Season 4 Episode 25

Moving On

Aired Unknown May 14, 1997 on ABC
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Moving On
Ed asks Ellen to babysit his daughters, which she says would be fine. Audrey creates a sisterhood corner. Ed sees this, and asks her to take it down, as he feels it may attract the "sort" of people that he doesn't want attracted to a family store. Ellen is disturbed by this, and asks him about it.moreless

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      • [Ed mistaking Ellen's relater for her girlfriend]
        Ed: She seems nice.
        Ellen: Oh god, she is. You know I didn't even think this was something I wanted until I met her.
        Ed: She must be persuasive.
        Ellen: Oh boy, she is. But, mainly I think it was the slides that did it for me.
        Ed: Slides?
        Ellen: Yeah, I mean at first I was looking at them thinking "ah, I don't really know"… but than the last one I saw was like "that's what I want!".

      • Joe: Ellen, what do you call that many lesbians?
        Ellen: Four, Joe.

      • Ellen: I wanna talk to you about the sisterhood display outside.
        Ed: Oh, the lesbian books, why?
        Ellen: Because Audrey spent a lot of time on it and you know she's so sensitive. Let's not forget how crushed she was when you took down her America's Funniest Home Felines table.
        Ed: It wasn't the display, it was more of that stupid cat outfit.
        Ellen: Ya, Joe did look ridiculous.

      • Teacher: Next up, Emily is going to introduce her guest.
        Emily: This is Ellen Morgan, one of my best freinds.
        Ellen: Hey kids, stay in school.
        Emily: Ellen works for my daddy at Buy the Book. My daddy says Ellen is smart, hard working and uh, I can't think of the word.
        Ellen: Trustworthy?
        Emily: No.
        Ellen: Friendly?
        Emily: No.
        Ellen: Funny? Warm? Loveable?
        Emily: Lesbian! My daddy says Ellen is a lesbian.
        Ellen: Any questions?
        (A bunch of hands fly up in the air)

      • (Upon hearing Ellen is gay)
        Ed: Oh, Ellen I'm so sorry.
        Ellen: Ed, I'm gay, I don't have cancer.

      • Real Estate Lady: Ellen, Ellen, where are you?
        Ellen: (Walks out of a coat closet) Here, I was in the closet.
        Real Estate Lady: It's big, isn't it?
        Ellen: Yeah, but I wouldn't want to spend a lot of time in there, entertaining or anything.

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