Eli Stone

Season 1 Episode 12

Waiting for That Day

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • The little boy who cried wolf... with a little help from his friends.

    I felt as if this episode was merely a fan appeaser. Which does NOT mean I did not like it. (I am, after all, a fan. I was appeased.) For once, Eli is right. After another earthquake denoting vision (this time with dates and locations) Eli brings his visions, his beliefs, and his warning to the one place he can do any good; the courtroom. On the subplot, we find Jordan Wethersby being challenged for his position in the firm. When it comes down to his career against Eli's case, Wethersby actually sides with Eli. This counts for a lot, to me. Of course, Wethersby gets the pay of in the end. The reason I labeled this "Alternate Reality" is not because the show actually had a major earthquake in San Francisco, but because they had it destroy the Golden Gate Bridge. It just seems like such a cliché for movies and shows. Oh well. I guess I can forgive them. :P