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Ellen, which was titled "These Friends of Mine" during its first season, is comedy about the life of a young woman by the name of Ellen Morgan - a neurotic, thirty-something, bookstore employee who tries to get by life in dealing with her many random foils and follies (and not to mention her annoying and overbearing parents, Lois and Harold). Thanks to her friends, however, among them including the bubbly redhead Paige, insecure photographer Adam, her unsure-of-himself cousin Spence, coffee shop guy Joe Farrell, and the critical and obnoxious Audrey, Ellen is able to find the security, and the sanity, to get through her less than normal every day life. The show can be described as a combination between popular sitcoms Seinfeld and Friends, blending a perfect mix of comedy and situational humor with the drama and excitement of every day issues and life in the "real world".


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Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Morgan

Joely Fisher

Joely Fisher

Paige Clark (Seasons 2-5)

David Anthony Higgins

David Anthony Higgins

Joe Farrell (Seasons 2-5, recurring previously)

Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven

Spence Kovak (Seasons 3-5)

Clea Lewis

Clea Lewis

Audrey Penney (Seasons 3-5, recurring previously)

Arye Gross

Arye Gross

Adam Green (Episodes 1-40, 60, 62)

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Fan Reviews (127)

  • Why is everyone asking shit from Ellen?

    This is a great sitcom. It is funny, and just fantastic. Love it.
  • Elderly Abuse

    Ellen, I am writing on behalf of my mother. She is 76. My sister recently attempted suicide, and we found out that she has taken over 30000.00 from her over the last 4 or five years. Mom is now taking care of Jen's 3 boys. Age 20, 14, and 10. She is devastated and the hits just keep on coming. Now they are in danger of losing the only transportation they have as well as utilities, ect. They took her . and fridge because Jen told her they were paid off and she took the money for the payment. I have started a page called Elderly Abuse on FB, and was wondering if you could address this issue somehow on your show. She has never done anything but good for people, especially her daughters and this is destroying her. She feels she is at fault somehow and is losing her trust in the good in people. I would be grateful for anything you could do to make her feel better about all of this. God bless you and all the good you do for people. Mom is a military widow and has really enjoyed some of the specials you have done on their behalf. Thanks again for taking the time to just read this. I understand if you can't do anything, but elderly abuse, physical, mental and fiduciary is becoming a growing problem and I hate that Mom has been a victim in all of this.moreless
  • I'm a big fan of Justin bieber

    I want to meet jb because I am a big fan of him in one else can be a huge fan as want to meet him infront of me hug him sing with him dance with him and do a lot I want to come to your show but i'm in Srilanka,and I am studying in grade 8. So can you make my dream come true?and by the way I am Sangavi from Srilanka colombo.moreless
  • My grandma needs help!

    I'm my grandmas grandson and I'm writing this for my grandma she needs help she helps everyone else but no one helps her she needs a place to stay, her car broke down, she has no money what so ever, and she is not in good health. She has no clue what to do she as ran out of options please can you help my grandma her name is Maria Perez her phone number is 4093007168 thank you I would appreciate any help you could give my grandmamoreless
  • please help!

    Dear Ellen,

    My daughter and I watch your show daily, we think yourca caring and funny person!

    We are a hard working family. My daughter just finished bascic training for the national guard, she started her college career to become a vet. She needs a car to go back and forth to her monthly drills and college. We have two older cars and both are being could really use a third car right now. We are both unemployed. I want her to stick with the college.moreless

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