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  • Let's hear it for the gays.

    My grandmother stopped watching this show [which she loved] when Ellen and the character came out of the closet. That said, Ellen helped to change American television. Without Ellen there would be no Will & Grace and without The Rosie O'Donnell show there would be no The Ellen Degeneres Show.
  • Well, it's funny and I was up early today so I watched it...

    It's really funny,and um...that's it really. You see, I got early this morning for soem reason and for some reason switched over to abc1...and there it was...uh... nothing much else really. Oh yeah... Audrey or whatever the bimbo's name is really irritates me...shes so damn stupid! I hate her so much it's scary
  • Ellen I love you!

    Oh my god! I can\'t get enough of Ellen I love watching ABC1 I never miss a show, I gotta say shes is HOT! What I\'d give just to say hi! I\'ve never seen her talk show because it\'s not broadcast here in the UK unfortunately : ( but I luv her, anyone who is lucky enough to know her I envy! lol! I gotta say again... I love her : )I\'m looking forward to the day her comedy show is brought to England on DVD (hopefully it will) Ellen you\'re amazing, well done with what you\'ve accomplished so far, and good luck with future work.
  • Ellen-tastic

    Ellen, from season one all the way through to season five, has been Ellen-tastic.

    It has not only been funny, but also tackling issues, such as Ellen's lesbianism in the later seasons. It had other themes that built through the seasons, like Paige and Matts relationship, plus, the relationship between Paige and Spence, which turned out to be a great twist.

    I can believe that this show was the height of all comedies back in the 90s, and it deserved to be.

    I do, also think that it would be possible to bring a show like this back, and the makers would profit from it.

    It's a shame this show has ended and it is really great to watch now, even sitting through repeats I've seen five times!
  • A really funny comedy starring Ellen DeGeneres.

    This was a very funy show about a book store owner, the people that worked for her and her friends and family. Ellen DeGeneres stared as Ellen Morgan and Joely Fisher (sister of Star Wars' Princess Laya) was great as Paige Clark. other stars included Maggie Wheeler as Anita, Clea Lewis as Audrey Penney, Jeremy Piven as Spence Kovak, Arye Gross as Adam Green, Holly Fulger as Holly and David Anthony Higgins as Joe Farrell. they really did a nice of of spreading the sories around. After the media hounded Ellen about being gay and they decided to make the character gay, the show was pretty much left for dead. This wasn't because of the acting or writing. It could have gone on for several more years.
  • Ellen is one of my favourite TV shows.

    Ellen is such a fantastic TV show. I was so upset when the show ended. I still continue to watch reruns. My favourite characters on the show were Ellen and Adam. They were both so hilarious! I enjoyed all the characters, they were all so funny. The whole cast are all such talented actors and actresses. I like how the show was so original and different from many other TV shows. Ellen Degeneres is one of my favourite comedians. She is so hilarious and she is such an awesome host, and actress. If you haven't seen an episode of Ellen I really suggest that you watch an episode. You will love it.
  • Many things were insinuated on this show that the public were not really ready for. I think it was really on the cutting edge of showing a lesbian relationship without just saying it. Everyone seemed to be leaning towards that.

    I watched this show when it first came on and thoutht it was a very brave move for the writers to have these storylines at this time. Everyone was so into the AIDS with the gays and lesbians and I didn't think anyone would except a show if this kind. I think it was much more noticable than the connection between other shows that delt with the same relationship between the carachters. I like the funny twists among the stories. I think all the actors were great and some were really having a good time acting the part. Ellen was very funny in her interacting with her girlfriends on the show. She was almost clumbsy at times. I feel they all did a great job. I only wish the show would have lasted a few more seasons. Oh well, It was great while it lasted. I hope I have not offeneded anyone. This is just my opinion.
  • Ellen DeGeneras is great!

    I borrowed the first season from the lcal library (as I did with many other shows) and let's just say that I think this show is amazing. As usual Ellen DeGeneras never ceases to amaze me. Let's say I'm a network, well I'm picking up this show's second season and beyond!! I can't wait until I'm done with the first season and move on to season 2. I wish her 2001-2002 show would have lasted longer. I've never seen it before, but I'm sure it had to have been great as well. The confusing part for me is that it says A&E on the case but yet the show aired on ABC, weird huh?
  • The show started as a show about a woman and her friends living in LA. It became a REALLY different show when Ellen and her character came out of the closet.

