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  • Why is everyone asking shit from Ellen?

    This is a great sitcom. It is funny, and just fantastic. Love it.
  • Elderly Abuse

    Ellen, I am writing on behalf of my mother. She is 76. My sister recently attempted suicide, and we found out that she has taken over 30000.00 from her over the last 4 or five years. Mom is now taking care of Jen's 3 boys. Age 20, 14, and 10. She is devastated and the hits just keep on coming. Now they are in danger of losing the only transportation they have as well as utilities, ect. They took her . and fridge because Jen told her they were paid off and she took the money for the payment. I have started a page called Elderly Abuse on FB, and was wondering if you could address this issue somehow on your show. She has never done anything but good for people, especially her daughters and this is destroying her. She feels she is at fault somehow and is losing her trust in the good in people. I would be grateful for anything you could do to make her feel better about all of this. God bless you and all the good you do for people. Mom is a military widow and has really enjoyed some of the specials you have done on their behalf. Thanks again for taking the time to just read this. I understand if you can't do anything, but elderly abuse, physical, mental and fiduciary is becoming a growing problem and I hate that Mom has been a victim in all of this.
  • I'm a big fan of Justin bieber

    I want to meet jb because I am a big fan of him in one else can be a huge fan as want to meet him infront of me hug him sing with him dance with him and do a lot I want to come to your show but i'm in Srilanka,and I am studying in grade 8. So can you make my dream come true?and by the way I am Sangavi from Srilanka colombo.
  • My grandma needs help!

    I'm my grandmas grandson and I'm writing this for my grandma she needs help she helps everyone else but no one helps her she needs a place to stay, her car broke down, she has no money what so ever, and she is not in good health. She has no clue what to do she as ran out of options please can you help my grandma her name is Maria Perez her phone number is 4093007168 thank you I would appreciate any help you could give my grandma
  • please help!

    Dear Ellen,

    My daughter and I watch your show daily, we think yourca caring and funny person!

    We are a hard working family. My daughter just finished bascic training for the national guard, she started her college career to become a vet. She needs a car to go back and forth to her monthly drills and college. We have two older cars and both are being could really use a third car right now. We are both unemployed. I want her to stick with the college.
  • please help us im worry say to death

    why u text me phone numbe its just nothing husband hernia nothing bye I wrote 7letters I facebooki I can do you I feel like u want help twitter so
  • Why Are There All These Letters to Ellen in the Reviews section instead of Reviews of this series?

    I don't know why people are writing to Ellen in the reviews section, but I'm going to actually talk about the series.

    Ellen was one of the most retooled series ever made, I think, and every change made the show worse. It was very funny in its first year, when it was called These Friends of Mine. Then some perfectly good cast members were swapped out, the premise changed, it became less ensemble style and more star driven, and it was weaker. When Arye Gross was subsequently swapped out for a grating Jeremy Piven, the show started getting very bad.

    When Ellen came out as gay, my mom complained that it ruined the show, but for me, the show was already bad, and her coming out was just more poorly conceived retooling that made the show markedly worse. Although the actual coming out show was brilliant, the best episode of the series, and made me briefly believe that the series had finally turned around. But it hadn't, it just kept getting worse.

    Fortunately Ellen moved on to her talk show host role, which fits her like a glove, so it's a story with a happy ending. But I wish they'd kept doing These Friends of Mine; that was a really good show.
  • 2 cars hitting my mum didn't stop her

    I know u won't read this but hey Ellen I'm kristy from Vic Australia and I'm going to tell you my mums story, when my mum was 18 she was hit by 2 cars whited stop her from doing a lot of things but not everything. My mum is a single mum almost 50, I watch the Ellen show all the time on YouTube I can't in the living room because the tv doesn't really work and I would come and she your show but my mum couldn't pay for a plan and I never been on a plan coz be don't really travel. I want to be a singer but I know that it would cost a lot of money and mum can't drive to get me are moving next year and I don't know it we have the money to fix up this place but anyway I just wanted to tell you my story and I see you help so many people I know it's a long shot but I wanna try. Love ya Ellen
  • A well deserving Daughter

