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  • Wonderful Lady in need

    Ellen I was watching your show & you said if we knew of someone in need to let you know.

    A friend of me and my wife (Vicki ) , Marlene Steele is her name. Marlene has been a friend for over 20 years. she lost her husband Ray in 2009 after a long battle with heart problems and a heart transplant.

    Since then she lost her job where shewas making a good living and paying off past medical bills.

    She has been unable to find work since. and if that isn't enough her son didn't have a job and his wife reacently had a new born baby their second child. They had no where to live so Marlene moved them in her home and is now feeding four others. She has depleted her retirement\ her savings and is now two months behind on house payments. Getting notices for pending evection. She is trying to file for bankruptsy but the Lawyers want money for that something shedos'nt have. However she has made it till now useing her retirement money, and selling her artwork , She is a One Stroke Artist ( Donna Dueberry certified Instructor ) she also with the help of me and my wife sells glassware & other painted articals at various festivals around our area making on average a couple two three hundred dollars each show. Her artwork is absoutly beautiful. She sells on Facebook and has a site on Etsy. She has a webpage Artistic expressons By Marlene. You can go to any of these to view her work. Marlene's dream is to open un a shop of her own where she can sell her artwork, teach classes to other woodbe artist and just make enough money to keep her house and make a living. The past four years has been very hard for her and it just breaks my heart to see someone so derserving that refuses to give up get into this situation. So please look at her Facebook and Etsy , also her website see if maybe you could have a sugestion of how she can get going, she just needs someone to help a little, I am sure she could take it from there.

    Thank you for reviewing my letter. May God Bless - Dave & Vicki Dayton Ohio
  • email faith11077atlivedotcom

    Dear ms. Ellen,i'd like to start out by saying my mother and I really admire you. The way you help people and the obstacles you've soared over in your life. My name is Cameron, I'm a sixteen year old young man and going into the 12th grade. Ms Ellen like you my mother is a helping spirit, she does things like clean the church grounds & trim their trees in the evening so no one knows it's her. She says it's her way of giving tythes "she can't put money in the church plate every sunday, well we" :) she is a veteran(honorable discharge) dessert shield and storm it's been hard for her since she returned dealing with the post traumatic stress syndrome we also had to relocate to Texas because of my mom being a battered woman(my dad) since starting out in texas it's been hard for her with lesbian discrimination because just like you ms ellen she now lives her life as a gay woman. Lately I've been noticing she's losing her zest for life with her financial troubles and how shes treated for her way of life she would like to start her own lawn care company but does not have a reliable truck and tools she admires you so much being a successful gay woman i think it would really restore her belief that great things can still happen i love the way you make people laugh so if you could give her a call and say hello i know i would see her smile and laugh like she used to we love your spirit we watch your show everyday and for me i know it's the time when i know she'll be smiling so i thank you, we love you never change her name is faith renew hers please

    Happy Birthday to the funniest woman on TV. you are such a beautiful person inside and out. i have been a fan for a long time and have followed your career. So proud you are in the place you are now. It shows how happy you are. such a big heart. You are as genuine as they come and hope one day to meet you in person. :D . I get mad if i miss your dance segment. love that part of your show.
  • Justin Bieber

    Hi Ellen I'm jbs biggest fan and I'm 11 and my name is Caitlin ewonce I only went to one concert and went home crying hoping I could meet him and get backstage passes but it never works out please I want to meet him plse ohhh please #1
  • Justin bieber

    Hi Ellen I LOVE your show I will love you for me to meet justin bieber cuz I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I am number one biggest fan I love him I love your show too please make me meet him has been my dream to meet justin bieber and I would go to his concert but my family has money please make this dream come true please I also have his perfums
  • ELLEN,

  • reach for the stars

    hi ellen , love your show and i hope someday I'll get to perform in front of millions
  • the best person ever

    hi ellen i love you so much your my hero i wanna be on your show so bad see if you like some videos at cerehn i watch your videos all the time i just turned 9 i think your the nicest person ever and you just have the best sense of humor!!!!!!!!!!! i do duets sometimes and my moms number is (856)-381-9382 i also make these videos for you to watch it
  • Love your show

