slipping anything to Matt and vows to find the leak. After she goes, Jordan warns it might not be a good idea to pint heir hopes on one client. Eli thinks that Cooper's attempts to grow medical marijuana as a cure for his son's MS is tailor-made for them. Jordan isn't so sure.

Eli goes through some files to get an idea of how to get to Cooper, and she notices that his son J.J. won in a swim meet. Eli has her follow up on it, but as Eli examines the file it bursts into flame. The file box ignites and Eli assumes it's a vision. However, he tries to put it out just to be on the safe side, grabs a fire extinguisher, and ends up spraying Jordan as he comes in. The file box is unsinged.

Jordan and Eli go to the swim meet where Cooper is with his son. He and Jordan are old friends and Cooper gives them three minutes. Eli suggests that since Cooper's application to the DEA to grow marijuana was rejected, they argue that the Federal government has a monopoly on growing marijuana and doing so isn't in the public interest. Cooper is impressed and agrees to let them represent him. Outside, Eli is triumphant but then has a vision of Jordan singing "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" as women dance and flames burst out everywhere. Jordan appears on a loading dock and Eli looks up to see the building above in flames.

At the office, Patti approaches Keith and asks him to help defend his daughter Angela, a med student, on a DUI charge. Patti insists she only had one glass of wine. Keith is hesitant to take the case but Patti quickly threatens him into doing it. Keith goes into the office and is immediately struck by Angela: the two of them hit it off and he sits down to review the case with her.

Taylor is looking at pre-natal web sites when Matt comes in to meet with lunch. Matt insists they aren't stealing anyone but Taylor wants his help in figuring out who the mole is. He refuses and she warns things won't get any easier from here. He wonders where they're going and she retracts her statement. He breaks off their lunch date and leaves, saying he'll see her tonight.

Jordan, Eli, J.J., and Cooper meet with the DEA representative, O'Malley, and point out that their objections on the basis of illegal drug use and distribution don't apply to Cooper's research. O'Malley tells them to forget it but Cooper refuses to back down. He mentions his wife, Vanessa, who died of MS when J.J. was young. Eli suggests they're going to sue for the government's tax-financed supplies of marijuana. Eli gets on the elevator and finds himself trapped. The doors open and he finds himself in a burning Cooper Biotech laboratory with someone sitting outside on the window ledge. Eli tries to get to the person but the ceiling collapses… and Eli finds himself back in the elevator with everyone staring at him.

Eli meets with Frank, who suggest that the visions are a warning from God. Eli is skeptical since Cooper is a famed humanitarian and doesn't see why God would be against finding a cure for MS. Frank warns going against visions is risky.

Cooper's case goes to court and the government lawyer has a DEA director, Smalls. The director doesn't see a need for a third study since the government is already conducting two studies. On cross-examination, Eli forces the director to admit their studies exempt teenagers and is age discrimination.

Keith and Angela meet with ADA Samantha Jarrels. Keith points out Angela has zero priors. They don't have the blood test yet, but Jarrels has Officer Sawyer's testimony. Keith points out he said that after Angela turned her down for a date, and he has files on five other allegations. If they don't drop the case, Keith will sue for sexual discrimination. Jarrels drops the case and Angela thanks him for his help. He asks her out for dinner and she accepts.

Matt joins Maggie for lunch at the Posner-Klein cafeteria and he tells her about Taylor's suspicions. Maggie figures Taylor will forgive him, but Posner-Klein won't be so sympathetic.

Eli finds J.J. in his office and J.J. notes that if he's receiving marijuana as a treatment, he won't be allowed to swim. He admits that everything has to be Cooper's way, but all J.J. wants to do is swim and that's the only way he doesn't have to think about his dad controlling his life. J.J. confesses he doesn't even want to be in the trial, but Cooper doesn't care and won't listen to him. He tells Eli he doesn't want him to win the case for him, and leaves.

Patti confronts Keith about his date and he assures her he'll take good of her daughter. Patti stabs a butter knife into a bagel and stalks off.

Cooper testifies in court, saying that J.J. asked him to find a cure. Eli questions him and he claims his son wants to give up swimming. Eli tries to get him to back away from the statement, knowing it's perjury, and Jordan interrupts. Eli asks for a recess and the judge grants it, telling them to get together. Jordan apologizes but Eli warns him he was committing perjury. Cooper orders J.J. out and snaps at Eli, who says that J.J. came to him. Cooper warns that if Eli gets involved in his family, he'll go after Nate: he's the largest donor at Nate's hospital. After Cooper leaves, Eli suggests they drop the case but Jordan says they're representing ethical business clients, but can't judge their clients' personal lives. He stalks out, angry at Eli.

Keith takes Angela to a Thai restaurant for dinner and they talk. She wonders if Keith is a player but he turns over his cell phone to prove it. She notes he has lot of calls to a "Terry," but he explains Terry is his younger brother who he's trying to keep in high school. As they walk home, Angela says she has to head for her shift but says there'll be a next time… and the couple kiss.

As Eli works on his summation, Maggie comes to visit. She knows about the Cooper case and gives him a name: the mole. She wonders why he didn't ask for her help and he says he didn't think it was right. He's concerned about her job but she says that as head of pro bono, everyone trusts her and tells her everything. She insists he likes the job and Eli says he's happy for her. She admits she misses… things, and Eli says the same.

Eli gives the summation and notes that hypothetically, even if Cooper didn't care about his son, it has no bearing on the matter of law and the law allows Cooper to use marijuana for MS studies.

Patti visits Keith and he says he likes her daughter and asks for some space. She just tells him that Angela said she had a good time. He wonders if she said anything else and Patti tells him not to push his luck.

The judge rules in favor of Cooper and allows his use of marijuana in the MS studies. Eli tells Cooper that he won but J.J. didn't, and suggests that J.J. tell his father what he said to Eli. J.J. refuses to repeat what he said earlier.

Jarrels calls Keith and tells him that the blood test shows that Angela was on cocaine. She already dropped the charges but thought Keith should know.

In their next staff meeting, there's bagels for everyone and Eli announces they won big with the Cooper case, which has brought them other clients. Afterward, Eli calls a Rudy Conlon over and tells him they know he fed information to Posner-Klein. Rudy tells them to fire him and Eli notes that Posner-Klein didn't even make him an offer. Eli says that they'll let him stay if he believes in their cases, but he'll have to show them what he can do. Rudy agrees to give it a shot. Jordan admits he wouldn't have handled it as well and apologizes for treating Eli poorly. He admits Eli is a partner and an equal now, and he'll treat him that way.

Eli meets with Frank, who wonders if Eli has any doubts. Eli feels their relationship is evolving but Frank warns that it's still a one-way relationship and Eli denied him. Frank notes that when someone defies God, nothing good ever comes from it.

That night, J.J. comes to see Eli at his apartment. He tells Eli that Eli is the first person he's seen to stand up to Cooper. He wants Eli to represent him when he takes Cooper to court to become emancipated. Eli warns against it but J.J. insists that he can't take it any more and asks if he'll help.
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