    I watch your show a lot you are the most real talk show host ever!!!! The other day I was watching and there was a ad that said do you know anyone who could use a car. My daughter who is a 20 year old college student just had hers break down and needs one. She is a junior in college and for the last two years has held a 4.0 gpa. She came home for the summer and is working three jobs. I would really like to help her more but her stepfather and I live check to check. Her father is on disability for bipolar/schizophrenia she is there for him more then he is for of things that have happened in her fathers life she has decided to go to school to become a speech therapist. So schooling will be another five years. She is such a deserving daughter and a very giving and deserving person I am so proud of the person she has become. A car would be awesome or her to get to her jobs and school. Thank you from a very proud mother!!!!!!!!!
  • gloria, my awesome wife

    she is the greatest wife a man could ask for. we will be married 25 years next year and hoping to renew our vows. the only problem is that on july 2010 i had 2 heart attacks and cannot work due to my condition. i have worked since i was 13 untill i had the 2nd heart attack. i promised to take her to a dallas cowboys game, but not employed and ssi still pending im wanting to ask if you could help me with that promise. im not the kind of person to ask for anything but she has done so much for me and our family. she is the only one working and paying all our bills with no complaints from her. i love her so very much if you could help i would really appreciate it. i watch you and steve harvey every day just to make me smile and laugh.
  • a grandmother who needs to know

    My oldest granddaughter was born with the middle name Inez which was my moms name. She has been asking me if your middle name was the same. We all think you are awesome
  • A great-grand mother in need of a car.

    Hi, Ellen I will be 70 years old in October, I have never owned a new car in my life.

    I have one daughter, two granddaughters and 3 great grand children, I feel blessed to still be here and to live long enough to be a great grandmother. I have been in poor health, why I would love to have a new car used to love to go to the beach so I would love to take my family at least one more time in a car I do not have to worry about, because my car is a

    Also I watch you everyday and would absolutely love to come to see your show in person in a NEW CAR!! hope to get to see your show soon : )
  • souldanceman

    hi ellen im deaf man and my name is wilbert calvin wilson jr. im in need of a car i dont have much money also i never get new a car for 50 yrs old now
  • I need a car

    HI Ellen, I was watching todays show and the message do you know someone who needs a car? Yes, I need a car, the one I have is on its last leg, and im steady investing money into that I don't have, One window wont open, sunrrof wont close. Had no heat for two years, used the heated seats, blankets for the passengers. And Ellen, I love your show, I repeat your jokes to everyone. You are one funny lady.
  • Great shows

    I watch you every chance I get and think you are one of the most generous and helping people I have ever seen. You are one of the people that makes the world a better place.
  • Thanks for making a very special lady with dementia laugh for the first time

    I have a very special family member that was always a very hard worker, a single Mom of one son, very social, and very family oriented. Unfortunately she began having memory issues. It was learned she had dementia that became so severe she is now in a nursing facility. Though, she recognizes me, she doesn't remember my name, but that's okay, I have come to accept that and only want to bring her as much happiness under the circumstances. I make her a home cooked meal and try to time it to arrive about one hour before your show begins. The first time I didn't know what to expect for her attention span isn't what is was. Though, at first it began with smiling, which was so encouraging to see her show emotion. So, I have made it a daily "Must do" to always insure she is in front of her TV when your show is on. That small smile has turned into an occasional laughter, which Ellen, it's priceless. For someone so very dear to me to see her show emotion at your jokes is truly so very appreciated. Blessings, Patty
  • I'm a stressed out mom!

    Dear Ellen, I'm your biggest fan, you are a amazing person. You help people everyday. I've recently noticed that the walls in my home are cracking in all corners and everywhere. I'm not in the greatest health, heart problems, unstable ankles, high blood pressure and worried sooooo much about things. My daughter and I lived in the house for seven years along with her fianc and my German Shepard dog Sheba. The house is sliding away, the foundation. It's very scary! I have come to stay at a friends house, daughter thinks her and Jesse are going to do this all. Money and time are hard to do. I tx and talk to her everyday to make sure everything is fine. At night I stress not knowing if I will hear from her because of house. I want to go back home, but can't until it is safe. I only have my daughter and her fianc and my Sheba. Please help me if you can. I just want to go back to my house in Lawrenceville and take care of my health issues and see my daughter. Bless you! Take care, I'm trying! Thank you for listening! Ginger Michalski

