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ABC (ended 1998)


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  • Ellen DeGeneras is great!

    I borrowed the first season from the lcal library (as I did with many other shows) and let's just say that I think this show is amazing. As usual Ellen DeGeneras never ceases to amaze me. Let's say I'm a network, well I'm picking up this show's second season and beyond!! I can't wait until I'm done with the first season and move on to season 2. I wish her 2001-2002 show would have lasted longer. I've never seen it before, but I'm sure it had to have been great as well. The confusing part for me is that it says A&E on the case but yet the show aired on ABC, weird huh?
  • Funny and Gay

    Could it get any better? Ellen was funny, heart breaking at times, mundane the next, weird later but mostly it was great comedy from a woman who happened to be gay We all knew it. The veiled references. You didn't have to be built with a lesbian-gaydar to realise that Ellen doesn't wear anything but other than pants was swinging for the other team. It never detracted from the TV show though. In fact it made it funnier in some ways, this is probably when she actually came out I drifted off and started watching other things - but Ellen will always have a gay place in my heart for being the first TV show to mix gayness and humour in such a fabulous way.
  • The show started as a show about a woman and her friends living in LA. It became a REALLY different show when Ellen and her character came out of the closet.

    The show was very entertaining and funny. The first couple of season had bust out laughing, funny episodes. It was a great show that all people could watch and find absolutely hilarious. When Ellen decided to come out of the closet and bring her character out as well the show went in a totally different direction. The show had a lot of jokes that pertained mostly to the lesbian community making the show harder for people to relate with. I did understand of lot of the jokes, for obvious reasons, but I noticed when watching with others that they found it less funny and were often confused, asking answer of me. The show was a great show and I loved the episodes after Ellen came out but watching the first couple of seasons the show changed dramatically.
  • Pushed the edge

    I do not understand why so many people thought this show was "TOO GAY It was a great show. Also, if it were not for ELLEN, we would never have had WILL & GRACE. Think about it, ELLEN goes off one season, WILL & GRACE is on the next season. Unfortunately, ELLEN had to be the martyr for future shows such as QUEER AS FOLK, WILL & GRACE, and the like. I really hate the gay theme overshadows this series too. This show was as close to LAVERNE & SHIRLEY I can think of since LAVERNE & SHIRLEY went off the air. For example, if you watch the episode titled "The Spa" you will see Ellen and Paige trying to fight while being stuck in the gate. This reminds me of the LAVERNE & SHIRLEY episode where Laverne and Shirley try to run and jump off the coat hook on the wall. I am grateful this show was released on DVD and I watch it often. Anyway, watch for yourself, see how the gay episodes were ahead of their time or just watch for the humor that was this show from the start.
  • #1 Justin Beiber Fans (:

    Hi Ellen, Its Stephanie Argumedo and Stephanie Marroquin from Modesto California, we have been bestfriends since the sixth grade, now we are juniors in highschool, we both have one wish and thats to be able to go to one of your shows and meet Justin Beiber. We have been wanting to go to one of his concerts and be backstage with him, but our families are going through economy problems and dont have the money to take us. Us as bestfriends do pretty much everything together and we would love if you can make our dream come true. We are IN LOVE with Justin AND your show, we watch it everyday. Your show is so hilarious and we would love to enjoy atleast one show with you in person, and play our favorite game, which is "Know Or Go" . We really want to meet Justin as i have said it a few times, i know your really good friends with him and would be able to make our dream come true. We would also love to dance with you at the beginning of your show. Hopefully you can make this real and we can be on your show. If you want to get a hold of us you can e-mail me (stephanie argumedo) at . Thanks, and hopefully we will see you soon. (:
  • Why Are There All These Letters to Ellen in the Reviews section instead of Reviews of this series?

    I don't know why people are writing to Ellen in the reviews section, but I'm going to actually talk about the series.

    Ellen was one of the most retooled series ever made, I think, and every change made the show worse. It was very funny in its first year, when it was called These Friends of Mine. Then some perfectly good cast members were swapped out, the premise changed, it became less ensemble style and more star driven, and it was weaker. When Arye Gross was subsequently swapped out for a grating Jeremy Piven, the show started getting very bad.

    When Ellen came out as gay, my mom complained that it ruined the show, but for me, the show was already bad, and her coming out was just more poorly conceived retooling that made the show markedly worse. Although the actual coming out show was brilliant, the best episode of the series, and made me briefly believe that the series had finally turned around. But it hadn't, it just kept getting worse.

