Season 5 Episode 6

G.I. Ellen

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 1997 on ABC



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    • Sergeant Timko: You think I'm gonna give you special treatment just because your a girl?
      Ellen: No I don't
      Sergeant Timko: Well your not going to get it
      Ellen: Good, cause I don't want it
      Sergeant Timko: Whine all you want cause your not going to get special treatment.
      Ellen: Quick question, will I be getting special treatment?
      Sergeant Timko: That's it Morgan why don't you give me 20.
      Ellen: I don't have a 20 will you take 2 10's.

    • Sergeant Timko: Welcome to Hell Day
      Ellen: Thank you

    • Sergeant Timko: New recruits are mighty slow!
      Recruits: New recruits are mighty slow!
      Ellen: Timko's from Mars and I'm from Venus, the only difference is he has a (Quickly pauses) whistle...

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