Season 5 Episode 6

G.I. Ellen

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 1997 on ABC

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  • chirismas memorys

    my reveiw of you shows always make me so happy ,lots of laughs and even some tears.but always for a good cause ....i have had the roughest couple of years to no fault of my own dr's gave me a historectomy due to some over grow tummers that was the sucseeful part later we found thay dr had punchtured all the wat threw to my intestins so i have had many surgerys(7) just this year ,he had to pull mucel and tissue to rebuild ,so so very painful i didn't think i would be here for this christmas !so thats why i'm sending you this letter i made it i survived someting that was trying to end me...and i won . my daughter though well shes so happy .but the sad thing is so much time off work i don;t think i will be able to geive her a christmas or my son stephan or my son seth you would think me just being here would be enoght but to kids well, it's kind of hard to explain if ya know what i mean no kid my or anyone soul have to go with out christmas or the passing of their mommy that they love so dearly i have one more surg comming that is to take my clolosimy donw they had to give me one of these because of how sick i am but we are trying to take it down in mid christmas wish us luck:)if there is any way you could help my childern even the smallest think would be so appreiciated anything would help........i watch you show everday i just think you are such a amasing woman your wife must be so proud to have you.thank you againsee ya on t.v on monday keep doing what your doing it means alot to alot of pepole.....happy holidays janis stormont of rockford ill.