    Fortunately Ellen moved on to her talk show host role, which fits her like a glove, so it's a story with a happy ending. But I wish they'd kept doing These Friends of Mine; that was a really good show.
  • My beautiful kids

    Hi Ellen, Would love to have tickets to your 12 days of Christmas. Would just love to meet you. You do so many good things for people. Your a very caring and compassionate lady, and so so funny. My husband and I watch you every day. We live in Canada. My 2 sons are blind from birth. My oldest son jays wife who is also blind is having a kidney transplant after the new year, and my son is the recipient. Very worried. They are great kids in there 30,s, but I'm a mum and worried sick. It would really lift my spirits to get the chance to meet you. We love you Ellen. 905-308-9029. 10
  • please help!

    Dear Ellen,

    My daughter and I watch your show daily, we think yourca caring and funny person!

    We are a hard working family. My daughter just finished bascic training for the national guard, she started her college career to become a vet. She needs a car to go back and forth to her monthly drills and college. We have two older cars and both are being could really use a third car right now. We are both unemployed. I want her to stick with the college.
  • Hmmmm!

    I have always looked up to you for your clean humor but lately it is turning blue. I watch you on YouTube and this evening I saw references to "fresh sperm", "porn & beans," and "pubic" funds. A bar of soap is being mailed to under separate cover! Thanks for your attention to my comments.
  • Let's hear it for the gays.

    My grandmother stopped watching this show [which she loved] when Ellen and the character came out of the closet. That said, Ellen helped to change American television. Without Ellen there would be no Will & Grace and without The Rosie O'Donnell show there would be no The Ellen Degeneres Show.
  • Hello Ellen!

    I'm Daiana Liz Maldonado I'm 19 years old and I'm from Puerto Rico, I really love your show, <3 I would like to see your show live, not on TV or the internet. I would love to know how it feels to be actually on the show and to see all the artists. I do not speak english perfectly, but I'll try to improve it. Someday, God willing, I'll go to your show. :)
  • Thanks for making a very special lady with dementia laugh for the first time

    I have a very special family member that was always a very hard worker, a single Mom of one son, very social, and very family oriented. Unfortunately she began having memory issues. It was learned she had dementia that became so severe she is now in a nursing facility. Though, she recognizes me, she doesn't remember my name, but that's okay, I have come to accept that and only want to bring her as much happiness under the circumstances. I make her a home cooked meal and try to time it to arrive about one hour before your show begins. The first time I didn't know what to expect for her attention span isn't what is was. Though, at first it began with smiling, which was so encouraging to see her show emotion. So, I have made it a daily "Must do" to always insure she is in front of her TV when your show is on. That small smile has turned into an occasional laughter, which Ellen, it's priceless. For someone so very dear to me to see her show emotion at your jokes is truly so very appreciated. Blessings, Patty
  • honoring my wife

    i apologize for taking up room for someone eles...... but the main reason that i've hoped so hard for my wife and is because (and she won't admit this) but the doctor over ten yrs ago told me if she didn't have a certain operation for her eyes (within a certain amount of time) she would gradually go blind. it could be all at once or a little at a time. i honoestly don't know how she passes her eye test to drive, of which she dose not drive at night., i want her to be able to enjoy the beach, the house she's always wanted, and not have to take care of everybody eles, all the time. she's a wonderful woman, amazing, a God send to anyone. im extremely blessed that God allowed her to be mine. to honor her would be the best gift i could ever imagine presenting her to the world. she's soooooo worth it. thanks
  • honoring my wife

    i apologize for taking up room for someone eles...... but the main reason that i've hoped so hard for my wife and is because (and she won't admit this) but the doctor over ten yrs ago told me if she didn't have a certain operation for her eyes (within a certain amount of time) she would gradually go blind. it could be all at once or a little at a time. i honoestly don't know how she passes her eye test to drive, of which she dose not drive at night., i want her to be able to enjoy the beach, the house she's always wanted, and not have to take care of everybody eles, all the time. she's a wonderful woman, amazing, a God send to anyone. im extremely blessed that God allowed her to be mine. to honor her would be the best gift i could ever imagine presenting her to the world. she's soooooo worth it. thanks
  • car give away

    i need a car i work from check to check my car broke down about 4 months ago i cant afford to fix it i have to bum a ride every day
  • Get Well Mama!!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Mama, prayers are with you from Nadia in Arizona

  • i love victorious cast all them

    plzz i will love to go to a Concert but i dont have a alot of money so i will love to winn i love u
  • i love you

    i love you ellen much....KISS from BRAZIl
  • not sure which show

    I really enjoy the ones when you scare the beejeezus out of ... Julia Roberts and Taylor both really scardieee women)........... hahhaa...