    Ellen love your show you have such a wonderful giving heart.
  • Desperate Mommy

    My dearest Ellen, let me start by saying that I absolutely adore you. You do amazing things for people who are less fortunate, which is what I would do I I where able. I am a single mother from Franklin, Louisiana and I have 3amazing sons that love baseball. I wrote to you on an earlier day and now my situation has gotten worst. Before when I wrote we were staying with a very close friend in one room of her house, as of Memorial Day, she threw us out. I am unemployed and a recent graduate of Remington College. A wonderful friend named Celeste Gauthier has taken me and the boys in but she also doesn't have much room. I sleep in the bed with Celeste, my middle son, Dravyn (12) sleeps on the couch, My youngest son Trevyn (11) is sleeping in a recliner. While I could handle the situation, it is killing me to have the boys going through this. I just really need something good and positive to happen for them and maybe something great for Celeste for helping us out. I just want them to smile again. Thanks for anything you can do. Maybe just mention the boys on your show, and mention the kindness of Celeste. Thanks again and we live you dearly. Chantelle Hebert
  • Please Help!

    Hay Ellen,

    i am 13 years old and i just moved from Germany to Rio Rancho and i'm here with my mom and my sis. And she always makes shure that my sis and me have the things we need before she can buy some stuff for her self. So i thought i could ask you for help because she is a big fan and so i thought you could give her a trip to New Zealand and maybe with a friend she can pick?! But please read this and help me give her the best mother's day gift ever and because of every thing too!

    Thank you! Your Dianna . I <3 your show
  • Emmanuel Jal

    Hey Ellen!

    This is Jenn Allison - EXE Media Group. World renowned hip hop artist, activist, author & actor, Emmanuel Jal, is starring in "The Good Lie" with Reese Witherspoon! Will you feature Jal? His new album is See Me Mama.

    "The Good Lie" is about a young refugee of the Sudanese Civil War who wins a lottery for relocation to the United States with three other lost boys. Encountering the modern world for the first time, they develop an unlikely friendship with a brash American woman (Reese Witherspoon) assigned to help them, but the young men struggle to adjust to this new life and feelings of guilt about the brother left behind.

    In the war-torn region of Southern Sudan, Emmanuel Jal was born into the life of a child solider. Through unbelievable struggles, Emmanuel managed to survive. He was rescued & adopted by a British aid worker, Emma McCune. Jal emerge as a world-famous recording artist with a hit record under his belt. He is directly supported by Alicia Keys, Peter Gabriel, George Clooney, Richard Branson, Nelson Madela, Annie Lennox, DMC, Russell Simmons & many more people worldwide! Called an artist "with the potential of a young Bob Marley" by Peter Gabriel, he has performed at Live 8 and Nelson Mandela's 90th b-day concert. His music can be heard in major motion pictures, TV, and he's been featured in major outlets like TIME, USA Today, NPR, CNN, MTV & the BBC. Emmanual is also a spokesperson for Amnesty International and Oxfam and created the charitable foundation, Gua Africa.

    We Want Peace - Peter Gabriel on strings, featuring Alicia Keys, George Clooney, Richard Branson

    Singing "Emma" at Nelson Mandela's 90th Bday Party

    Cush - New Single & Music Video

    We Want Peace (WWP), spearheaded by Emmanuel Jal, beginning in December 2010, has a simple goal: To raise awareness on the fundamental principles of justice, equality, unification and conflict prevention, through the power of music, worldwide. In dedication to Southern Sudan's historic referendum, Emmanuel released "We Want Peace" what has become the worldwide music hit. The uptempo feel good classic brings a sense of appreciation and entertainment to the importance of peace and security.

    Emmanuel Jal has won worldwide acclaim for his unique style of hip hop with its message of peace and reconciliation born out of his experiences as a child soldier in Sudan. His music can be heard alongside Coldplay, Gorillaz, and Radiohead on the fundraising "War Child Help a Day in the Life" album, as well as in three ER episodes, the National Geographic documentary God Grew Tired of Us, and in the feature film Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Emmanuel spoke at TED Global, rang the bell at the NY Stock Exchange, and released his autobiography "War Child" all in 2009.