    Hey Ellen !! Before I tell you my story I just want to say that you are absolutely amazing!! I watch your show all the time and when I see the things that you do for people I always find myself with a smile on my face, and seeing you help these regular everyday people who are having troubles made me realize that maybe you could help my mother. My name is Kristy Sharp and I am 16 and I live in The Central Coast, New south Wales in Australia. Ever since I was born my mum (Cindy Morris), has been a single parent. She has raised my brother (Dale Sharp), and I all alone and has always had money troubles. But the past few years her world has just been turned upside down. On the 19/9/2011, she lost the love of her life and I lost my step-dad. He was such an amazing man, they met when they were only 16 and we're completely head over heels in love with one another right up until the day he died. She has never been the same since, she is grieving so much and can't seem to get over it at all, its two years later and she's the way she is, makes it feel like it happened last week. She puts a smile on for us but I can see right through it. She was slowly getting herself back on her feet when she lost her father, she was absolutely heartbroken and a week after that she lost her grandfather and that just pushed her down and she isn't coping at all. She is a nurse and has to do overnight just to make enough money to pay the bills and even that's not enough, she struggles with money so much and is very stressed out. She can't sleep so she's tired all the time which puts her in a worse mood. And to top it all off her confidence in herself is below 0. She doesn't see what I see, I think she is the most beautiful person in this world, one problem and the main reason she has no confidence is her teeth. Earlier in 2013, my dog was playing around with her and accidently knocked a lot of her teeth out and she has no money to go and get them fixed and it has been affecting her so much she refuses to go out cause she's worried what people think and every time we go out she stresses out on how she looks even though she always looks amazing to me and my brother. She can't eat either with her teeth because it hurts her so much. Ellen you don't understand how heartbreaking it is to see her like this, struggling with money troubles, having no confidence, in pain due to her teeth, constantly drained from working too much and all that happening whilst she's grieving so much she shouldn't have to be going through this. I'm so worried that one day its all going to get too much for her and one day she may not be around and I couldn't handle that. She is the most amazing woman you'll ever meet and for her to meet you would make her so happy! She loves you so much and so do I. I don't know if there's any way in the world you can help my mum get back on her feet and make her stress go away so she can focus on getting her life together again, I just want to make her happy. She doesn't know that I'm asking you for help and I think it would be the most amazing thing to tell her that she gets to meet Ellen ! And also just a little fun fact, I wouldn't mind meeting Harry Styles HAHAHAHA!! Haha na I'm just joking around (kind of hahaha). Please read this Ellen I would be so thankful if you could do this for her I just want her to be happy again. Thank you Ellen xx
  • Hmmmm!

    I have always looked up to you for your clean humor but lately it is turning blue. I watch you on YouTube and this evening I saw references to "fresh sperm", "porn & beans," and "pubic" funds. A bar of soap is being mailed to under separate cover! Thanks for your attention to my comments.
  • amazing

    even though im only 11 I have been watching the ellen show I love you
  • the best person ever

    hi ellen i love you so much your my hero i wanna be on your show so bad see if you like some videos at cerehn i watch your videos all the time i just turned 9 i think your the nicest person ever and you just have the best sense of humor!!!!!!!!!!! i do duets sometimes and my moms number is (856)-381-9382 i also make these videos for you to watch it
  • Love your show

    Ellen love your show you have such a wonderful giving heart.
  • Desperate Mommy

    My dearest Ellen, let me start by saying that I absolutely adore you. You do amazing things for people who are less fortunate, which is what I would do I I where able. I am a single mother from Franklin, Louisiana and I have 3amazing sons that love baseball. I wrote to you on an earlier day and now my situation has gotten worst. Before when I wrote we were staying with a very close friend in one room of her house, as of Memorial Day, she threw us out. I am unemployed and a recent graduate of Remington College. A wonderful friend named Celeste Gauthier has taken me and the boys in but she also doesn't have much room. I sleep in the bed with Celeste, my middle son, Dravyn (12) sleeps on the couch, My youngest son Trevyn (11) is sleeping in a recliner. While I could handle the situation, it is killing me to have the boys going through this. I just really need something good and positive to happen for them and maybe something great for Celeste for helping us out. I just want them to smile again. Thanks for anything you can do. Maybe just mention the boys on your show, and mention the kindness of Celeste. Thanks again and we live you dearly. Chantelle Hebert
  • email faith11077atlivedotcom

    Dear ms. Ellen,i'd like to start out by saying my mother and I really admire you. The way you help people and the obstacles you've soared over in your life. My name is Cameron, I'm a sixteen year old young man and going into the 12th grade. Ms Ellen like you my mother is a helping spirit, she does things like clean the church grounds & trim their trees in the evening so no one knows it's her. She says it's her way of giving tythes "she can't put money in the church plate every sunday, well we" :) she is a veteran(honorable discharge) dessert shield and storm it's been hard for her since she returned dealing with the post traumatic stress syndrome we also had to relocate to Texas because of my mom being a battered woman(my dad) since starting out in texas it's been hard for her with lesbian discrimination because just like you ms ellen she now lives her life as a gay woman. Lately I've been noticing she's losing her zest for life with her financial troubles and how shes treated for her way of life she would like to start her own lawn care company but does not have a reliable truck and tools she admires you so much being a successful gay woman i think it would really restore her belief that great things can still happen i love the way you make people laugh so if you could give her a call and say hello i know i would see her smile and laugh like she used to we love your spirit we watch your show everyday and for me i know it's the time when i know she'll be smiling so i thank you, we love you never change her name is faith renew hers please
  • Wonderful Lady in need

    Ellen I was watching your show & you said if we knew of someone in need to let you know.