    The show was very entertaining and funny. The first couple of season had bust out laughing, funny episodes. It was a great show that all people could watch and find absolutely hilarious. When Ellen decided to come out of the closet and bring her character out as well the show went in a totally different direction. The show had a lot of jokes that pertained mostly to the lesbian community making the show harder for people to relate with. I did understand of lot of the jokes, for obvious reasons, but I noticed when watching with others that they found it less funny and were often confused, asking answer of me. The show was a great show and I loved the episodes after Ellen came out but watching the first couple of seasons the show changed dramatically.
  • Funny and Gay

    Could it get any better? Ellen was funny, heart breaking at times, mundane the next, weird later but mostly it was great comedy from a woman who happened to be gay We all knew it. The veiled references. You didn't have to be built with a lesbian-gaydar to realise that Ellen doesn't wear anything but other than pants was swinging for the other team. It never detracted from the TV show though. In fact it made it funnier in some ways, this is probably when she actually came out I drifted off and started watching other things - but Ellen will always have a gay place in my heart for being the first TV show to mix gayness and humour in such a fabulous way.
  • Pushed the edge

    I do not understand why so many people thought this show was "TOO GAY It was a great show. Also, if it were not for ELLEN, we would never have had WILL & GRACE. Think about it, ELLEN goes off one season, WILL & GRACE is on the next season. Unfortunately, ELLEN had to be the martyr for future shows such as QUEER AS FOLK, WILL & GRACE, and the like. I really hate the gay theme overshadows this series too. This show was as close to LAVERNE & SHIRLEY I can think of since LAVERNE & SHIRLEY went off the air. For example, if you watch the episode titled "The Spa" you will see Ellen and Paige trying to fight while being stuck in the gate. This reminds me of the LAVERNE & SHIRLEY episode where Laverne and Shirley try to run and jump off the coat hook on the wall. I am grateful this show was released on DVD and I watch it often. Anyway, watch for yourself, see how the gay episodes were ahead of their time or just watch for the humor that was this show from the start.
  • JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! <3

    hey ellen i am massive fan of your show and i am a HUGE fan of JUSTIN BIEBER thanks for making the show

  • 20 years of love

    i know im supposed to give a review but i was looking for something that i could put my dream that ellen can help me make come true. i have been in love with my girlfriend for 20 years and it is killing me that i cant have her here with me. im unemployed and she is working but we cant save money for her to come here cause the money that she does make she spends it on our 5 children and her dads household an which she and the kids stay in. i just wish that she could come here much sooner then may of this year. but like i said we dont have a place of our own so she can move here. i need her by myside i have waited long enough for my family to be here with me, if you can get back to me soon thanks chris
  • Cathy Wydner

    I watch your show when ever I can. On Jan. 16, 2012 you called a teacher up and discussed how children in the school did not had anything to eat, many not a place to live. I know this is true, I have had to live on the street at times, but now I have an apartment and SSI. I have done volunteer work at a foodbank. I know other countries have trouble too, but I think America needs to take care of Americans before they give our tax money to other countries.
  • Bieber Fever & Sydney Nycole

    Wonderful Show. My artist Eric Holloway captured Bieber and upcoming artist Sydney Nycole in a Featured Duet??? The cause is for Withelma Ortiz-Macey who overcame forced Drugs & Sex Trafficking. This phenomenal young lady was 2011 Glamour Magazine's Woman of the Year. Congress currently is in discussion of passing the "T" Bill which is about awareness for young girls forced into Sex Trafficking.

    Check out the Link: http://youtu.be/_q62U9ryGBY
  • reach for the stars

    hi ellen , love your show and i hope someday I'll get to perform in front of millions
  • kaaaaah!

    I love your show watch it all the time! But I miss so much when at the beginning of your show when everyone is done cheering you don't do the kaaaah noise anymore. :(

    Please bring it back!!

    Also my two favorite people in the world I'd Celine Dion and you Ellen!! Its my dream of all dreams to meet you both!! Please make my fantasy come true! I love you Ellen!!!

