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  • Desperate Mommy

    My dearest Ellen, let me start by saying that I absolutely adore you. You do amazing things for people who are less fortunate, which is what I would do I I where able. I am a single mother from Franklin, Louisiana and I have 3amazing sons that love baseball. I wrote to you on an earlier day and now my situation has gotten worst. Before when I wrote we were staying with a very close friend in one room of her house, as of Memorial Day, she threw us out. I am unemployed and a recent graduate of Remington College. A wonderful friend named Celeste Gauthier has taken me and the boys in but she also doesn't have much room. I sleep in the bed with Celeste, my middle son, Dravyn (12) sleeps on the couch, My youngest son Trevyn (11) is sleeping in a recliner. While I could handle the situation, it is killing me to have the boys going through this. I just really need something good and positive to happen for them and maybe something great for Celeste for helping us out. I just want them to smile again. Thanks for anything you can do. Maybe just mention the boys on your show, and mention the kindness of Celeste. Thanks again and we live you dearly. Chantelle Hebert