Eli Stone

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

Eli and Taylor are arguing over whether Jordan will take the stand to testify in his own defense against the claim of post-traumatic stress. Eli wants him to testify, Taylor doesn't. Jordan tells them he's going to testify. As Eli heads home, Taylor notes that her father keeps agreeing with Eli, and he notes she's being overly protective. As Eli gets on a trolley, he himself on a subway with Jordan admitting that he's nervous as well and they need to focus on the client. Eli fakes is way through the conversation and realizes they're going to the Supreme Court to argue a case.

The staff is concerned about where the firm will end up with Jordan's case. Matt doesn't defend Jordan and Taylor accuses him of not supporting her father. He points out that he's considered biased and she is too, and she shouldn't defend her father in court.

Eli tells Nate his vision and his brother is enthused to hear about it. Nate wants Eli to see his new client at the free clinic where he's volunteering. The patient is six years old and apparently suffering from lead poisoning. Eli warns it's impossible to win a lead poisoning case and leaves Nate, but as he walks off Eli finds himself having another vision of the Supreme Court. Jordan is there and notes that if it wasn't for Eli, he'd be on the other side of the case defending paint manufacturers. Nate asks him if his vision was about the case and finally admits he's been reading their father's journal, where he said Eli would take the lead case. Eli doesn't want to hear it and believes he needs to devote his efforts to Jordan.

Eli goes to Frank with the journal and confirms the lead manufacturing case is the one that takes him to the Supreme Court. A name in the journal is one of Frank's teachers who studied black magic. Frank notes the teacher taught him an ancient technique, the "Dark Truth," that brings clarity through pain. He initially refuses to use the technique on Eli but Eli insists. Frank puts the acupuncture needles into Eli's chest and Eli gets a painful vision of arriving at Posner & Klein, no Wethersby. Matt is there and jokingly calls security. It's been six months since he's last seen Eli and Matt talks about how he lost Jordan's hearing because of his own supposed craziness.

Eli tells Jordan that he has to withdraw from the hearing and Jordan agrees based on his apparently capricious behavior. Taylor takes over and assures Jordan they're fine with her in charge. Patti complains about Eli bailing on Jordan and he assures her he needs to be on the lead manufacturing case. He asks Maggie to help but she is also upset at Eli dropping Jordan's case.

Taylor goes to Keith to ask for him to take second chair, and Matt agrees. Meanwhile, Eli meets with the parents of the girl, Leesie, and they admit that she almost certainly ate paint chips. Eli warns that their apartment is so old that the paint couldn't be identified to a single manufacturer… so Eli proposes they sue them all.

As they go to court, Eli asks Maggie to stay in the gallery so they can get more sympathy by him being alone at the table with their client. As he goes in, he sees Jordan meeting with Keith and Taylor. At Jordan's hearing, various clients are called to relate how Jordan dropped them as clients. On cross-examination, at least one client reveals that Jordan was proposing charity work years before. Marci Klein responds by calling Jordan's wife Ellen to the stand.

Eli attempts to get permission to examine the paint manufacturer's files, but the opposing attorney, Gibbons, says it's unjustified and asks for sanctions. The judge gives Eli 24 hours to justify his request.

Marci questions Ellen and gets her to admit that Jordan has changed since the bank collapse. Jordan has been spending more time at the bank and is unable to sleep. On cross-exam, Taylor notes that Ellen is in therapy and asks her why she wasn't concerned enough to get him into therapy. Marci responds by getting Ellen to admit she's expressed her concerns to Taylor, who admitted she was concerned as well. Taylor apologizes to Jordan who understands, but insists that he'll testify.

Eli returns to the office and find Jordan in his office preparing his testimony. Eli explains his case will go to the Supreme Court and they'll go together. Jordan is doubtful but Eli points out he found him because of his visions. Jordan snaps at him and Eli snaps back, noting he didn't advise Jordan to pull the firm apart. Eli insists that he's doing what he needs to for Jordan. As he goes out, he finds himself in a vision of being in the Supreme Court chamber with an awed Jordan. Jordan talks about the trouncing Eli gave the original attorney, Gibbons, and he sees Marci and Martin enter the court. Eli manages to read the future file on the case and determine how they win.

In court, Eli withdraws the product liability claim but files for public nuisance. Eli isn't required to prove causality and the judge dismisses the sanctions.

At his hearing, Jordan testifies that he has determined to change his life and had a "moment of clarity." Martin responds by attempting to indicate the accident caused his change of mind, and brings up Eli and presents the transcript from Eli's testimony about having a vision. He asks if Jordan believes his decision is being lead by God, but Keith calls a recess.

Gibbons offers a settlement of $500,000 with no admission of liability and a gag order. Eli discusses it with his clients, the Kims, and advises them not to accept. They aren't concerned with other sufferers and agree to discuss it but don't think they're going to change their minds. Maggie agrees with the couple but Eli is concerned about everyone else suffering from lead poisoning and asks Nate to see the journal. Maggie tells Eli to do the right thing on his own, without the journal.

Keith and Jordan share a drink and Keith assures him that they were better off without Eli. Jordan realizes that Eli was correct and shows Keith the original mission statement that he, Marci, and Martin wrote together.

Eli asks Frank for the journal and Frank refuses, saying that Eli isn't following the plan. Frank warns that Eli doesn't know what's in the book, things that Nate couldn't understand. Eli insists on seeing it but Frank tells him that he needs to be there for Jordan.

Back at the hearing, Jordan testifies that the only issue is if he's suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Eli enters the gallery as Jordan admits the only part Eli has played is reminding him of something that all three partners once shared. Jordan reads the mission statement from 30 years ago and notes how they slowly compromised until they reached their current situation.

Back at the office, Eli tells Jordan that his clients settled and Jordan notes that he's lost the support of the board. Jordan has been voted out as managing partner but notes that Eli was right not to take his case but to simply stand by him as his friend. Jordan apologizes for their argument and says he had his own vision for the firm but they have to change. Eli realizes the case needs to go to the Supreme Court, but they may not be the ones to take it there. Jordan says he plans to create a new firm, with fresh principles, and asks Eli to come along. Eli agrees to go… with his friend.

Later, Eli approaches rival lawyer Jeff Powell and offers him the case to get around the gag order. Jeff believes it can go to the Supreme Court.

Marci and Martin offer Jordan a position as counselor but he tells them no. Taylor arrives to tell them she reviewed the real estate holdings and 15 years ago they put the building in Jordan's name. Jordan agrees to give the attorneys there a week to decide if they stay.

Eli visits Frank and says he didn't read the journal: he doesn't want to control the uncontrollable any more. He tosses the book in Frank's barbeque and they watch it burn. Frank assures him that Eli will change the world with every step he takes. As Eli leaves, he has a vision of the Supreme Court building. He goes inside to find Jeff there… with Maggie. Maggie sees Eli and wonders why he's there. Maggie then goes before the Supreme Court… as counsel for Posner & Klein, defending the paint companies.