    Despite his accomplishments in music, Jal's biggest passion is for Gua Africa. Besides building schools, the nonprofit provides scholarships for Sudanese war survivors in refugee camps, and sponsors education for children in the most deprived slum areas in Nairobi. For almost a year now, Jal has been eating one meal a day in his campaign to build a school in Leer, Southern Sudan, where Emma McCune is resting. The Gua Africa mission is to work with individuals, families and communities to help them overcome the effects of war & poverty. His projects are based in both Sudan and Kenya with a focus on providing education to children & young adults who would otherwise be denied this opportunity.

    This Saturday, Emmanuel Jal will be receiving a Humanitarian Award in Dallas, TX from the Hunt Institute, featured in allAfrica. He is receiving $25,000 which will all be donated to the charity he founded, GUA Africa, to help build Emma Academy in his hometown of Leer, South Sudan.

    Emmanuel Jal is doing a 100 School High Tour in the USA to share his experiences, personal message for peace in a quest to promote social & emotional learning amongst young people as they become active, global citizens. He's starting in Los Angeles in October.


    Jal's current album release is "See Me Mama" -iTunes.

    Jennifer Allison

    Founder & CEO

    EXE Media Group 2

  • A big fan!

    HI I am summer waters I love your show I would love to be on your show I am only 10 years old. But I asked my mom she said that would be all right! For my 11 brithday I want to come see I want most of all I want to see you! Because I think you change a lot of poeples lifes in a good way when I grow up I want to do the same. Just like you! YOU ROCK! But I knoe that a lot of pepole say that but when I say it I mean it!Oh and Happy brithday I would et u somehing but #1 I could not get it to youand #2 you got all most every thing
  • Happy Birthday Ellen!!

    I've always been a fan. Love to see you dance and you get prettier each year. Have a great day.
  • one dircetion

    i am 11 and i love one direction it would be alsome if you could have them on the show and i agree the girl that was on your show today i have been wanting to play football all my life but alot of people say girls cant play football

  • Please help me meet my heros!

    Hi Ellen I love your show, I just wanted a chance to meet my favorite band in the world! One Direction, I would like to thank them for these incredible songs they sing! They helped me throughout rough times in my life. I use to cut myself and I recently cut myself for some issues going on at home, but when I started to listen to One Direction their songs helped me a lot! I just wanted a chance to thank them in person! Knowing they can never have a proper conversation with fans, and also I live in a small town in California I know that I may never thank them. One day I was feeling empty inside and felt alone I felt pain and I wanted to end my life,that was until moments by One Direction started playing and I decided not to. Their songs really speak to me and I'm very grateful for them because their music was all I had. My parents actually never found out until the last time I cut myself they started making me attend therapy which is working out, but I just need a chance to thank them in person! If you could please make it happen then I would be very happy and grateful! Thank you so much Ellen!
  • Realizar meu sonho..

    Hi Ellen I'm all good Brazileira want very much that you realize my dream to meet Justin Bieber is so not like my dream is to believe any more so I do everything else and I can never presiso of a letter to him and the more I it has to be done sosinhos my dream kisses ..
  • Cindy in the Fort!


    I wish for you and Porsha to have a very merry Christmas! i watch your show everyday. In order for me to post anything on Facebook, I have to go to the library and use the computer there. I did not get the computer, my husband did. We are not living together now, so it is really hard to communicate with people. But I will continue to facebook you as often as I can.
  • Ellen all the way in Maine

    Ellen me and my mom love you from the state of Maine. Wishing you and Porsha a very merry Christmas! Your show is amazing and the things you do for people is just wonderful, I wish I could do something like that for you! Happy Holidays From the Cornforths
  • Merry Christmas

    I love your shows I can be so down n then or show comes on n cheers me up love your shows I am home from right now had sugary on my angle so I get to c your show everyday love ya
  • Talking Art

    Ellen always know when to talk, how to talk, and what to talk!

