Eli Stone

Season 2 Episode 9

Two Ministers

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 30, 2008 on ABC
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Eli searches for alternate dark methods to help him with his visions on Nathan's future. Keith and Eli defend a minister and Taylor and Matt find out about the health of their unborn child.

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  • An awful episode that had me rolling my eyes and sighing, thinking 'why am I watching this'.

    Eli Stone has since about mid season 1 been an average series. I continued watching and it does have the occasional spike in quality (last week being quite good) but this episode was bad. The case of the week 'sex change priest sacked' was bad enough because you knew that Eli would easily win. The fact that this was a case not sent by higher powers (in fact he hasn't been having visions on his own lately) made me feel like they were shoe-horning in topical discussion just for the sake of it. Keith apologising for not going to Church meant nothing to me as I'm not religious but if I were, as long as the Priest was good at his job I couldn't give a toss if he had a sex change. Might be a little jarring at first but that's about it.

    Eli's personal life felt like soap opera with his brother's fiance, soon to be wife, admitting she had feelings for Eli. The way that it was handled though placed blame right from the start, Beth grew more and more wary of why Eli was acting funny around her (that's what you get for messing with the dark arts of acupuncture). They may not have kissed but boo-hoo everyone's lonely now. Frustration on my side as it feels way too over-wrought.

    Lastly is Taylor and Matt and their possible Downs Syndrome baby. Like with the priest story-line this felt shoe-horned in as topical discussion (without the actual discussion this time) for the sake of it. The fact that in the end it turns out that there are no complications makes the storyline extremely redundant as well. If it wasn't, then maybe I would have cared. I remember when the series started that it was fun and not over-wrought and frustrating. Whatever happened to those days and where are our musical numbers. I'll watch the last couple of episodes but if it's anything like this then I wouldn't be surprised if I don't like them.moreless
  • Fantastic episode! Sad tho, I mean everything, the end the beginning.But,They canceled the show! What will be next? I don't wanna ruin anyones day by saying what happens but,how can I not? {Spoilers}moreless

    The episode does start out really nicely.Eli goes to see the acupuncteur lady and gets that DANGEROUS thingy done to him.Then he wins the case with the priest which may I add was kinda a weird case.I didnt really enjoy that part of the episode but,I love Keith so it doesn't matter. (he's the one working on the case with Eli)

    So anyway Eli goes to Vegas to marry Nate with that one Girl Beth....So Jealous of her btw!

    Nate is so HOT!SO then Beth tells Eli that she loves him.But,of course Eli saw a vision of that happening so when she asked if he had felt the same he said "no".Nate then walks in on her crying and gets all pissed at Eli.

    Then they kinda talk/yell, (Nate was the one yelling)

    I felt so bad for Eli cuz he said he was just trying to protect his big brother.Nate gets pissed and says he hates what Eli has done in his life.That of course makes Eli sad (who wouldn't be sad tho) and he throws a pillow at Nate. Might I add Nate looks as tho his brother just shot him! It kinda scared me by Nates reaction I was thinking "Oh god! did Nate put a bomb in there"!?! And if he did,Nate was prolly thinking "Man you just threw a bomb at your(HOT)big brother"!

    Moving on.....Where was I?

    Oh yeah! So then Eli gets a nose bleed and then Nate rushes over to Eli and Eli starts just talking kinda funny.Then saying Nates name over and over....then get this......IT ENDS!!!

    I know I was so excited for the next episode then I find out Eli was canceled!!

    I know what....I will just make up what happens to Eli.Maybe I'll kill him?Just kidding.He gets all better and stuff but,will we ever know? Prolly Not cuz of freakin ABC!! Gayness or....whats another word?I just don't wanna offend anyone.

    So I think since this is just such an awesome show we need to get ABC to bring it back! Am I right?moreless
Dallas Malloy

Dallas Malloy

Rev. Michael Stills

Guest Star

Melinda Clarke

Melinda Clarke

Dr. Lee

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Stephanie Niznik

Stephanie Niznik

Delia Slater

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    • Nate: All right. uh, is this above-average Eli weirdness? Does it have anything to do with the fact that Beth took your virginity.
      Eli: Why can't you ever just say that Beth and I were together? Why do you always have to bring up the virginity thing?
      Nate: Because it's fun.

    • Rev. Stills: You know, it's funny. First I had to fight to get hired as a woman. Now they want to fire me because I'm a man.

    • Dr. Lee: Do you always talk this much?
      Eli: Only when I'm anxious.
      Dr. Lee: So all the time then.

    • Rev. Stills: In Matthew 16, Peter asks Jesus who he is, and Jesus responds, "Who do you say I am? Who are you?" For the past 30 years, I didn't know the answer. For 30 years, I have been a prisoner. My soul may be safe for Heaven but remains trapped in the wrong body on Earth. Two years ago, I embarked on a journey to free my soul from that body to one which mirrored my soul rather than hold it captive. And I come back to you now, the Prodigal Son--finally a son in flesh as well as spirit. The son returned home and seeking understanding. I know finally the answer to Christ's question to Peter. I know who I am. And with your reaction, all of you will tell me who you are.

    • Frank: Fate can be changed, Eli, except for when it can't.
      Eli: That's helpful. I should tell Nate that. Maybe he'd hate my guts a little less.

    • Taylor: There are gonna be a million decisions to make and probably a million fights.
      Matt: Eh, I'd say a couple of hundred thousand, you know? Be optimistic.
      Taylor: We can't collapse every time they happen. We need to keep talking, even if it's screaming.
      Matt: I like screaming. There's makeup sex to look forward to.
      Taylor: We're about to find out if our baby's healthy, and you're cracking sex jokes.
      Matt: What, you don't think consistency's an attractive feature in a guy?

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