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  • Dating game show in which one person is set up with four people of the opposite sex. They eliminate one after every date/commercial break until the show ends up with a happy couple.

    If any writers were looking for ideas for characters, they would be advised to watch this show. "Elimidate" was full of interesting, unusual and yes, often annoying characters who knew they had only a limited time to make an impression on their date and keep from getting elimnated. The show traveled all over the United States, finding young people who didn't mind competing on national TV (while getting a LOT of free drinks!). They featured body shots, girl on girl kissing, dancing (usually round three) some nudity and a lot of laughs. They also had several special shows in which the program set up older groups of people. They also set up celebrities like JJ Walker and Johnnie Whittaker. Sweeps months would feature competitions between the "pros" (contestants who had done the show before) and the "freshmen" (first time competitors). It was a show that never took itself very seriously and made the sale of hottubs go through the roof.