    A friend of me and my wife (Vicki ) , Marlene Steele is her name. Marlene has been a friend for over 20 years. she lost her husband Ray in 2009 after a long battle with heart problems and a heart transplant.

    Since then she lost her job where shewas making a good living and paying off past medical bills.

    She has been unable to find work since. and if that isn't enough her son didn't have a job and his wife reacently had a new born baby their second child. They had no where to live so Marlene moved them in her home and is now feeding four others. She has depleted her retirement\ her savings and is now two months behind on house payments. Getting notices for pending evection. She is trying to file for bankruptsy but the Lawyers want money for that something shedos'nt have. However she has made it till now useing her retirement money, and selling her artwork , She is a One Stroke Artist ( Donna Dueberry certified Instructor ) she also with the help of me and my wife sells glassware & other painted articals at various festivals around our area making on average a couple two three hundred dollars each show. Her artwork is absoutly beautiful. She sells on Facebook and has a site on Etsy. She has a webpage Artistic expressons By Marlene. You can go to any of these to view her work. Marlene's dream is to open un a shop of her own where she can sell her artwork, teach classes to other woodbe artist and just make enough money to keep her house and make a living. The past four years has been very hard for her and it just breaks my heart to see someone so derserving that refuses to give up get into this situation. So please look at her Facebook and Etsy , also her website see if maybe you could have a sugestion of how she can get going, she just needs someone to help a little, I am sure she could take it from there.

    Thank you for reviewing my letter. May God Bless - Dave & Vicki Dayton Ohio
  • Please Help!

    Hay Ellen,

    i am 13 years old and i just moved from Germany to Rio Rancho and i'm here with my mom and my sis. And she always makes shure that my sis and me have the things we need before she can buy some stuff for her self. So i thought i could ask you for help because she is a big fan and so i thought you could give her a trip to New Zealand and maybe with a friend she can pick?! But please read this and help me give her the best mother's day gift ever and because of every thing too!

    Thank you! Your Dianna . I <3 your show
  • Dancing score 9.99

    I love every show and the dancing. I love the episodes with Neil Patrick!
  • Get set;pounce on Julia Roberts!

    This episode was priceless,the way you crouched in that dressing room,and the look on Julia"s was scared for her,i felt that it was me,my heart was racing so are truly are the queen of practical love you,not sure that I qualify,but have to weigh in.
  • Sophie and Rosie

    My Favorite Episode is when Sophie and Rosie met the singer Niki Manach (sp) Sorry about the spelling of Niki's name, 61 yrs old is creeping up on me, May 14th, I call it an old age excuse... I watch your Show everyday Ellen and when you have these two Adorable Girls on, I find Laughter and sweetness from faces when they meet someone, or when you surprise them.... is Priceless! I Love them big time, every time they are on your show! Ellen you bring so much Joy to the World, Hopefully my Friend and I could one day meet you, Please never stop having Sophie and Rosie on your show, They are such Joys to this world! Thanks. ~~~~ Eileen Lackey Rodriguez FB Name~~~~I Hope you look me Also hope this is where you write about the episodes you like or else this is,.... an age issue for Ellen very much for giving me Laughter when needed, as we need much more today and you Definitely bring it :)
  • not sure which show

    I really enjoy the ones when you scare the beejeezus out of ... Julia Roberts and Taylor both really scardieee women)........... hahhaa...

    however if I win these 2 tickets for entering a review.

    can you please send the info to my Huns' account ... apparently I have nasty luck at maintaining just one e-mail account . thankyou Ellen us from THUNDER BAY would grciously come to see you and please pull you little magic and LET US WIN................................ (heck doesn't hurt to ask RIGHT !!!!) by the way ROSE AND GRACE are just so darn CUTE.......................... (smiles) from us. ........... living in thunder bay but originally from Caramat and Pic River First Nation. ..
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