    however if I win these 2 tickets for entering a review.

    can you please send the info to my Huns' account ... apparently I have nasty luck at maintaining just one e-mail account . thankyou Ellen us from THUNDER BAY would grciously come to see you and please pull you little magic and LET US WIN................................ (heck doesn't hurt to ask RIGHT !!!!) by the way ROSE AND GRACE are just so darn CUTE.......................... (smiles) from us. ........... living in thunder bay but originally from Caramat and Pic River First Nation. ..
  • Need Help for my Son Marcus Greene that in the Army

    Hi! Ellen Love your show watch you every day You are a wonderful person. I don't If you can help I'm a mother five grown children three boys and two girls, Two my of my sons was in the army and one son is still in the army Marcus has been in Iran five time and now he is home But he can't get help He work two jobs to take care of his two sons, he live West Springfield Mass. when he was gone the army was to give child support and didn't do it right for him and now they have frozen his income he is have a hard time to live having a hard time in paying his rent or to eat. I'm on disability and had a back surgery now in a wheelchair I'm an artist I write and design children books trying to get on the market to help my family. If there any way can give some advise to help Please let know, I'm on facebook Vivian Greene and email thank you FAN!!! (Episodees 21
  • I love to see your show!

    Your show today was fun to watch, and look like you had a great time!
  • Well, it's funny and I was up early today so I watched it...

    It's really funny,and um...that's it really. You see, I got early this morning for soem reason and for some reason switched over to abc1...and there it was...uh... nothing much else really. Oh yeah... Audrey or whatever the bimbo's name is really irritates me...shes so damn stupid! I hate her so much it's scary
  • please help us im worry say to death

    why u text me phone numbe its just nothing husband hernia nothing bye I wrote 7letters I facebooki I can do you I feel like u want help twitter so
  • 2 cars hitting my mum didn't stop her

    I know u won't read this but hey Ellen I'm kristy from Vic Australia and I'm going to tell you my mums story, when my mum was 18 she was hit by 2 cars whited stop her from doing a lot of things but not everything. My mum is a single mum almost 50, I watch the Ellen show all the time on YouTube I can't in the living room because the tv doesn't really work and I would come and she your show but my mum couldn't pay for a plan and I never been on a plan coz be don't really travel. I want to be a singer but I know that it would cost a lot of money and mum can't drive to get me are moving next year and I don't know it we have the money to fix up this place but anyway I just wanted to tell you my story and I see you help so many people I know it's a long shot but I wanna try. Love ya Ellen
  • Dancing score 9.99

    I love every show and the dancing. I love the episodes with Neil Patrick!
  • it's a worth of time to watch 'ellen' series

    hi, i am pramod from India. i am studying MSC in UK.

    until last night i don't know the name ellen.

    i started watching single episode it was more fun and interesting,

    from then i watched more then 160 episode continuously, it took 16 hrs. i haven't slept whole night.

    great job. love you ellen.
  • All i

    This is a boy from Brooks county Georgia home of the trojans!! and i live with my nanny i help take care of the house and the yard but i also played football here for our trojans and all we get is a diability check for her and all she wants is a nice little something for the kicthen and for christmas all i would like is a nice Beats by
  • Love your show

    Hey! Ellen I became ur fan since I started watching ur show via you tube but I cant see online in my country. I am from Nepal as I am wishing you to see you which is really impossible from here. Hope that you will help me out to see your program via online as soon as you get my message.
  • happy birthday my dear ellen

    wow it feel good to be 50 i guess,i just watched ur birthday episode and i told myself she looks incredible.ellen i wish so many more years ahead.thanks for put smiles on our faces.
  • A well deserving Daughter

    I watch your show a lot you are the most real talk show host ever!!!! The other day I was watching and there was a ad that said do you know anyone who could use a car. My daughter who is a 20 year old college student just had hers break down and needs one. She is a junior in college and for the last two years has held a 4.0 gpa. She came home for the summer and is working three jobs. I would really like to help her more but her stepfather and I live check to check. Her father is on disability for bipolar/schizophrenia she is there for him more then he is for of things that have happened in her fathers life she has decided to go to school to become a speech therapist. So schooling will be another five years. She is such a deserving daughter and a very giving and deserving person I am so proud of the person she has become. A car would be awesome or her to get to her jobs and school. Thank you from a very proud mother!!!!!!!!!
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