Eli Stone

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on ABC
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Jordan has a tough task of defending against charges of insanity. Eli is on a mission against lead paint manufacturers that may bring him before the Supreme Court.

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  • Jordan fights to prove his sanity as Eli fights against lead paint.

    So far this season I've been slightly disappointed with the series. Very slightly. The first season was perfect. I would give them all 9s or 10s. This season it is about 8-9s. Still good episodes and stories, it just felt off. This was a close return towards what I love. The Jordan story was very well done. Eli had a vision that his part in the case would be a hindrance and a liability. The changes in Jordan have been very well done. Eli's lead paint case was great. Sadly it didn't go to the supreme court like in the vision. that would have been a great story line to follow.

    The ending was fantastic. Loved Jordan leaving and the revelation that Jordan owns the building. The satisfying smile on Jordan's face as he got to kick Posner and Klein out of the building spoke volumes. Their little power play failed and karma worked out in the end. I'm sure we will see them some more later. They will be opposing council a lot.

    Now who will stay and who will go? I know Taylor and Eli are for sure. Matt Dowd is with Taylor so he will most likely stay. Keith Bennet was hired by Jordan and seems to have a strong moral compass so he might be very loyal to Jordan and stay.

    The vision at the end with Maggie i think is a red herring. Maggie is the super moral lawyer. She is like Eli. Either Posner and Klein force her to come over to the dark side, she leaves to distance herself from falling in love with Eli, or the vision is false. His vision of the supreme court case didn't happen. He didn't get to go to the supreme court. The visions are a sign of possibilities, not set in stone.

    Overall a great great episode. Can't wait to see the next one.moreless
Randall Park

Randall Park

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Debrah Farentino

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Todd Grinnell


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Tom Amandes

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    • Eli: Is everything okay, sir?
      Jordan: No, Eli. My position as managing partner of my own firm is at stake, and it appears the attorneys I've chosen to defend me against allegations I'm suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder can't seem to agree on a time of day.
      Taylor: It's 11:19.
      Eli: Give or take few minutes.

    • Jordan: (to Eli and Taylor) Both of you, make your case in one sentence or less. Ladies and daughters first.

    • Matt: In court, you're his daughter, Taylor. And any argument you make to a judge is going to lose credibility because of that.
      Taylor: You sound like Eli.
      Matt: And if he and I actually agree, that should tell you something.

    • Eli: What? Oh, you've got vision fever.
      Nathan: Huh. I must have missed that day at medical school.
      Eli: You had a vision last week. You read a little bit of Dad's journal. It's all cool and exciting. You've got the prophet bug.
      Nathan: Would you stop making up spiritual ailments, please?

    • Maggie: There's nothing in this file that could me want to abandon my mentor.
      Eli: Firstly, he's not your mentor. Secondly, I didn't abandon him, Taylor's handling it, and believe me, she's happier that I no longer am. And thirdly, I'm doing this with or without your help. And we both know that you're biologically incapable of turning down a poor sick kid case like this.
      Maggie: I hate you.

    • Keith: That's a lot of discovery for a simple breach of contract case.
      Matt: I know. I'm an artist.

    • Martin: You're aware, aren't you, that... that paranoia is a symptom of PTSD.
      Jordan: Mm, so this entire hearing is a delusion of mine. How comforting.

    • Maggie: The Kims hired us to practice law, not sorcery. Forget for a second about the future and live in the now. You don't need visions or a book or whatever to tell you what the right thing to do here is. Just do it.

    • Keith: "War does not determine who is right..."
      Jordan: "Only who is left."
      Keith: McCullough.
      Jordan: Bertrand Russell, actually.
      Keith: I--I meant the Scotch. It's very good.

    • Jordan: How did we get here? How does one go from the boldness of a youthful dream to accusations of insanity? It starts out small-a justifiable compromise here or there, till one day you start believing that life is about compromise.

    • Jordan: We all have visions, Eli. I had a vision for what this firm would become. Sometimes we have to readjust our plans.

    • Jeff Powell: Are you about to be indicted?
      Eli: Sorry, you're not that lucky, Jeff.

    • Martin: You can stay on as of counsel. In fact, Marci and I have discussed it. We would very much like you to.
      Jordan: Well, that's a very magnanimous consolation prize, Martin. I have some rather specific anatomical suggestions as to what you can do with it.

    • Taylor: Fifteen years ago, when you expanded the firm to this location, Martin, you were involved in that bitter divorce, and, Marci, you were under investigation for insider training.
      Marci: I was exonerated of those false charges.
      Martin: Yes. Happy times.

    • Frank: You're gonna take long strides on the surface of the earth, Eli. And with every step, you're gonna change the world.
      Eli: That was in the book?
      Frank: Doesn't matter. That's what I believe.

    • Eli: What are you going to do now?
      Jordan: I'd considered golf as an option but the accident the other week has left my lower back in spasm. That leaves me no other option than to continue practicing law. I intend to create the kind of practice I've been expelled for proposing. Might I entice you to follow your old boss to a new firm?
      Eli: No. But I'll follow my friend.

    • (about his father's diary)
      Eli: Don't worry, I didn't read it. Although I was tempted to make sure George Lucas didn't make any more Star Wars movies.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Frank: Kinda like the Buddhist version of The X-Files.
      Referencing the long-running Fox series The X-Files (1993-2002) starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, FBI agents who investigate various alien and supernatural phenomena.

    • Eli: And now for something completely different...
      Referencing to the popular TV Show Monty Python's The Flying Circus.The Flying Circus is a British comedy sketch show which entails the performers doing various random acts throughout each episode, thus, the now popular catchphrase being announced by John Cleese during the beginning of each show "And now for something completely different."