Season 4 Episode 24

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

Aired Unknown May 07, 1997 on ABC
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Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah
Ellen and her parents go to their favorite Chinese restaurant. Ellen plans out exactly how the whole evening will go. But her plans go haywire when her parents don't react well to the Ellen's news that she is gay. Lois thinks that she just hasn't met the right man yet, but it isn't a reason to decide she's gay. Harold goes bolistic, and can't handle that his daughter could be gay, and walks out of the restaurant. Ellen catches up with him later, hoping that her dad will understand that she has to do what is her. But he just can't accept it, and would rather ignore the whole issue all together. Lois takes it a little better, and after Ellen convinces her, goes to a support group and discusses how she feels about the matter. Then another member of the group starts to yell at Ellen, and about her being wrong and hurting people. But no matter whether Lois likes it or not, she is not going to let some man talk to her daughter like that. Then Harold comes in and tells the man that he better not talk like that to his daughter, and saves the day.moreless

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    Joan Jett

    Joan Jett


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    Dayton Callie

    Dayton Callie

    The Father of the Gay Son

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    Laraine Newman

    Laraine Newman

    The Over-Supportive Parent

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    Steven Gilborn

    Steven Gilborn

    Harold Morgan

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    Alice Hirson

    Alice Hirson

    Lois Morgan

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      • Harold: (To angry man) She's here! She's queer! Get used to it!
        (To Ellen) I read that on a bumper sticker.

      • Lois: I miss the old Ellen.
        Ellen: Which Ellen is that? The Ellen that used to keep her feelings bottled up? The Ellen that used to lie to herself and everybody else? The Ellen that could have spent the rest of her life alone?
        Lois: Yep, that's the one.

      • Lois: I'm so confused, I mean, what do two women do in bed together?
        Ellen: Okay, that's enough time! Alright we don't need to hog the floor. Who else wants to talk?

      • Moderator: And you are?
        Lois: Heartbroken, confused, sad.
        Ellen: I think she meant your name.

      • Lois: I don't think being gay is anything to joke about.
        Ellen: Well, I'm sorry. I don't know what else to do. I was scared, I was ashamed, and now that it's out, you know what – it's funny.

      • (Talking about Harold's mini-rail-track/town)
        Ellen: This place really expanded. What happened to the little corner coffee shop?
        Harold: Starbucks drove them out of business.

      • Audrey: Am I the only one here who reads the lesbian news?

      • Audrey: Ellen, your parents are from a different era. I mean, they expected you to be the prom queen, marry your high-school sweetheart and live happily ever after. I mean, what were they thinking?

      • Audrey: Boy, I wonder how it went with Ellen telling her parents last night…
        Joe: I'm sure it was a lot like when I told my parents I wanted to become and American citizen. First they were hurt but then when they realized I was leaving the country they threw a big party.

      • Ellen: I'm not seeing anyone.
        Harold: What does that mean? Can you be gay by yourself?

      • Ellen: You know, you always wanted me to be open and honest with you.
        Lois: Oh no honey, that's what you wanted. We were always very happy keeping our feelings bottled up.

      • Ellen: Well, let's see, where were we? Um, I was late, Ashan's on vacation, Tootsie, Jene Hackman, ah, oh, that's right! I'm gay.

      • Harold: So, what do you think she wants to tell us?
        Lois: Oh, come on, isn't it obvious? You saw her last week, she was just glowing. She's finally met Mr. Right.

      • Paige: Maybe you should just write them a letter. You know like when you go shopping in a catalog, you know you flip through, and…
        Ellen: Well, when I come out to a department store I'll consult you on that.

      • Lois: I mean, just because you haven't found the right man, doesn't mean you're gay. I mean, you're just very choosy and there's nothing wrong with being choosy.
        Ellen: I'm not attracted to any men.
        Lois: Now that's too choosy.

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