    She is amazing!
  • collins aroh

    am in a tight situation now please i need a help from you...ELLEN..i live in sweden this is my email address onyecollins1@yahoo.com-my phone no--0046764548810....thanks
  • can we be on it

    hi ellen my name is kiana i was wishing to be on your show i stay in sumter south carolina me and my sister and my causin wanted to be on your show i am 10years old my causin is 11years old and my sister is 12 years old we have good talents we can sing and dance.if you have any questions call 803-468-3896
  • Car Giveaway


    I hope it is not too late to submit the name of a person for the car giveaway. I would like to nominate Mrs. Connecticut Todd, who lives in Baton Rouge, LA, and is a foster parent for a child in a wheel chair. Mrs. Todd needs a lift for her van to get the child in and out of the van. At first she was able to lift her but the child is now older and heavier and it is difficult to get her in and out of the van, for doctors appointments, getting groceries and going to church.

    I Teevo your show on a daily basis and watch each night after I come from work; I am so impressed with your kindness and generosity and how you make a difference in the lives of people who are less fortunate. So I am nominating a person who gives so much to a child who does not have a family; but makes her life worth living!

    Please consider this submission and I thank you for your act of kindness!


    Bettye Mashack

  • hey ellen

    hey ellen my name is chase kincaid i love your show your so funny and i would love to meet selena gomez shes so beautiful and im her number one fan i love her songs her looks and her beautiful smile i just love her so much and would really love it you could get me on your show and let me meet her well thanks ellen you rock i love you selena gomez
  • Justin Bieber

    Ellen I would love to meet Justin Bieber is my idol I Love My Life & I love to meet & Let Me Sing One Less Lonely Girl would be the happiest girl The Bad Qe'm Chilean but never mind I love you more than my Life & my Salidos commanded Jeremy & a patty my inlaws
  • Bieber Fever & Sydney Nycole

    Wonderful Show. My artist Eric Holloway captured Bieber and upcoming artist Sydney Nycole in a Featured Duet??? The cause is for Withelma Ortiz-Macey who overcame forced Drugs & Sex Trafficking. This phenomenal young lady was 2011 Glamour Magazine's Woman of the Year. Congress currently is in discussion of passing the "T" Bill which is about awareness for young girls forced into Sex Trafficking.

    Check out the Link: http://youtu.be/_q62U9ryGBY
  • Ellen-tastic

    Ellen, from season one all the way through to season five, has been Ellen-tastic.

    It has not only been funny, but also tackling issues, such as Ellen's lesbianism in the later seasons. It had other themes that built through the seasons, like Paige and Matts relationship, plus, the relationship between Paige and Spence, which turned out to be a great twist.

    I can believe that this show was the height of all comedies back in the 90s, and it deserved to be.

    I do, also think that it would be possible to bring a show like this back, and the makers would profit from it.

    It's a shame this show has ended and it is really great to watch now, even sitting through repeats I've seen five times!
  • Olga singleton Lives in Sumter,sc


    my grandma helps everybody she doesn't have a car, and she always have doctors appointments. My wish for christmas is for my grandma is a new house without any bugs and some clothes and help her with her bills and my name is Tahnazia me and my lil sister name rashedea needs a lot for christmas because my,grandma can not afford some thangs for Xmas for we need your help to help us have a great christmas and a happy new be very gald if you get in connect with the [SINGLETON] the why i love your tv show and i love how you had them two lil girls on the show when they where singing Nicki minaj my name is Rshedea what i want for christmas is a dream lite and a big doll house with a elevator and a big jeep that i can get in and a lunch box and a color concept,aluminum action wheels and a frosty the snowman and a rain coach and a viva la jwey set,new. Im 8yrs old and my Sister is 14yrs Old and myy grandma olag is 50yrs old.


    Olga singleton

    403 hobson st.

    Sumter, Sc


  • Hi Ellen!!

    My name is Annette im from New jersy,I love your show so much!!! I work in nursing home the only chance to watch your show is to sneak in patients room and turn on the tv of each rooms that i visit ..i love the cute little girls when they guest in your show...more power to your

    show..God bless you and your staff..You help and touch a lot of peoples..
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