    Sincerely , Jen in Texas
  • hey ellen

    hi ellen my name is lauren souflee im a big fan i watch ur show when i have a chance, im married and i have a one year old son and my husband name is david, i am writing to you cause we are struggling finiacially, im barley making it by, but all i care about is tht me and my family have a ruff over our heads. we also have a car but it has problems n fixing it has been a pain. Well i hope you get my post and have a wounderful day : )

    ps I always wanted to be on your show
  • Ellen!!!!

    Hi,I am Bethania 25 years old Dominican with 4 months here I don't understand everything

    That happens in your show but I love to dance and cry everyday watching you.

    You do what I dream about:Help people...God Bless you Ellen!

    We know you get this a lot but... I really love you and 1day I will surprises you

    (don't get excited this can be just "mangu" lol.) <3

  • Hi Ellen!!

    My name is Annette im from New jersy,I love your show so much!!! I work in nursing home the only chance to watch your show is to sneak in patients room and turn on the tv of each rooms that i visit ..i love the cute little girls when they guest in your show...more power to your

    show..God bless you and your staff..You help and touch a lot of peoples..
  • happy birthday my dear ellen

    wow it feel good to be 50 i guess,i just watched ur birthday episode and i told myself she looks incredible.ellen i wish so many more years ahead.thanks for put smiles on our faces.
  • Justin Bieber

    hii elleen, i'm not from America, i'm from Belgium, but i want to meet you and Jusin Bieber.

    Why don't we get the chance to meet him ?

    that is we really not honestly.

    I know lots beliebersthant want to meet you and justin bieber.

    we always make videos for Justin Bieber but we have lucky :(

  • barbara perkins

    hi ellen' my name is barbara i live in a littie town call sunflower. i am watch your show now at worki.i love your show.i am get marry april 28 2012. he at me to marry him in a club in a town call ruleville miss.he had the d.j play the song put the ring on the finger dance to me on the dance floor and put the ring on my finger.
  • Love your show

    Hey! Ellen I became ur fan since I started watching ur show via you tube but I cant see online in my country. I am from Nepal as I am wishing you to see you which is really impossible from here. Hope that you will help me out to see your program via online as soon as you get my message.
  • justibieber&you

    heey ellen! im from england! i absolutly properly LOVE your show SO much!

    your halarious! im 13& my favourite person in the entire world is justinbieber,(this has been since he started on youtube few years ago) i might be his biggest fan EVER! im not a crazy fan that would rip him to peices, consider thats probably not fun, but hes just amazing at everything! i actually am in LOVE with him! i have 2 dreams in my life, 1 to be on the ellen show, & 2 to meet justinbieber& to have a picture, an autograph and a hug from justin. if you could come to england and tell me when hes going to be there i would DIE! i love him SO MUCH you can even believe it! i actually would do ANYTHING for him! id become a hobo to meet him! everyone says i look like selena, consider we have the same natural hair colour and haircut, does that help any more?

    i reaaally hope you get the message! even for you to reply to me on facebook would be amazing!

    much love!

    sophie smiler xxxxx
  • From me to you ellen you go gitl

    Hi ellen love your show my name is dee i look how you have madeto where you are today u r very bless i pray that i get there i love to cook im 47 in age i would love to own my own restaurants fine dinning with a touch of jazz i had a hear attack but im good i have a 24hr heart scanning but im ok that's my dream is there anything tou can say to me to help me get there
  • i love you

    i love you ellen much....KISS from BRAZIl
  • Just want you to know

    Hey there Ellen and staff!!!! I absolutely love the show and its lots of fun. My son loves to dance to your theme music as well as all the other songs you play. He is just 19 mths and he watches the show with me just laughing as if he understands whats going on. Hey maybe he does oh well keep up the great work Ellen....SMOOCHES!!!!!

    Love Antoinette and Shane
  • Ellen

    wow ellen I just adore your tv show. You are so kind! the only bad thing is your tv show isn't available in Ireland. So I have to watch all your episodes on youtube. Just adore your show. Your show tops all entertainment!
  • I Love Justin Bieber I Am Belieber

    ellen I'm dying to know justin but i live in london and london arena wing when he came there were only 2 people to ke I got ticket but sold out before I arrived and did not eat for 2 weeks I spend locked in my bedroom 2 weeks and cry for 3 months porfavorr

    What I love most in my life is to know Justin Bieber A Review Could See What You Can Do for Me Please :) I hope your answer

    I Love Justin Bieber

    I AM Belieber

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