Eli Stone

Season 1 Episode 12

Waiting for That Day

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2008 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Eli tells his colleagues that the 22nd floor is probably not the safest place to be during an earthquake. However, the exterior shot of Wethersby, Posner & Klein shows a building only ten stories tall (seven in the east wing).

  • Quotes

    • Jordan: Ms. Klein's problem with Mr. Stone isn't that he is eccentric, it's that he applies his considerable talents to underdogs and individuals, instead of conglomerates and CEOs. He reminds us that in business there is still room for humanity, that capitalism without mercy is tantamount to evil--he reminds us of the best parts of ourselves. Yes, I have protected Eli Stone, because I believe this firm needs Eli Stone; I believe that every firm, every company, everyone...needs an Eli Stone. And by your vote you'll say whether or not you agree. If you don't, then this place has become something I don't want my name on anyway.

    • Marci: I've tallied the partners' vote, and, well... Jordan, there's no easy way to say this.
      Jordan: I think you just did, Marci.
      Marci: But, for the record, it is the decision of the partnership that Jordan Weathersby be removed from his post as managing partner - effective immediately. Truly, Jordan, I'm sorry.
      Jordan: I'm not. I can live with the partners decision. I hope they can.
      (an earthquake interrupts the meeting for 20-30 seconds, shattering windows and bringing down ceiling beams)
      Jordan: Marci... I'd like a revote.

    • Patti: Eli, you draft your will yet?
      Eli: I left you all my George Michael CDs. I figured that was appropriate.

    • Matt: I take it from the look of surprise on your face that you're unaccustomed to dealing with men as capable as the Dowd. (Eli knocks) Funny, we were just talking about you.
      Eli: Hey, do you have a second?
      Taylor: Uhh, I've got sixty of them.
      Eli: I was asking... the Dowd.

    • Chen: Dude, I solved your problem.
      Eli: Sorry, you're going to have to tell me which one.

    • Eli: By this you mean your plan to get people to believe me by relying on someone nobody believes.
      Chen: Eli, he predicted the earthquake from your vision.
      Eli: He also predicted five other earthquakes that never happened.
      Chen: Obviously he's gotten the kinks of his prediction system worked out.
      Eli: That's not obvious. That's the exact opposite of obvious.

    • Eli: I need this to be ironclad. I need it to be drafted without sympathy or sentiment.
      Matt: I am fairly unsympathetic.
      Eli: That's what I'm counting on. We're gonna put your utter lack of humanity to good use.

    • Eli: I've heard rumblings...
      Jordan: And did you hear them from a tall female associate who has my eyes?

    • Eli: It's not even noon and I've already made my end-of-life decision. What have you done today?

    • Taylor: Eli and I used to tell each other all the time.
      Matt: Well, don't put me in that position. However, I can think of several positions you could put me in.
      Taylor: It's almost hard to believe you'd botch the one evening you had to prove you're not all pig.

    • Eli: I believe you!
      Foote: Only because you're cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

    • Eli: If I wasn't right, how would I know that?
      Maggie: Well, I must have told you. Then it was "Maggeroni-and-Cheese." Then it was just "Maggeroni." Then it was just "Macaroni."
      Eli: No, you didn't tell me. I'd remember being that bored.

    • Taylor: (to Matt) Look, I recognize it's probably been a while since you managed to go on date without a woman who did it professionally but generally you're expected to pay attention to the woman you're with.

    • Eli: It's kind of like to be or not to be...
      Matt: kind of...
      Eli: ...except for the I'll already be brain-dead part.
      Matt: There is that. If it's any consolation, I already think of you as brain dead.

    • Dr. Rajapaska: It looks like we're all set.
      Eli: To take out the aneurysm.
      Dr. Rajapaska: I thought we were removing your gall bladder. A little joke.

    • Dr. Rajapaska: Your pre-op exam looks promising.
      Eli: Well, I studied very hard. A joke.

    • Dr. Rajapaksa: You seem nervous.
      Eli: Why would I be nervous? It's not like we're talking about going into my skull with sharp instruments with a high likelihood that I'll lose the ability to speak. That's if I don't lose the ability to, ya know, live.

    • Eli: The one person in the entire city who believes us, just happens to be the mayor. (chuckles) Talk about dumb luck.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "The One You Knew" by Joshua Radin

    • Injoke: John Billingsley (Daniel Foote) played a character named Egan Foote on the short lived ABC show The Nine. He had a similar appearance and demeanor and same last name on both ABC shows.

    • International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: August 10, 2008 on AXN
      Germany: October 15, 2008 on Pro7
      Australia: January 13, 2009 on Seven
      Norway: January 28, 2009, on Tv2
      The Netherlands: February 9, 2009 on Net 5

  • Allusions

    • Patti: No, the mayor of Munchkinland!
      This is the second reference in this episode to The Wizard of Oz. Munchkinland is at the beginning of the yellow brick road, where the Munchkins reside.

    • Foote: That's because you're cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!
      Referencing the slogan for the chocolate cereal from General Mills. The mascot is Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, who inevitably goes "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" when he sees or smells the cereal.

    • Jordan: I assume the Wicked Witch to whom you're referring is one of this firm's founding partner?
      This and the subsequent line about a bucket of water are references to the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, and the Wicked Witch of the West played by Margaret Hamilton.

    • Eli: As if one fake earthquake hallucination wasn't enough, now I'm getting one directed by Michael Bay.
      Referencing the big-budget director specializing in remakes (rather then sequels, as Eli says a little later), known for making huge spectacular movies such as Armageddon, Transformers, and Pearl Harbor filled with action and explosions.

    • Patti: This better be good, Dowd, I'm missing Oprah. Dr. Oz is on.
      Referencing the daytime talk show Oprah, hosted by Oprah Winfrey since 1986, which was featuring Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon and author who appears regularly on Oprah's show.

    • Eli: I wanted to make sure that I don't get Terry Schiavo'd.
      Theresa Schiavo was a woman who spent 15 years in a vegetative state after collapsing in 1990. Schiavo's case drew international attention when her husband embarked on a seven year legal battle to remove her feeding tube, which her parents opposed.

    • Episode's Title
      This episode's title is the name of a song by George Michael, which appeared on the album Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1.

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